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That Sweet Child of Mine

Friday, Sept. 15, 2006 @ 9:34 pm
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So the day before yesterday, I barely get in the door and Warren is asking me if we can just have pizza for dinner instead of a regular dinner. Being tired and not in the mood to cook much anyway, I relent and say what the hell. I no sooner get the oven turned on and the pan preheating in the oven, when he informs me. Oh by the way, I think I may need to see a doctor"

Come again!?!? He holds up his right hand, the entire back of which is about twice the size of his left hand and feels like it is water logged. His giners are starting to swell a bit too. It is also red and slightly warm. His rash (exzema) isn't looking so great eitehr.

I called AskaNurse, who told me what I already knew. He needs to be seen asap. Thank goodness for good friends, willing to do huge favors and drive us to the walk in clinic. (I so have to find a car).

Fortunately it isn't anything serious. It seems somebody has been scratching his rash too much and managed to get an infection, so he'll be on antibiotics for the next ten days, and needs to hold off the hydrocortisone for a bit. If you have bad skin and need a gret moisturizer, I've discovered cetaphil is awewome. At that price it better damn well work. (9 bucks for a three ounce tube!?!? What the hell is in that stuff??).

His arm is looking much better,

which is good, because I was ready to break it earlier todaay.

My son got invited to a halo party (sort of a lan party, but with fewer people and lighter on the party, using X-box and Playstation instead of computers). But since it was a last minute invite, he didnt' bother to call or ask me. I just come home and find a note in the door that he is at a halo party, and Jasper's mom has the details. NO phone, number, no address or anything as to who what when, how long, chaprones or anything.

Gotta love Jen (Jas's mom), for getting me the phone number and filling me in on the details.

He did call later, after I called and left a message for him to call me.

Its only a few kids, and I know Jen well enough to know if there was the slightest hint of anything fishy, Jasper wouldn't be allowed to go. I let him stay.

I just don't like the attitude. "Well I had to go now, or I woldn't have been able to, I knew you'd say yes anaywayt be going, . But we will be having a long talk when he gets back.

Somehow he's managed to go from 13 to 18 in about 2 months or so he thinks. Lately his ego and his machoness are making me want to deck him. Non of the parenting books ever mention dealing with an above average IQ kid, who is starting to realize how smart he is and devoping an ego to match his IQ. Suddenly he is an expert on everything, and nobody else has a clue. The kid who used to think I knew everything now treats me like the villiage idiot, "duh mom, everybody knows that".

I'm ready to strangle him with his own tongue. Sometimes we can have a normal healthy conversation, and he will actually listen to my answer when he asks a question, other times, well I wonder if he thinks I can walk and talk at the same time.

I've told him "everybody is good at something, but nobody is good at everything" and he says he agrees, but then goes on about how this kid is so stupid or he doesn't know what soAndSo is good at. If he corrects me, or condescends to me one more time, I swear I'm looking in the phone book under adopttion.

Okay I'm only kidding, but I think I may have somewhere along the line inadvertantly created a monster, who needs a bit of deconstructing. He's even been trying to tell his teachers what and how to teach, and talking to his classmates as the expert on all things one really shouldn't talk about at school.

He is a bright kid, and capable of being/doing anything he wants in life, But if he doesn't change the attitude soon, I fear people will be lining up to slap him.

Just call me Dr. Frankenmama.


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