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28.08.01 @ 21:04
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Another great day at school. Life seems wonderful at the moment. Warren was so tired he conked out at 7:30. Second grade must be tough! LOL! Tonight for some reason he was obsessed with having a hot water bottle, or as he called it a bed warmer. The washcloth he tried first didnt' stay warm long enough, so then he tried a tupperware full of hot water, but I wouldn't let him use that, cause it was leaking everywhere,. In the end he wound up sleeping with an empty mouthwash container full of hot water and sealed up tight. He says he felt fine, but I am wondering. Well at least he ate fine at dinner. He did have a minor fit though cause I put the mac and cheese next to the coleslaw. (I make my own, from my aunts wonderful recipe.) He didnt' like the coleslaw juice mixing with his mac and cheese. So I had to get him a bowl, and of course mommy had to eat the mac that was contaminated with coleslaw juice. The joys of motherhood. Its not for the sqemish. Only moms (or dads) get asked questions like, could a blue whale knock over the Titanic if it was mad?? huh?? I suppose if it wanted to. We are also the only ones that get to say things like stop teasing the kitty with the bananna. (dont' ask.). But I wouldn't trade it for anything. We also get to see helpless beatiful little infants turn in to self suffient fully developed people with minds of thier own, and totally unique ideas. We keep the human race going. Talk about responsibility. The hand the rocks the cradle really does rule the world.

I was talking to a client at work today, and in the course of trouble shooting her problem, she stated I don't know much about computers I just stay home with the kids. Just take care of the kids. When did the greatest responsiblity in the world become something to look down on. I stated "hey someone has to look out for the kids", but what I really wanted to tell her was that she should stop putting herself down, what she is doing is one of the greatest reponsiblities in the world, and dont think her kids wont' forget it. When they come home they have a mommy who has time for them, while their friends may have BMW's and summer homes, but parents can barely remember their birthdays. A slight exaggeration maybe but I have seen it. I have even worked for someone who was a shining exammle of it. Dont' get me wrong I am a working mother, ALL moms are working mothers. I have nothing against working out side the home, when the kids are going to school or what ever, Women have brains and talents and skills that are equal to any man. But those who are able to choose to stay home also deserve our respect. Motherhood is hard work, ask anyone who has spent more than a day with someone under 10. The job is not for sissies. And irregardless of the choice a woman makes, her kids should still be her priority, not her next novel, or next case, or promotion or what ever career goal she has. We have many more years to be adults than our kids do to be children. steps off soapbox.

My knee is still sore from this morning. I was going into M&H, for my daily morning Mt. Dew. As I was walking up the curb like I have 10,000 times before, I was looking one way , walking another. I thought I was going up the cutaway part of the curb, but my feet were next to the high up part. next thing I know my knees and elbows are kissing cement. I am there on the concrete in pain and everyone else is just going on about like no big deal. The clerk I talk to every Morning didnt' even bother to ask how I was. "Dont mind me people, I'm just lying here in pain." Thank fully I was okay, but my knee looks like Bruce Lee used it for practicing on. My pride was injured more than anything else. I'm just a little miffed that they didn't even notice. What if I had been an old lady, or had been really hurt? And this was in Fargo. Usually people here are so much nicer and friendler. must have been a bad morning.

When I came home from work today, I wnet to check my messages adn found out I had O messages. I was liek what, then I went up stairs and my clock was flashing, so apparently we had a power failure for part of today. oh well. Hopefully no one left any important messages. Now if I could just get rid of the out of area caller who never leaves a message.

On my way home from work it seemed like it took forever and a couple more days to get anywhere. Finally I got to the corner of 42nd and Main, and wouldn't you know, instead of the usually traffic lights they have just the flashing amber. WTF?? The second busiest intersection, on the second busiest street, at the busiest time of day, and they decide to turn on the flashing yellow instead of the normal light. Did some one just flunk traffic engineering, or did the Fargo PD suddenly get hit by a stupid stick. Hello people. I'd like to drive more than 2 mph on my way home from work. That stretch is bad enough when all systems are go. The only thing worse would be driving thru the construction on 13th avenue. That I wouldnt even wish on my worst enemy. Well except Mike. If you aren't familiar with Fargo streets, which I am sure 99.9999% of the readers who come here aren't just ignore that. Its been bugging me all night.

Off to put away the laundry, and hit the hay. I'm bushed tonight, but I need to put the clothes away or it will never get done. A mother's work is never done. *sigh.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

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