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I am Legend

Sunday, Dec. 23, 2007 @ 4:24 pm
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I think the appocolypse may be upon us. Not only have I had good hair days all week, I have money in the bank {not much,but that's beside the point}, my son is behaving extra well, my ex is doing a good imitation of a civilized human, and I'm in a Chrismtas mood. Either another shoe is going to fall to balance things out, or the seventh horseman of the appocolypse is about to ride through town.

Did I mention that my son got Pink Floyd cd's for us to share for Christmas? I knew there was another reason I loved that not so little kid. I have two Sears cards for Christmas {okay technically one is Warren's} and a West Acre's gift card from work {as a reward for volunteering my services as a toothpaste taster}. So we are going to go together on a nice MP3 that we can share.

He also won a pointsetta in a drawing for me. So it is now cheering up my room. I love plants, too bad I'm a horrible plant mother. I just hope I can keep this one alive for more than a few weeks. It really is a beautiful plant. I did google pointsettia care, so I have some idea of how not to kill it. A botonist I am not.

Last night I went to see I am Legend. As I expected Will Smith was his usual excellent self, and his daughter was really cute as his daughter {lucky girl, looks like her mother}. It wasn't quite what I expected, though I had read other entries on it, so I knew it was going to be a bit of a scary mindless flesh eating zombie comming after you movie, but yet it was and wasn't. IF you are the type who is easily scared by things that come out and go boo, you will find it scary, if you are jaded by this, maybe not so much.

Some people apparently thought it was really scaring, I didn't even jump. Maybe I'm just jaded, or maybe I just had higher expectations. The story was good, it just wasn't fleshed out enough, if you ask me. There were some major plot holes, such as just who moved Fred and rigged the trip wire? Zombie dude's didnt' strike me as smart enough, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't Anna. And if the military sealed off Manhatten than how did she get in and off?? Why are thier African lions running thru Manhatten, or deer for that matter, the island was supposed to have been sealed off, or I guess not. Even if it wasn't, unless they escaped from a zoo, I'm pretty sure there are no African lions in New York. There were other plot holes as well, but I won't get into all of them.

On the good side, the effects were top notch, as were the costumes. The images of a totally abandoned Manhattan over grown with weeds and empty cars just standing is really cool. It had great potential as a story about a man who finds he has the whole planet to himself, save for wild animals and his best canine friend {if you are a dog lover be warned, there is a scene you will not like}, who is sort of like Tom Hank's soccer ball in Castaway, except he can interact.

It had great potential, and a kinda of bittersweet ending, that I didn't really see comming, but some how I left feeling like it had more potential and never quite reached it. I also could have done with out the overdone DC Easter Eggs, and planted advertising. I did love the symbolism of Van Gogh's Starry Night in his living room though, and the creative use of Bob Marley.

For those of you who may not know, it has been made before, as the Omega Man with Charelton Heston {with a Manson like family, in lieu of zombies}, and if I'm not mistaken there was an even earlier version with Vincent Price, though I haven't seen that one. The story is based on a novella from the 50's called The Last Man on Earth, but all of the movies seem to take creative license to rewrite the story, so it isn't the original but rather loosely inspired by it.

I didn't hate the movie, but it also didn't live up to my expectations, save for Will Smith who is still quite hot, and a damn good actor, though I missed his trademark sarcastic snark. I just wish they would have explained more, and filled in more of the story, and gave more back story.

I can honesty say I recommend going to see it, as it is worth seeing, but don't be suprised if you aren't blown out of your seat.

If I don't get a chance to update again, or some of you will be gone over the holiday's let me take a few minutes to say Happy belated Haunuka, Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, and have a Great Kwanza, or any other hoiday you may celebrate this time of year.


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