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Sunday, Nov. 06, 2005 @ 7:54 pm
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Nothing gets your Saturday morning of to a better start than waking up to a panic attack(I only live a few blocks from this corner), and a shower in the dark. ( ended up conditioning my hair before I washed it and than reconditioned it again)

My son was to say the least mildly freaked and it was only when he saw that every house in town was out, along with the traffic lights, that he believed it wasn't a result of my failure to pay the electric bill. When we attempted to go to our favorite place for coffee and so forth, we saw the power lines all over the road (the cops were already directing traffic). I'm just thankful it wasn't a Friday afterwork, or Monday morning. That would have been a nightmare. I'm sure there are a number of busineses in town that are torqued at all the business they lost. Not to mention this intersection is nuts at the best of times, now it should be really insane in the mornings.

This also meant I had to run around to try and find someplace where I could get my son some breakfast, as everything we have either required cooking, or opening the fridge, and since I didn't know how long the power would be out, I wanted the fridge to stay closed to keep things fresh as long as possible. Thankfully it was back on in a few hours. I had to go to work, so Warren regrettably was on his own. He had some cash to go out for food if need be, and he had a friends to go to later so he wasn't all alone.

Did I mention this was the day, Mike decided to take time away from his work release job and pay an unanounced visit to Warren. The day also happened to be the day after I had been sick for two days and didn't have the energy to pick up the place or do the dishes. Naturally he and Warren had at it, and Mike decided to be a butt. The idiot also decided that my food was up for grabs. I can't expect Warren to tell his dad no, he has enough on his plate, and is just starting to sadly realize on his own, that his dad is bad for him, and he does better without him (how sad is that, that a son is happier when his father is in jail).

Friday was equally as drama-filled thanks in part to Mike. Warren accidentally missed the bus. Warren says the driver never came, and as I called him in Thursday due to my being off, and the fact that his teacher confirms it has happened to other students, I believe him. He went to ride his bike to school, but the tire was flat. Not knowing what to do, he called me. I wasn't upset, as this is it only happened once before, and he rode his bike that time. I called the school and told them what happened. Than I told Tammy at work, and ran home to pick him up. I get home and find out he is on the phone with his dad. Why he decided to try and call at a time when normally there would be nobody home, had me very suspicious, but anyway. He was on the phone yelling at Warren about missing school. At this point he is less about 15 minutes late at the most, and the school knows what happened. Another words, the world will still be spinning in orbit tommorrow. Warren hands the phone to me, and Mike starts going all postal. I just hung up on him. And as we were about to go out the door, he called back. But I never gave him a chance. I told him off and we were gone.

I drove Warren to the school so we could check in, and also so he could get his swim stuff (his class goes swimming on Fridays), and then drove him to the pool, which ironically is only 3 blocks from our house. While I was there, I had a very long and very intersting talk with his teacher. While there are a few small things about her I don't like, for the most part I think she is great. She understands a lot, and strikes me as the kind of teacher students only appreciate many years later when they look back thru the eyes of an adult. It also seems my idiot ex (the currently forced to be dry drunk), called the school and left a rather angry, nasty message, and was rather hard for the poor receptionist to deal with. I pity her. I gave his teacher the low down, Warren's tardiness wasn't a huge deal, he did the right thing and everything was taken care of. Mike however cannot stand when things are happening and he is not there, and is no the one in control.

Back to his teacher. It seems that even though Warren talks about how much he hates her, I think maybe he doesn't so much. She's given me some vital information that Warren has communicated to her. We both knew that Warren's behavior patterns at school perfectly match when his father is in jail and when he is free. But it seems Warren is getting mature enough that he has now figured that out on his own and is seeing it. I wish I could just fix it. As much as I wish his father had never been allowed to reproduce, ironically if he hadn't I wouldn't have my wonderful (most of the time)boy.

Speaking of said boy, only a teenager could stand in a kitchen with $200 of food and declare there is nothing to eat. Even after I made dinner (granted it wasn't the greatest, but it wasn' that bad either) he decided to be all snotty about it. So I told him fine, but if he was hungry later he'd have to make his own food, as I'm not running a restaurant (my words weren't quite so g-rated but ..I digress). Wouldn't you know about 2 hours later he did. He made his own grilled ham and muenster cheese sandwiches and a can of tomato soup. And he did a good job, though he needs some improvement in the clean up afterwards department.

Despite everything at least today was fairly productive. I managed to clean the bathroom, catch up on the dishes, sweep and mop the kitchen, vaccumm the living room and upper stairs, and do two loads of laundry. I just have one question. What is it about a toilet full of cleaner that makes everyone in the house suddenly need to go?

If you caught today's Zit's cartoon, the person who draws it, must know Warren, because that is him to a T. In fact many of the Zits cartoons remind me of Warren. Know I know I have a teenager. Somedays you could perform a trapeze act on his mood swings.

Another sign you have a teenage boy in the house - when you go to the local grocery store and the clerk asks you if you live there. Sometimes it definately feels like it.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

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