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Need me some Knepfla Soup

28.03.02 @ 11:25
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Last night Warren and I decided to go to Kroll's for supper. We havent' eaten there in a while, I wasn't in the mood too cook, and Warren decided he had a craving for Knepfla Soup. I guess my childhood is comming back to haunt me. When I was little I never appreciated all the German Russian dishes my mom would make. (I still have nightmares about borsht) But I still love me some Käsknepfla whenever I can get some. My mom used to make them for me when I was in college. I would keep them in the fridge (her's were stuffed with a cottage cheese/cinnamon type filling) and toast them up for breakfast or a snack. (Beats a pop tart or even a toaster strudel hands down, NO CONTEST). Right now I have a major craving for Kuchen. My cousin has the most kick ass recipe for it, but it is also about 1000 calories a bite due to all the cream and sugar. I love being a German Russian. I feel sorry for those who don't have such yummy foods in their ethnic food history.

Warren had a fit on the way home from school yesterday. He asked if he could play out front, I thought he meant at home and said yes. Turns out he meant at school. I wasn't about to sit in the car for an hour thumb didling while he played in the (what little was left of) snowbank out front. This of course left him feeling, shall we say rather angry at me. Later he got it together, so we did wind up having a very nice dinner. He even taught me how to play Golf (the card game). Then we played War. He of course had more than he could eat, as the soup bowls at Kroll's tend to be on the large side. But they do make the world's second best Knepfla. (the first being my Mom's, except that she likes to be different and her recipe is on that has cabbage in it sometimes, then ick). I am thinking I may get all homey and make some knepfla myself. Who knows maybe I'll even get my moms recipe for Käsknepfla, and really get German happy. (Side note I also love Scandanavian cooking with the exception of certain stinky fish dishes. However I can't afford all the irons and such to make good Krumkake, Sandbakke or Rosettes (my personal favorite) with out the right equipment.

Okay, enough with the enough wandering thru recipe wonderland. Warren is at his Dad's today as I have to work and I have no one else right now for childcare. I still need to call K*. However I hope she can start him Monday instead of Wednesday. As I need a full day care for Monday and Tuesday. Warren has no school until Wednesday, and one of our techs from our client is flying in from Oakland all next week. Since we are no officially going to be taking over Level 2 as of May 1, we have a lot of training and reshuffling to get done. I for one can't wait to see J*Man. He is one of those people who can't be described. He is straight, but very effeminate. A very funny outgoing, rather one of a kind type of person.

I am also just starting to get the hang of this new phone. I never knew one could have so many buttons on a telehpone. This one does everything but pay the phone bill, or at least it does if the person operating it has a clue what they are doing. Right now I feel good if I transfer a call ,and manage not to hang up on anybody.

I think I will be stopping for some half -n- half on my way home. I have a sudden craving for knepfla soup. I may even spice it up a bit and add some chicken or ham to it. It already has dumplings so I won't even need bread. Man I love those thrify German- Russians, they really knew how to take a few handfuls of nothing and make something yummy. I am already hungry just thinking about it. I also need to find time to play Easter Bunny. Warren wants BayBlades. (they are like a customizable Top, from heck!!). We have a rather progressive Easter Bunny at our house.

Hey Look, its almost 11:30 am . Time for lunch. Laters


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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