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It must be Monday

Monday, Aug. 30, 2004 @ 10:01 am
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First of all, Warren is much better today. His nose is still a little sniffly but not nearly so bad. He hasn't had anymore bloody noses so I am assuming it was just all the blowing and sniffing. He actually slept almost all day yesterday (until about 3pm), and still managed to be asleep by 10:30pm last night. He seems to be feeling much better, after finally catching up some seriously needed zzz's.

I talked to his teacher at my last break and he seems to be starting the year off on the right foot, despite starting the day off with a comedy of errors right out of some sitcom. (okay he did make up a story about getting free mt. dew from his teacher which wasn't true, but everything else he said she backed up, so I'll chalk that one up to his Walter Mitty tendencies).

This morning on the other hand, as I said earlier was like a bad scene right out of a sitcom. Oh sure things started out innocent enough, we got up in plenty of time and got dressed and showered with out incident. The van started fine (this will be important later), but before we left we had to take the trash out, as today is garbage day on our street.

Normally not a big deal, but this week the trash was seriously overflowing, and I had forotten that I had cleaned the fridge out last week when I was home sick. We picked the top layer off and put it in a bigger bag, and then proceeded to dump the rest of the can in the bag, this is the part where the first not so funny at the time, but funny later moment came in. The stuff I cleaned out of the fridge last week after sitting in the bottom of the can for a week had mutated. I was too scared to look and see what, but when the smell is bad enough to make my stomach wretch it has to be scary. Fortunately Warren with his stuffed snoz was able to get bag tied and out the door while I ran for fresh air, before loosing the breakfast I hadn't had yet had.

Then it was off to the bank only to discover it didn't open yet for another 20 minutes. We drove to the other branch in West Fargo, but same thing, so we waited for them to open while two more cars lined up behind us. Finally about ten minutes later they opened up and I was able to get some money.

Then we were off to the Golden Arches for a quick breakfast as a treat for the first day of school. We went in got our stuff no problem. Came out, tried to start the van...BIG PROBLEM. Van makes about as much noise as somebody who's been in the grave for 6 months. I tried a few times, but nothing. I waited a bit and tried again, but still nothing. I called for a tow truck and called work to let them know I might be late. This was around 8am. I start work at 8:30, Warren bus was due to pick him up at 8:19. The tow truck said they would be there a little after 8. So we sat and ate and waited. I used the rest room and Warren ate my hashbrown patty and half my bagel. We waited, and on a lark I tried it. Karma can be an intersting thing. I must have pleased somebody up stairs, because this time it started, like nothing was wrong. Warren kept it running, and I ran in to call the truck back so they wouldn't think I was pulling something. I no sooner got off the phone with the station and the tow truck is sitting next to my van, talking to my son, and I am sure wondering WTF??. I explained to him that it wasn't starting but then it did. And he left (saving me untold $$ I don't have). We hightailed it home, hoping to catch the bus (he also still had his backpack in the house). Just as we turned on our street I see the bus up by our house. So I Richard Petty'd it and zoomed down the street violating the speed limit at a level that I would normally never approve of. I just barely caught the bus a block from our house, as she was also wondering what was going on, since I just called this morning to tell her he would be riding. After explaining again what happened, while Warren ran and got his backpack, I then took off like a cannon ball and raced to work. I punched in 8:31, so while I was technically and entire minute late, it doesn't count. Of course I had enough work today for two shifts but that is another story.

With a life like mine, who needs sitcoms?


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