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Lots of Quizes and a Bad Mommy

Sunday, Jun. 06, 2004 @ 9:30 am
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No suprise to those who know me. Oh and Led Zeppelin Rock!!

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LOLOLOL!!! Can I be both??

Mean lil fellow, arn't you?

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Gee and I wanted to be a lumberjack.. oh well.....

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I had one of those too!! Love those things.

Okay enough with the stupid quizes. Its extrememly slow here at work today, so I am of course extremely bored.

Yesterday, I was ready to kill my son. I can't believe I so over reacted. I've been mad at him before, but yesterday was just the worst. I can't believe how totally nutters I was. I freaked on the poor kid. Okay, yes he did deserve some anger and yes he screwed up, but still. When my son is crying and cooperting just to get me to calm down and thinks I don't love him anymore, I know I've gone too far. What happened? That is a bit of a long story, though not as long and complicated to an outsider as it feels to those of us trapped inside of it.

Yesterday after work, I came home and Warren wasn't there. His bike was gone, so I figured he went for a bike ride and forget to let me know. I was right on that, and it only took me a few short minutes to find him. However he had a new cd player (another one!!!) he bought at the local pawn shop down the road, and headphones and batteries. Of course my first questions is where did he get the money.

First he told me a friend gave it to him (he's not supposed to have friends over when I am not there). I believed him though it sounded fishy. Then he told me some other story, as he must have sensed that I was supicious. Only this story (which I can't remember) was even more fishy. I only had to give him "the look" (parents you know the look I mean - the one that says you better start spilling now or else!!!) and it only took a few minutes for the truth to come out.

The little capitalist sold MY LAPTOP for $20. I couldn't believe it.!!! I was enraged and possesed. I think my head was spinning around, and the only thing missing was the spraying of pea soup. Warren looked like a deer in the headlights of an out of control train.

I felt like I had lost any and all control. Its not even the laptop so much (as I don't even really use it), as it is the stuff that I have on the laptop, personal private stuff. It was like I was on the outside watching myself. Warren was just freaked. He was ready to pawn his beloved stereo to get the laptop back. Fortunately I came to earth in time that I didnt' make him do that. I did give The Bosnian kid's dad his money back and he had no problem giving me the laptop back, though it was quite interesting as the parents don't speak English very well, and the oldest kid was gone so the 7 year old was acting as translator. It was a mess and involved some running around and Warren will be giving me part of his lawn mowing money the next few weeks (along with his friends he still owes), but at least HAL is back safe and sound.

Once I calmed down I appologized to Warren, but I was still mad, only not freaking. Apparently the Bosnian kid he sold it too, was over and wouldn't leave and was begging Warren for it, over and over till Warren just gave in and let him have it to shut him up. Which doesn't suprise me as this is a kid, who hasn't seemed to learn that its very rude to enter somebody's house with out knocking first. He also needs to be told things over and over, and seems to have a hard time with no meaning no. His dad seemed nice enough, despite the language barrier. But UGH!!! Thanks to this I have a new bald spot, well okay not really,but figuratively speaking I was ready to pull my hair out.

Instead I ended up taking Warren out to China Buffet (too damn hot to cook, as it was 78 F at 9pm last night - and this morning I had my AC on for the first time this year) for dinner where we both stuffed ourselves silly.

Today it is still freaking hot outside. I hope the Veterans pool opens up soon.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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