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My reality check bounced a long time ago

Saturday, Jun. 18, 2005 @ 11:22 am
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I ended up calling in sick on Friday. Not something I normally would do. A) you have to be majorly contagious or on death's door B)They are already giving me crap about how many days I have missed this year, even though they were all either because of a school issue with Warren or because either one or both of us was sick. Every one was a valid reason, not because I didn't feel like working (unlike a certain ex of mine), C)This place treats absences like some sort of military treason, who cares if you can't stand up with out passing out and need a bathroom every 10 minutes, we have Gingko and Vitamin E to sell.

It didn't help that Thurdsay Warren was also feeling poorly and at 11pm decided he was bad enough that he wanted me to take him to a dr. He had been congested and than later was complaining about his ear. So at 11pm we trucked off to the only open medical place, where we checked in, triaged and than proceeded to wait..and..wait.. for 2 hours. (I realize that to many of you in large urban areas a 2.5 hour wait in the ER is actually a fast trip, but here in Fargo its on the long side, unless it is Fri or Sat after bar closing).

I was not feeling so hot myself, so we were both rather tired and cranky and trying to be comforable in those less than comfortable waiting room chairs. ER's can however also be a form of entertainment, almost as much fun as Wal-Mart on the first of the month (check day). This time was no exception. It wasn't the most entertaining night I've spent at an ER, that would have been the night the cops brought in a rather uncoopertative inmate with some sort of major withdrawl problems, but this night did have some fun people watching.

There was the lady with no patience, who announced her frustation to the entire waiting room. I'm not sure why she was there, but I did over hear her mention something about not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time for the last month, and her skin looked like she had been showered with some sort of acid or something at some time, though it didn't seem to be bothering her much.

Then there was the drunk guy, who apparently had gotten in a fight with a neighbor over something, I didn't catch the details, but his speech and his swaying made it pretty obvious he had had more than a few. Apparently another neighbor had driven him and there was a big to do about which cops had jurisdiction as first Fargo PD came and then Moorhead PD came to talk to him. It was also gross to look at as the blood tracks were still dried on his face and as far as I know until he went back they were never washed off. From what I had seen 5 minutes in the bathroom with some soap and warm water would have been all he needed, they didn't appear to be serious at all. (That and a few hours of detox to sleep off whatever he had been drinking).

There were the usual worried parents with sick infants. I've been there myself many times. Its very hard to figure out what to do sometimes when you have a sick cranky infant who is too young to say what hurts. But with the size of my headache that I had, the last thing I wanted was to listen to somebody else's baby scream, even if it couldn't be helped.

It also never fails just as Warren's name was finally at the top (I asked about three times), the ambulance came in with an emergency. Luckily another room opened up fairly quickly.

After all that we spent ten minutes with the dr ($50 copay please! bc/bs covered the rest), to find out it was just a minor ear infection. Here's some amoxicillian, take a couple Tylenol and call in the morning if it gets worse. Luckily it got better on its own, however my concern was that he was in enough pain to want a dr (he hates waiting with a passion), and that he might have had swimmers ear from all the swimming he has been doing lately. I've had it once in both ears, many years ago, and it was a nightmare. I truly have a slight idea what it is like to be very hearing impaired as during the first part of it, I went a few days where I was so deaf I had to have the tv on full volume (loud enough to disturb the neighbors) just to hear it. It took almost a week of antibiotics, and having my ears cleaned out at the office to restore things to normal.

A couple weeks ago I had asked for this Saturday (today), Sunday and Monday off, due to Warren's birthday and my family comming into town.(in 12 years I have worked exactly once on his birthday). I was told Sunday was okay, but they needed me Saturday and Monday because they would be too busy. I knew I had to be here today, unless I was at death's door. I'm fine other than this annoying hacking, phlemgy cough.

But are we busy? hell no. Could they survive without me? Quite nicely? So why am I here? Good question. Either T* had bad information, or somebody goofed. Because I am bored between calls. I could be getting paid for this (vacation time) and be home getting my house in shape. I was so miserable yesterday I didn't do anything but lay down and use the bathroom every half hour. But alas I'm forced to sit here, crusing the internet between calls. If it keeps up like this, with any luck I'll be able to go home early. (HA!! Like I should be so lucky)

I'm working on the job situation. I did find one lead, that would be more in my field, but it is also another call center (those of you in the area are familiar with it, the well known ****band Tower, on 42nd St). At first I was excited, but than I realized what if I am just jumping from one frying pan to another. I am getting very tired of call center work, of having to keep track of every single microscopic minute of my time, of not just being given the job and left to do it on my own, that I really don't want to stay in this field. Trouble is I'm not sure what field I want to go into. More training or school isn't really an option right now. I just feel stuck. The medical field is out, I get ill at other people's body fluids, though strangly my own doesn't bother me. Blood isn't an issue, its the other body fluids, the ones with the nasty smells. I hate numbers and accounting. It's is really too bad I can't get paid to read books and cruise the internet. Time for some deep thinking I say.

Snoring really is hazardous to your health

A woman upset about her husband's snoring is accused of stabbing him with a pen and hitting him with a dumbbell.

DeAnn Miller-Boschert, 45, of Fargo, was charged Thursday with simple assault, a misdemeanor.

The husband told police she first poured cold water on his chest to wake him up and then threw the glass at him.

"She then stabbed him with a pen in the arm twice," Sgt. Jeff Skuza said. "After he went back to sleep after the pen thing, she woke him up again with a workout weight."

Skuza said the man was not seriously hurt and declined medical attention after calling police from a convenience store at around 4 a.m. Thursday.

Deann Miller-Boschert Skuza said the man had "two fresh puncture marks" from the pen but showed no signs of being hit with the 3-pound dumbbell.

"He did have some scratches on his shoulders and arms that he said were from previous attacks," Skuza said.

The woman denied to an officer that she stabbed or scratched him and said he may have done that to himself, according to a police report.

Officers said Miller-Boschert told them she wanted her husband to sleep on his side, to prevent him from snoring. She was taken to the Cass County Jail pending a court appearance today.

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According to the next day's paper she is pleading not guilty. She is also a former principal. Hate to have been one of her students. There is also a history of this sort of thing between the two of them. Apparently their reality check bounced a long time ago.


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