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Mominator and Son

Saturday, Oct. 02, 2004 @ 2:22 pm
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Does anybody out there want an 11 year old boy - cheap.. okay I'm only mostly kidding.

Going back to the beginning of this week, the little shit punked me good- again. I called home to check on him after school and the punk tells me he had a really bad day at school. Of course I'm trying to be understanding because he is all sorry and stuff, but I am really upset and ready to lose it . I can't talk to his teacher because she is out sick the sub has already left and so have the paras. So I get home and the tupperware container where I keep the instant oatmeal packets is gone, and the oatmeal is all over the counter (we go thru lots of oatmeal when it gets cold). Finally Warren comes in, and after I yell at him about the mess (food on the counters, dirty dishes everywhere - the oatmeal), he explains that he used it to take the Indianna jar (cookie jar of spare change) to the bank and see how much we got.

That immediately set my mom-dar on edge, and I asked him if he had spent any of the money on himself. He kept insisting that he put it all back in the jar and didn't. I had no evidence that he had bought anything so I couldn't punish him with out admission or proof. The money was in the jar though I could have sworn I had more, but again no way to prove it. I did deposit it in the bank to remove temptation (I have almost enough to cover badges and one nights hotel- so we are getting there slowly - Celebration III - here we come).

But then comes the part where the kid punked me out -royally - again (see April Fools entry for the fist time he pulled this stunt). I should have been suspicious when he was eager to show me his point sheet, but he has always been mostly honest about his bad days in the past - though in retrospect he was being a little too honest and forthright this time). I will admit the kid got me good (again), not only did he NOT have a bad day, he had an unbelievably AWESOME day, setting a record, of 279 points. Normally he averages about 220-230 points a day. 200 is considered a good day, and every day of 200 or over counts as another day towards moving up a level. After ten school days of 200+ they can move up to level two.. Then after I can't remember how many days of 200+ they go up to level three (I know it is a few more days but I'm too lazy to look it up). But anyway each level is more priveledges and freedoms.

As of Friday he was at level 3, and is the only one in the class to have made it that far. He hasnt' had a bad day all year. So of course I was proud of him, very proud of him. Though of course I had to feign upset at being punked again. (Should have named the kid Ashton), but instead I just baked him some wonderful brownies that didn't even last 24 hours. (I've found that if you substitute milk for water and melted butter for oil when making brownies from mix they will be so to die for rich people will insist they were from scratch. They will also be moister and chocolatier). I got three brownies out of the pan he ate the rest (have I mentioned that at his last dr. visit we determined he has grown 3/4 of an inch in the last 6 weeks, averaging about 1/2 inch/month this year and is now the same height as me - making it impossible to keep him in clothes), as he has been bottomless lately - out eating me and I am not a small woman by anybody's standards (unless they are a Hutt or a Wookie or some sort of bizaare cross).

Last night wecelebrated by going to see Shark Tale. We both loved it.

I do have one rant to insert here before I get on with my Warren entry. If you have babies or toddlers please please do the world a favor an either hire a sitter or stay home. Nothing ruins a good movie like somebody's screaming infant or tantruming toddler who doesn't understand why they can't run around. They are too young to care about the movie anyway, and until the kid has the ability to sit still and relatively quiet for two hours, they don't belong in a movie, especially a crowded popular movie. When Warren was little I missed many good movies because I couldn't afford a sitter and refused to be the one who's kid was ruing the movie for every one else, including me. The first movie I ever took Warren to was Babe and he was 3 and half. Even then he couldn't make it thru the whole movie and I ended up taking him out. But it was an early show and it wasn't crowded. He was 5 before I took him to opening night when it would be crowded (The Phantom Menace) by then he had the experience and the skill to sit for the entire time and be quiet. He was also able to follow the movie and enjoy it. To bad they can't put a no baby sign next to the shut off your cell phone sign. It's really annoying for those of us who paid to see a movie not listen to your kid scream because he is unhappy and not ready for the movie going experience. It is also not fair to the child who is really to young to handle such and experience and doesn't understand why they can't get up and run, or make loud noise or play. I love kids, but there are some places where very young children (ie under three) do not belong.

Back to my Warren entry. Last night we had a great time at the movie, today we went out for a cheap breakfast and then later he was bummed about his friends not being around, and I think wanting more mom time, but felt to old to ask for it, so he bugged (conned) me in to taking him for a drive and spending some quality mom and son bonding time with him. Then we came home and his friend Andrew came over.

Then hell broke loose as somebody in the neighborhood had a computer for sale cheap (as in $5 buck - which makes me wonder what is wrong with it, aside from being Win98), but he HAD to have it. I wouldn't give him the money and wouldn't let him pawn anything, so of course I was the evil mom from hell, and he hated me and I never let him have anything, and I'm just mean and if you have kids you know the drill.

Now he likes me again, because he traded a bunch of blank cd's (I bought him for 10 bucks) to his friend for the $5 to buy this computer which he has now set up downstairs. Making us officially the nerd family on the block. ( I have a new dvd player - el cheapo and my beloved SW DVD's on layaway at Walmart as we speak - cause I have my priorities). I'm not sure if I should laugh or ground him or both.

I guess I should be greatful, since he has starting playing on the computer his reading and writing skills have improved tremendously. Today in the car he even told me he had a a favorite book that he read on his own. And might actually be interested in reading another book if it sounds good. THUD. There is hope.. I mean the kid has awesome skills already in the area of mechanics and wiring and so forth, and loves to take things apart to see how they work and sometimes even put them back together right. He is very very bright, but now to find out he is actaully taking an interst in reading. I think I must be glowing. And his favorite book "Call of the Wild" by Jack London not some hollywood movie novel (not taht I have a problem with them) or some book desinged to separet parents from their cash, but a real honest to goodness book with literary quality. Call me stunned. He said it took him a long time and it was hard, but he liked the story.. Double THUD

On second thought, he isn't for sale, he's all mine, and you can't have him..

Did I mention there is a strong possiblity his idiot fuck up of a father may be free in a couple weeks. Lets hope he goes the other way instead of comming back here to mess things up again. I just hope if he comes back to Fargo, he doesn't start causing trouble. Warren has worked harder this year than I have ever seen him work. He deserves better, than a drunk who's only concern is himself.


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