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A birth story

Monday, Jun. 20, 2005 @ 10:57 am
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Today at 3:23pm it will be exactly 12 years since I became a mom. Yesterday my mom and brother were here, and it turned out only one of Warren's friends made it over for his party. Which was fine, as it was hotter than hades in the sun outside and the humidity was was as high as it can get with out being underwater.

Warren made out like a bandit. I got him great new speakers for the computer (of course this means I get to enjoy them also - sneaky huh). He got his beloved PS2 from Gramma along with his favorite game, and another game from Uncle Milo, and a $15 gift card from his best friend. Which he supplemented with $5 from Gramma to buy a memory card for his PS2.

His cake was Harley Davidson this year. It was a gorgeous cake, but instead of the Bettercreme frosting which we usually get, which is creamy and delish, he had the regular frosting. So the cake was great, but the frosting was so sweet that none of us could hardly eat it. Even Warren left some behind. I don't mean a little too sweet, I mean this stuff shoulda have came with insulin shots. If I were my pancreas, I would have went on strike. I bet my blood sugar is still thru the roof.

By evening though, it was clear all the fun and sun had taken its toll. He was a cranky, rude, annoying little monster. A quick calming card ride and talk with mom did help him to cool down, but this morning he was still quite over tired and cranky, despite having gone to sleep by 9:40. I ended up letting him skip the first day of summer school. I talked to him about 9:30 this morning and he is feeling better now.

My baby boy is 12 years old. How did this happen? Where has all the time gone? When he was little I thought he would never grow up, now I just marvel at how fast he has grown up, and how grown up he is. My little boy is starting to transition (albeit slowly) into manhood. He is still very much a boy and will be for sometime, but I can definatly see the changes starting to happen. He is growing by leaps and bounds, pants can't keep up with him and neither can shoes. His voice hasn't changed yet, though there have been a few times I thought it was, but it turned out to just be a respiratory thing.

I can't believe I've been a mom for 12 years. I still remember his Birth Day, like it just happened. I woke up with a massive pain in my abdomen that would come and go, like a giant boa constrictor trying to strangle me about my lower abdomen. I went to wake up Mike who was as close to a coma as a person can be, with out actually being unconscious. It quickly became quite clear that a) he was not going to wake up no matter what, and b) if he did he was not in any condition to drive any body anywhere, much less a pregnant woman in early labor.

I was not employeed at the time, as one job let me go in February over a conflict of interest (long story for another time), one job was scared to have a pregnant lady that close to delivery (my supervisors were both men, terrified I was going to have a baby right there on the call center floor. Amazingly that is the same company I am once again working for - maybe I should have taken the hint). I did have one other job, but that was very part time, and toward the end of my pregnancy I was feeling so poorly and was retaining water like a camel at fill up time, so I hadn't really worked. This meant money was extremely tight and I had no cash to spare, heck I had no cash period. So a cab was out of the question. What was I to do? What else? Hope in my car and drive myself to the hospital. Stopping between contractions to get a grip (and they weren't that bad at the time, I soon came to realize, not compared to what came later), I manged to make it to the hospital and find a place in the parking garage. Though I was so stressed at the time I parked, that when later asked where the car was I had no idea and gave completely wrong directions.

I skipped the ER as the pregnancy classes told us and when straight up to the 4th floor OB/GYN and checked in at the nurses station, as per instructions, since I was preregistered. They quickly put me in a room and started checking all my vitals and the baby's as well. At this point I was still convinced he was a girl. I was quickly dressed in a hospital gown, hooked up to monitors and had my private areas on display for several strangers, before my dr arrived, looked at things for a few minutes and decided it would be a good idea to accelerate things a bit.

He used some sort of long scary hook type instrument to break my water for me, and that is when all hell broke loose, at least inside of me. The labor that up until then had been painful, but I thought managable (gee this is labor, why do women complain its nothing) stepped up about 1000 notches. Wham, with in minutes I started feeling real contractions, it went from boa constrictor to washing machine wringer. And much closer together.

I managed to make a few calls, to let my parents (who quickly thru suitcases in the car and headed out for Fargo) and some friends as well as my work places (I had never officially terminated either place), and a few calls to Mike to let him know his baby was making an entrance. I than proceeded to try everything I could think of, including demoral , to keep me from screaming like victim number 3 in a slasher movie. I also learned a valuable lesson about what happens if one trys to put use bubble bath in a jacuzzi tub (think of the episode of the Brady Bunch where Bobby tries to wash his clothes, only not quite so much). I bathed, I walked, I moaned.

Not quite 7 hours later, still alone except for the medical staff, Warren Micheal finally made his grand entrance into the world at 3:23pm on Sunday June 20th, 1993. Father's day yet. I'm still recoilling from the irony of that one. Once I started pushing it was a very quick trip, and one pulled muscle until Warren was screaming his head off.

Warren was just lying there, looking bright eyed and sucking his thumb (weird since he has never sucked it since), and checking out all this new stuff, unlike the others who were either sleeping or screaming. Naturally the first thing everybody noticed was the very obvious patch of red fuzz on his head. "He's a red head" If I hear one more mailman joke I will scream. But he was so cute, all 7lbs 4.25 ounces and 20.5 inches of him. We had a heck of time adjusting to nursing and he never slept more than what seemed like half an hour at a time, but eventually he grew up and today it will be exactly 12 years. He is now 5 feet 5 inches (approx) and weighs close to 200 pounds. I'm amazed everytime I look at him


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