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Movin' on over

Friday, Feb. 04, 2005 @ 3:18 pm
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Have I mentioned that I abos-freaking-lutely hate moving. I have about 75-80% of the stuff in the house out, but yet it seems like everytime I move a load, more stuff appears out of nowhere. Like all my clothes hangers, books, and assorted crap suddenly hear the word moving and they get all reproductive on me. They divide and multiply like some sort of mutant rabbits, everytime I leave the house there is a paper, plastic, metal, and cotton orgy going on.

If a person ever gets depressed and feels like they have nothing they should try moving, they will suddenly find themselves wondering where all this crap came from. I've found things I never even knew I owned. When we moved the entertainment center (which my ex for some bizarre reason had screwed to the wall with square headed screws) I found (among other things) a very disgusting and moldy candyland game board (something Warren and I haven't played since he was about 7) and a really cute picture of Warren around the age of 5 or so playing with a gorgeous big gray cat. I have no idea when or where this was taken. I seem to recall one of his daycares having a big grey cat, but I can't remember who. Am I awful or what? But he was so cute in that picture, and his hair looks so red. I am hanging on to it. I also found a cute school picture that must have been taken at HeadStart or something as he doesn't look more than 4 in it.

We are slowly getting things settled at the new place, but right now there are some many baskets and boxes everywhere it is like walking thru some sort of whareshouse maze. I have no idea where I am going to put everything. I have a feeling more of my books, specifically some of my old high school books will have to find a new home. I know there are some used bookstores in town, that might take them so at least I know they will move to somebody who will love them as much as I do.

For some reason no matter how old, no matter how long since I've read it, or even how good it is I can not throw out a book. To me it is like sacreligious or something. I feel like I am breaking some unwritten code. But if I give it away or sell it I won't feel guilty because that is like giving it up for adoption, not just throwing it out. I am like that with almost anything that I perceive as having any value. I can sell it, give it away or donate it. But if it has any remote value or use I can not toss it out. I have the mountains of junk to prove it.

But on the brightside all the furniture is moved. I hated paying to do it, but they were faster and much less stressful than trying to do it myself or rent a U-haul. They were also much better looking, if not way to young for me. (But then again lately I seem to have a thing for studly young ones)

Now its just a matter of picking up crap and hauling loads of small junk that never seems to end.

I also won't be online much for awhile. MCI takes their own sweet time getting the phone transferred over, so until then my internet access is limited to work and when I can get to the library. Most likely I will be spending all of tonight and most of tommorrow getting the move finished. I also have to do something nice for my neighbor Karen as she has been a wonderful neighbor to us the whole time we have lived here, and I am really going to miss her. I am just not sure what to do as I know she has breathing issues, (asthma and emphysema) so flowers are probably not a good idea and I am not sure if she has dietary issues. I'll probably get her a card and some knicknack or something safe. The other neighbors I am not going to miss so much. They are far to anal for my taste. But Warren will definately miss having his best friends so close, though we aren't moving that far; when you are only 11 and almost 4 years away from driving it is a big deal, though once the snow is gone he will be able to ride his bike. With any luck this will force him to get a little more exercise. It also makes me glad to live in a nice small city like West Fargo where I can let him do that.

This is going to be a very long weekend. I also need to get my neck looked at, for some reason I have a strange bump on my next right under my head. You can really see it, but I can feel it. I'm sure it is nothing, but it is driving me nuts, maybe I'll ask the nurse when I get my next depo shot which is also overdue. If my buddy shows up this weekend, I will not be responsible for my actions.


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