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Prisoner of Azkaban - a review

Friday, Jun. 04, 2004 @ 11:59 pm
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Hey I'm like Fawkes!! I can live with that.

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I love Hobbes!! Hobbes Rules!!!!

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Something wicked this way comes!
I love they way they sing that MacBeth quote at the beginning. Yes, Warren and I along with Calthea, A*,S* and S* had tickets to the 7:40 show thanks to Calthea's mom.

I can honestly say I loved it. Cuercon did a great job. Yes there were alot of things cut out, but I could live with most of them, as somethings just don't translate well to the screen, no matter how well they work on the written page. The Dementers were freaky and scary, but not overly scary. I would say young kids who are easily prone to nightmares might not like it, but most kids over 7 or 8 should be able to handle it depending on how easily they scare and how well they can separate fantasy from reality.

I also have to give kudos to Emma Thompson and Gary Oldman for a great job. Michael Gambon did great stepping in for Richard Harris, though I wish they would have put a dedication or in memory of on the movie. I definately want to see it again. Oh and when Rowling said anyone who can't figure out who Hermione likes isn't paying attention, she wasnt' kidding. If you can't figure that out after this movie, you aren't watching the same movie. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, as I'm feeling generous, but its all but written on the sky. The books clearly hint at it, but the movie is able to make it even more obvious.

While I would have liked to see a litte bit more of Crookshanks and more of Sirius, I loved the way it was done. The guy who played Peter Pettigrew was perfect for the part, even as a person he was very ratlike (in more ways than one). Though I can't help but feel if a person hasn't read the books, they would definately have few questions that are answered clearly in the book but not so clearly in the movie. Like the names Padfoot, Prongs, Wormtail and Moony and a little more detail on the relationship and how James (Harry's dad) fits into it, along with how Sirius was able to escape from Azkaban. I loved that it was very action oriented and they kept it moving quickly (the tree was a hoot and a half), but there needs to be a definate human element as well to make it work.

On the plus side, blowing up Aunt Marge was hysterical and the Knight Bus was great. I would have liked a little more of the scenes with Fudge, as his character (and Percy's to some extent) will be a little more important when they finally get to OOTP. They also totally whitewashed over Harry's using magic out of school, it wouldn't dragged it down too much to add a little bit to it.

Overall I would give it about a 8.5 out of 10, in othe words, we will be seeing it again, as I start counting down to GOF (and the release of book 6, stop milking it dammit), and I strongly recommend that you go see it, if you like Harry Potter at all. I am also amazed to see how much these kids have grown, especially how tall the boys are getting (Tom and Rupert esp seem to be shooting up like wild weeds), even as the mother of one myself its still amazing how clothes that fit last year are now three sizes to small.

GOF I'm sure will be edited even more as the book has enough material for two movies and unless they plan to make it 6 hours long, a lot of minor story lines will have to be sacrificed, same with OOTP which will be very intersting to see how they show the darkness of it with out scaring the crap out of some of the younger audience members.

I do apologize for the rambling all-over-the-placeness of this entry but its late and I am exhaused and wired, thus my brain is shorting. Which probably explains alot. So I leave with this question, since nobody has been announced yet, Who should be cast as Mad Eye Moody for GOF, or for whatshername (I said my brain was fried), the Giantess with the other academy at the Tri-Wizard tournament?


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