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Friday, Aug. 27, 2004 @ 10:12 pm
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Many of you are probably already aware of this but if not, only two more months till sign up time for NaNoWriMo. I wanted to do it last year but was chicken, this year I feel I need to do it. If you are wondering what the hockey pucks I am talking about, click on the link and read for yourself. It is a very cool idea, and a great way to get frustrated wannabe writers like me off our assets and in front of the word processor.

I finally made my phone call, which wasn't quite as painful as I thought, but I still have to call him back, and things still might not go as I hope. (mysterious I know, but I'm not ready to talk details just yet). In other bad news I got paid today, for most people this is good news, for me its just another reminder of my time in subservient purgatory, where I get paid well below living wage, for a job I am over qualified for, and where, insurance and stundent loans take almost half my check. Warren had his last day of daycare today, so that will be one less expense, but even with out that, ends are not close to meeting. According to our esteemed governemt, unemployment in this states is down, clearly they have not left the Capitol building. There are many people who have been jobless so long, they no longer qualify for unemployment and are simply bringing in cash what ever way they can, living check to check. Then there are people who have education, degrees even who are working for $7, $8 or $9 dollars an hour in menial posistions that have nothing to do with thier degrees because feeding thier kids and paying the mortgage are more important than pride. Looking thru the want ads today, I can see way. Most jobs are either skilled labor, truck drivers, professional jobs for which I am sure there are a 1000 applicants each (and are usuually just above my qualifications), and tons and tons of thankless shit jobs, that have to be done, but only require a warm functioning body to show up and take abuse, for little or no money. I called one ad that sounded promising only to be bitched out by some stressed out receptionist, because I didn't know that the posistion was already filled. "Pardon me my ESP is clogged up today.".

I havent' been trying as hard as I should to find a job, the lady I interviewed with three weeks ago that sounded so promising is turning out to be a lot of hot air, but nothing much else. I am ready to start looking for a second job nights just for the extra income, but I am limited there also as Warren is too young to be home that many hours alone late at night, he needs time with me, and if I pay a sitter, that defeats the purpose of the extra income. My only hope is something cleaning offices or somethign whre he can come along, but then that gets to be too late. I feel like the living definition of catch 22. But something has to change and soon. Its getting time to make some serious decisions. Nobody told me growing up would be like this, life was much easier when somebody else paid the bills.

And just to put a cherry on the sundae, today I got a lovely letter from my insurance company, stating that my insurance expired on the 12th, ( I thought it was the end of the month). So now I am driving illegally (though Bismarck doesn't know yet), and inorder to reinstate I have to pay for 6 months of car insurance, when I can barely afford to pay for one month, though that is cheaper than the hell that would break loose if I got caught driving sans insurance. My driving record is almost cleared and I am not messing this up now, I've been to good about keeping it clean.

Since it was Warren's last day of daycare, I treated himt to a PS2 for the weekend with a couple of games, and some dvd's for me (Amelie (cause it sounds cute), and Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 (cause nothing relieves stress like sensless violence especially when it is a parody)).

Then I went to get Warren's school supplies (good mom that I am I wait till two days before to do it), and discovered that they are much cheaper and simpler to buy if you leave the kid at home. I got the cheapest of everything, though I did splurge and get him a cool shiny car folder and a cool West Coast Chopper folder which made him very happy. I also got a few extra notebooks and stuff for me, cause even though I am not in school I love notebooks, and when I am in creative writing mode I carry one with me and make notes when ever inspiration strikes. It worked wonders on my Selected Diary Excerpts of Obi-Wan Kenobi which while still not finished after three years still managed to get 2nd place in a humor category in TF.N's fan fic awards a couple years ago. And also when I was working on My letter from Padme to Leia fic, which turned out to be alot more popular than I ever imagined. (Now to write original characters and stop stealing Lucas').

Go off on Tangents much..anyway.. after getting Warren's school stuff I had to go to the grocery store and spend more money I can't afford. Right in the pasta and tomato product aisle, some older, very frustrated guy was arguing with his daughter who from some reason, didn't like curly macaroni in her macaroni and cheese, opposite of her brother. She whined about half way down the aisle, before he completely lost it, damn near in front of my face. "FINE!! Take the Sonofabitich, back and get the other one, just shut up!!. I looked over at him, (hard not to we were side by side and when he turned around we were eye to eye), I started to smile, thinking maybe I could defuse things, but when I saw his face, I decided saying something was maybe not a good idea. Not knowning this guy, I had no idea if he would defuse and lighten up, or go postal on me in the parking lot, and I have to work tommorrow. But man, its just macaroni.. If I've learned anything as a parent, its that a wise mother never shops with the offspring in tow if she can help it. Leaving the kids at home can save up to $20 or more per trip, not to mention your sanity. Though only having one, means at least I don't have to deal with the sibling warfare.

And I need to save every penny I can, because my son is turning into a human garbage disposal. Right now he is eating a large bowl of Maple brown sugar oatmeal, and a soda. This is in addtion to a sausage egg and cheese bagel for breakfast, with a Sprite, two tacos, a ham sandwhich, three cookies, two glasses of milk and fruit cocktail at daycare, a ten piece chicken Mcnugget meal (including fries) with Mellow Yellow for supper, a can of ravioli and a cola for a snack, and now only an hour later the oatmeal, and who knows how much milk and water inbetween)I don't usually eat a fourth of that and I am a BIG woman, I know adolescent males have growth spurts but this is just ridiculous. He is active and busy, but he is also large, larger than he should be for his height. If he slows down his gaining, he can grow into his weight, but most of the people in my family are large, and I definately worry. After all I am a mother, worry is in my contract.


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