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Year long weekend

Monday, Mar. 07, 2005 @ 4:14 pm
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This weekend has been a very long year, or at least that is how long it seemed. After and entire year of nothing but good reports and hard work, Warren decided to have a melt down shortly after I dropped him off, and instead of working and going to class, he had a major attitude and refused to do anything but be angry and disrepectful. So I had to leave work and go pick him up.

I could tell something was really bugging him, so as angry as I was (and belive me I was pissed), I knew that yelling at him and loosing my temper would only put him on the defensive and make things worse. So I decided to try a different approach. My son loves to ride in any vehicle, something about moving along, and the ryhthm of the road that makes him feel good, and seems to make him more open to talk. So instead of going home, I took him for a long ride out of town, and started trying to get to the bottom of things. We talked about his dad, and he knew his dad was in jail (idiot is out, but that is another story for later), and that the fact that his dad does drugs and stuff is really starting to bother him, along with the fact that we have very little money and he is over weight and some stupid little peanut size brats are giving him a bad time about it (largely from some of the meds he has been on and if I find those little pip squeaks I'm gonna squash thier little asses - my son is large but he doesn't bully kids and he doesn't get into fights unless someone else starts it than he is free to defend himself), and things have just started getting to the snapping point.

He seemed to calm down and feel better. I didn't want to just let him off the hook, so I told him he would have to write a letter of apology (which he did do, he dictated and I wrote his words, than he signed it), and instead of me just grounding him or punishing him he would have to think of what he would consider a fair punishment. I thought things had gone well, he did the letter with no problem and volunteered to give up his cable box for a week. But then it hit him, that his actions had caused him to miss the class Star Party (for good behavior all month), which he had really been looking foreward to, and he had a melt down again, insisting that he was stupid, "why why why..dammit dammit" that his teachers were out to get him and wanted to ruin his day, that everyone was at fault, and he wanted to die and his life was over .." I ended up having to hold on to him and block the door to keep him from leaving, twice the second time I ended up with a couple bruises, but he stopped as soon as he realized and then immediately calmed down.

Later we went for another drive just to talk and he realized it was also school carnival night, which got him upset again. But this time he was able to pull it together and we went to talk to Mr. H. the principal and Warren actually appologized and managed to be allowed to go to the carnival. We didn't stay too long, but he did have a not too bad time.

Saturday was spent whining about being bored as all of his friends were either grounded or out of town and couldn't play. There were a ton of things to do, but as they weren't fun activities that involved going somewhere and spending obscene amounts of money, or battling insane crowd at W@sted Acres, he wasn't intersted.

Sunday was a fairly good day, we did a few errands at Wal-Mart and then I took him to a show at the MSUM Planetarium, which I had promised a while back. He had a great time, even though some people seem to have trouble realizing that certain events and not designed for the 2 and under, can't sit still wanna scream crowd.

Today he woke up grumpy and almost started off on the wrong foot, but I was there with him and he managed to turn it around but just barely. I stayed with him for about 30 minutes and then he finally told me I could leave. He did manage to have a 100% day, but I was quite worried. He had dug himself in to a hole Friday, and now was more upset about the extra work, and seems to think he would rather be in trouble than face the extra homework, or not having it done which overwhelms him, and add in the fact that he is borderline gifted and yet also has a learning disability, he feels so stupid when really he is quite very brilliant. I am ready however to take up drinking..


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