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Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2005 @ 10:40 pm
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I finally got my test results back. I'm more confused now than before. The good news is that my blood glucose is 82, so I don't have diabetes, my thyroid, hemoglobin, blood counts, ALT, and metabolic Panel are all with in normal ranges.

However my Sedimentation rate is 36MM/HR, normal for a female my age is 0-20, according to the letter I was sent. They state this is condsidered a mild elevation. Not knowing exactly what the means I went to my favorite medical information site.

I found this interesting bit of information...

A high sedimentation rate (sed rate) may indicate inflammation caused by an infection. Infections may include:
Pelvic inflammatory disease.
Kidney, bone, joint, skin, or heart valve infections.
A high sed rate may also indicate some types of cancer (especially lymphoma or multiple myeloma), an autoimmune disease (such as systemic lupus erythematosus), certain inflammatory diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis or polymyalgia rheumatica) or other medical conditions (such as chronic kidney failure, toxemia of pregnancy, or thyroid disease).
An extremely high sed rate (greater than 100 mm/hr) is often found in some severe infections (such as osteomyelitis or endocarditis), certain inflammatory diseases (such as temporal arteritis), and certain types of cancer (such as multiple myeloma or lymphoma).

I am calling my doctor's office tommorrow to get some answers and see if I need to get more tests or what. Given the fact that I also often feel like I am 35, going on 80, (my joints occasionally act up, and let me know they are not pleased with my choice of activities) this has me more than a little worried. I have a long trip comming up, that I have been planning for over a year. I am going to enjoy it. I'm not sure how my Sed rates could be up, when my other tests all fall with in normal levels, unless one of us is missing something. I am sick of being sick, and tired of being tired. I have a lot of fun planned, and I'll be damned if I'm not going to enjoy it. If anyone out there has some medical knowledge, I would love some information, and maybe some good questions to ask.

I am also so excited about this trip, I am stressing myself silly. I can't believe that next week at this time, I will be over 1000 miles away, relaxing in a hotel room in lovley downtown Indianapolis with several thousand fellow Star Wars geeks. Talk about a once in a life time opportunity. I can't wait to meet all my fellow Defenders I've known for almost 3 years, and see Hayden live via Satellite from Italy with several fellow fans, and great King George himself as well, live and in person. Hopefully we can get seats that don't require binoculars to see anything.

But right now I am so tired, I can't even remain upright...zzzzzzz.....

Added next day, when I stole it from PoolaGirl..

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