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Sometimes mystery can be a good thing

14.12.01 @ 23:34
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I don't know if it is the holidays or what, but for some reason diaryland seems to be soo slow tonight. Hardly anyone has updated, yet here I am on my second update of the day. My first one, was a bit of a feminine slanted humor entry, but amazingly enough I didn't get enough hits to get a reaction out of anyone.

Reading other peoples diaries has made me so glad that none of my real life people, save one friend and two online people who later became real life friends, know about my diary. Most people who know me in real life, don't really know me. If they knew what I really thought about certain things I think they would freak. I tend to come off as some sweet quiet goody type. While I am a decent person, I would like to think many people don't realize the dark side I also have. Not an evil dark side, but a side like that of the moon that is also part of who I am, but which is not visible to an outside observer. Most of the people at work would not guess that I am the kind of person who keeps a very opionionated on online diary, or that I prefer action oriented movies over tradional "chick flicks". They know I love Star Wars adn such, but they have no idea of any thing else I truly like. I have one real life friend I made at school a couple of years ago, who comes close to knowing, but even she doesnt' know all my secrets. I feel comfortable here, while many people read this, all but three of them have a fair to large degree of anonimity. We talk and share and have a friendship, yet we have never actually met each other. In many cases (discounting the geography) we could walk right past each other in store and not even know it. In some cases if we met in real life with out knowing each other we may not even give each other the time of day because of the differences in us in our real lives.

There is a certain amount of equalization that happens with the internet. People have only their words and their verbal ability with which to get to know others and by which to be judged. You can't tell if some one is large or small, black, white, yellow, Green or blue. You can't tell if some one is dressed perfectly neat or like a slob. IF some one has a tradional style or is new age. They may be one thing and acting like another. Or they may be honest, but because of the lack of preconcieved notions, standing in the way you get to know people you might otherwise never have associated with. It has greatly opened my eyes and my acceptance of those whose ways are quite different from my own. I used to think certain kinds of people were all one way, but gettting to know people first and then discovering they were something, I have found out I was totally wrong. I have seen what one can miss out on when one becomes judgemental of some one whose shoes they have never tried on.

My flu-ey symptoms appear to be returning. I was feeling fairly decent at work today, after feeling like an accident victim this morning when Xena woke me up at 5 am to play a rousing game of "pet me please". It is very hard to sleep with one cat continually pushing her nose under your hand, while another flexes her paws and kneads your hair. (apparently they only make nice in the same room when I am thier to play refferree).

Xena seemed to be doing so good, now I am wondering. She loves me and Warren but goes totally Warrior when ever Chloe and Chester try to get near her. If I am there it is fine, they even all sit on the bed calm. But when I am not their she freaks. She hisses and claws at them and then they in turn get mad back. Earlier today I was on the bed with all three kitties, then Xena left to go down stairs, and then Chloe and Chester went after her. A few seconds later I heard yowls and howls. I made it down stairs to see Chester slinking away with his tail totally puffed out. Chloe was on the top of the fridge and Xena was also up there, looking like a cornered Slayer searching for a stake. I ended up putting Chloe and Chester in thier kitty carriers so I could get Xena down and then feed her. She seemed calmer, but a bit jumpy. She made herself commfy down between the couch and the wall, after the pizza guy rang the bell and scared her. She would nt' even come out for treats. She gave me cute looks, and started purring however. I am begginging to think if she might not be happiest with a stay at home human and no other cats. She seems like a people cat. She is such as sweet and lovable kitty I just want to hug her, but something must have trauma tized her. I wish we could figure out what.

I need to get off to sleep. My voice seems to be going in and out. I wnet thru a hand ful of cough drops reading to Warren tonight. Its not good for someone who talks for a living to have laryngytis, so hopefully I will sound normal tommorrow. Have a fun Saturday.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.