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Kids and air fresheners

Friday, Feb. 18, 2005 @ 9:00 am
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It's starting!! In the next few weeks, we have the open house to welcome all of us new middle school parents and kids, the signup for all future muscians, (my son fancying himself the future Chuck Mangione, has decided to set his heart on the trumpet) and the preparation for the class trip to Bismarck (state capitol for those not in the know of North Dakota)in a couple months. Who knew 5th grade was such a busy exciting year. I know he is looking forward to the trip.

Band on the otherhand?? I know he is excited now, and I want to encourage him, as I believe even if he only plays for a few years or tries it and quits, music education will do him a world of good. The discipline needed for practice and the skills learned from playing and reading music and from the using the parts of the brain required for music will hopefully improve his abilities in other areas. Who knows maybe he will actually be good at it and decide to stick with it, after the new wears off and the real work begins. He also has to name a second and third choice, so what does my son pick, but Alto Sax and clarinet.. I'm just wondering if I should warn the neighbors now, or wait till right before he starts so they don't have all summer to plot against me. I should at least give them some warning lest somebody tries to sue me for mental anguish and physical pain. (If you've ever heard a beginning trumpet or woodwind player you understand perfectly). His first choice would have been percussion, but they require all drum players to have at least 2 years of piano lessons, so we definately dodged that bullet, at least for now.

However last year he wanted guitar lessons and that never happened as he changed his mind, I couldn't afford private lessons and now that he is old enough for the school to provide lessons (parents provide instruments) he has decided to skip string orchestra in favor of band instead. Hopefully the local music stores who will be comming to the school to entice hopeful parents into renting, have the foresight to include earplugs in the deal, and maybe a codeal with a pharmacy for cheap Tylenol, my head hurts already. (Though if he did wind up getting good at it, no mother is going to turn down the chance to have yet another bragging right for her son).

Then again, this is the same kid who draws intricate pictures of cars and trucks that he is designing (not exsisting vehicles, but new concepts that he is designing for the future), can replace a slipped alternator belt in 20 minutes flat, build elaborate structures from legos or pennies, and has the highest math average in his class, yet doesn't posses the skill or understanding to replace the empty toilet paper roll on the spindle or grasp the concept that dirty clothes go INTO the hamper, not the floor beside it. I guess somewhere in his developement those particular synapsis never made the connection. Amazing isn't it?

While I am on the subject of bathrooms, can somebody please explain the whole air freshener, scented candle thing to me. I can understand wanting your kitchen or dining room or even a living room to smell like apple pie, cinnamon, pumpkin vanilla, or any yummy food scent. I can even understand wanting a floral scent in a living room or bedroom, or a sexy scent in a bedroom. But what I can't understand, are some of the scents used for bathrooms. Whye do people want loos that smell like jungle waterfalls or dream garden or fresh rain. I dont' know about you, but I'm happiest when my bathroom just doesn't smell at all. Otherwise I start feeling like instead of a bathroom I'm out squating in the garden hiding in the daffodils, or squating in some woodland area hiding behind a tree. I know I guess when people shower they can imagine they are really standing naked in the rain or have somehow been magically transported to some tropical rainfall, and since it is all fantasy anyway we can throw in some handsome tightly build stud (preferably one who is blonde, Canadian and has muscles on his muscles, without looking like he works out). I thought it was about smelling good, and here it turns out that all along it isn't the pretty smell that sells it is the fantasy that goes behind it. OR maybe I've just been inhaling too many scent fumes lately.

Returning to the subject of the royal redheaded one, I have no idea what to do with him this summer, staying homne alone after school and occasionally on weekends if one thing, but he is still too young to be home alone all week. I want him to go to ESY (extended school year) summer school again, but he is dead set against it. He is open to swimming lesson, which would be great but that is only a couple hours at most, and only when the weather cooperates (remember this IS North Dakota). He is too young for a "real job", and too old .

Kids don't get easier when they get older, they just get more complicated.


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