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30.07.03 @ 23:03
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Today didn't start out very well at all, then it went downhill, but I think it still managed to end on a slightly less than bad note.

When I got up and made Warren's breakfast things were fine. I got him up and there were no problems. He ate breakfast and took his meds with out problems. We were ahead of schedule, things were running a little too smoothly and I should have known the shoes would drop any minute.

And then just when we were ready to leave it happened.

"I don't want to go to summer school. I want a break. Can't you just take me to daycare. I'm not going to summer school its a waste of my time. I'm not learning anything, its stupid and my teacher hates me."
I'm thinking no way in Hell are you missing anymore school. I figure if I don't make a huge deal it will all blow over as is usually the case with Warren. If I make it a deal he will dig in more. I just say no and don't fight he will usually realize I mean business and go with the program. Well either he's been reading my parenting books behind my back, or he picked this morning to start testing my parent skills again.. We get to the school and he is refusing to get out of the car

I go to the other side to get his back pack and "help" him out of the car. No go. Threats.. nope .. drive around and come back..nope.. bribery nope... Mrs. H, his old para comes by and tries talking to him..nope. by then the bus is pulling up behind me honking.. so I have to move my car over. I move.. then try again.. finally I get him to come out of the car and we go in to the school get half way to his room and he see's MR. A (temp principal for summer school program.. a very nice guy who is a genius with kids.. it turns out.. later in the story), that ended it. He turns around and makes an exit.. we manage to catch up to him, he is at the car. I manage to stop him from locking himself in the car.

Thankfully MR. A. is a very understanding person who knows how to work with kids and not a milertaristic old coot who would order him in or else. (that never flies with Warren)We spend a good 20 minutes attempting to reason with Warren and hear him out. He hates the books they read, they are boring and stupid.. he's not learning....its a waste of time.. he's never going to learn to read anyway.. he should have his summer off to play.. he'd rather be in daycare.. Mr. A. and I talk about how important it is, and how it takes work that he has to be willing to put in, that we all have a job and sometimes we have to do things we may not like and so on...eventually we get him off the car lid, and decide to up the ante a bit.. dragging him by the hands into the school. (I am not giving up now or he will never want to come back, if it we win this battle the war will pretty much end).. he gets up set at this, but agree's to walk in. Which he does..

He won't go to class however. Mr. A. asks about the police, but later only calls the assist Super. Warren sits in a chair in the office. (The fact that he has remained calm, not cussed and not hit or threatened anybody is volumes for him in inprovement over last year). He sits and sort of talks and sort of fakes going to sleep. I let them know he is convinced that MR. R thinks he's stupid, that everyone is going to look at him and talk about him because of yesterday.. they reassure him that this is not true. The secretary who's name I can't remember, but who also deserves a medal, was great at talking to him and offering comfort in a great tone. MR. A. gets MR. R (teacher) to come down and talk to him. Warren is still acting like he is asleep. A brief tickle by me, however brings a smile to his face that indicates otherwise. Then MR. R. tells me "he'll be fine.. Mom can leave now, and then gently but firmly escorts me out. Okay I can take a hint.

It is now 9 am. WE have been at this for exactly one hour. I am praying all the way to work that it works out..around 11:30 I call to find out how it went.

It seems Warren wouldn't go to his class right away, he chose to sit in the office for about half hour. Then he asked to be excused. He left and K* (secretary, I remembered her name) followed him at a distance thinking maybe he went to rest room. Instead he went to get a pop. He came back, but they told him he couldnt' drink it in the office, he could only do that in the commons. He thought for a moment and then said that was okay. So they made a deal, if he sat in the commons K* would sit with him while he drank it, but then he would have to go to class. He thought for a moment and decided that was an okay deal. He kept his end, and apparently there were no problems. (I will talk to Mr. R tommorrow to find out what happened.). HE never touched his Lunchable. He had pop and cookies left over from yesterday so that is what he had instead.

I won't even touch on work.. where I got bitched (well okay that's a harsh word, but they really need to be more consistant and maybe if they treated the employees better morale wouldn't be in the toilet and people wouldn't be tripping over each other for a ticket out of that hell hole of a call center...I won't even start on how they rip off thier customers with what I consider unfair (but apparently totally legal) business practices..they have good products, but no scruples... I haven't heard from P*****A****** where I sent a resume a few days ago, but I'm still hoping. I am also going to go to C****O*** tommorrow and pick up a Customer service app.. It would mean dressing nicer, but they have great bennies, better pay and free cable (including cable net I think...).. Life should be so good. I also need to go to job service, update and print out more resume's, get to the MOorhead Library and scan some pictures and upload them, visit the clinic about some lab tests (due to meds I'm on) and still pick up Warren from school before 12:45. And if its nice out he wants to go swimming as I promised him. (the flood gates of Heaven above were unleashed over FM today, ina short downpour that was nothing short of an inland hurricane. Out of nowhere boom it was like the Big Guy upstairs decided to dump humungous God sized buckets of water on us, and then boom just as fast it was over.)

Wish me better luck tommorrow. Right now I am exahusted just thinking about it.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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