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Warren; a brief history

Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2004 @ 6:24 am
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I am going to scream.. When ever I select and copy something, a few minutes later if I go to paste it, it has changed from the text I copied to some stupid link. I have ran how many programs to get rid of spyware and adware and it just keeps comming back, even with my firewall that used to work great, but now even with updates is only so so, even Norton can't seem to find it, so I don't think its a virus or worm, though it could be.

To top things off I have been having very weird dreams, including one where I was highlighting my gray hairs with a blue marker, leaving me with blue streaks in my hair. I have no idea where it came from, expect possibly that we have a woman at work who has some of her hair dyed blue, but she is way younger than me (early 20's is my guess), and its not like we hang out or are friends though from her bio I think we would get along famously.

Yesterday I ended up taking Warren to Aqua Massage at the mall, but not with out a major issue first. He agreed to do certain chores and to leave me in peace with my dinner and my Smallville rerun. His chores were to put away the dishes and clean the kitchen floor. Those he did no problem. Since he had eaten pizza at Andrew's house earlier he wasn't hungry for dinner (no school yesterday due to Veteran' Day). Half way thru Smallville he started bugging me to take him and freaking out that they would close, which was not an issue as they are open till 9pm and this was only 6:30. Of course when I told him he had to stop or he wouldnt' be going he freaked on me and flipped out. Though compared to previous rages this was more of a mini rage, mainly because I refused to feed into it, and get into it, which made him more angry at first but actually made things end faster and with fewer hurt feelings. (Its very hard to stay unemtional when your kids freaking but believe me with Warren it works- that's why he hates it).

He ended up threatening to put the dishes back in the dishwasher and other wild things. I took my own time out to keep from killing him, and of course very shortly he calmed down and came to appologize. But I wasn't going to just reward him after what he pulled, so after he put the dishes back again, I made him be quiet and not bother me at all for 30 minutes unless it was to talk to me in a calm and respectful voice. He appologized an was actually able to do it. Once I pulled my self up off the floor and lifted my jaw back into place we went. Amazingly enough he was in a much much better mood afterwards than he has been in several days.

Earlier I was thinking about how he was, even as a baby as very set-minded individual. He would not sleep unless I was holding him for the first month. By then I was so sleep deprived I couldn't even keep track of time. I felt like I was only sleeping in 15 minute increments. Swadling, differnt jammies, propping him on his side, none of that made any difference. It wasn't until in my sleep deprived and very cranky state that I put him on his tummy (even though I knew it was a SIDS risk I was desperate for just some quiet and some sleep), I couldn't believe it, he sleep for a long time almost a couple hours or a bit more. I actually freaked that he had died of SIDS, but he was fine, and woke up happy - once I picked him up. It was after that I found out, he would sleep fine if he was on his stomach but any other position and he would wake up immediately screaming. To this day, he sleeps on his stomach or sometimes his side.

The same thing with routines. I wasn't big on set schedules I always thought they were too draconian, but Warren would seem to fall into a set schedule for months/weeks at a time, and any deviation from that schedule would completely through him off and he would be cranky for days. If I moved his bath time, or we went somewhere when he should have been home in bed, he would fall apart. When he got older and went to daycare preschool, even lower grades, if they had a sub or and unplanned activity that changed the routine he would go to pieces and act out way more than normal. At home I couldnt' just shut off the tv or swoop him up and say its time to *fill in the blank* If we needed to make a change I had to let him know in advance. When bed time was near, I had to give 15, 10 and 5 minute warnings. We had a picture chart of what he needed to do before bed.

I guess it shouldn't suprise me that he like mechanical and electronic things. Like his dad he seems to have been born with an intuitive knowledge of which dohickey fits on which thingamajob and sits next to which whatchamacallit. Or which cord plugs in which hole for which function. Not many 11 year olds can take an alternator out and put it back only after watching somebody do it once. He has his stereo and speakers connected to my computer so my computer sounds come thru the stereo and the same speakers. I never taught him how to do that, neither did Mike he figured it out on his own. Even as a child his favorite toys, were Kinex, Lego's and Matchbox cars, that and a toy plastic kiddy laptop I bought him when he was about 4.

It shouldn't suprise me, that he is this way. I spent most of my childhood from as early as I can remember going round adn round with my mom, as I was also a defiant loud mouthed child, but I was well behaved in school and around strangers as I was also extraorinarily bashful. (I wet myself in 1rst grade because I was too scared to raise my hand to use the bathroom).

Mike has been at odds with his parents and most other authority figures for most of his life, and I think if he was evaluated probably has at least one mental illness that he is self medicating with booze adn drugs. My mom is the queen of passive agressive, though she has mellowed tremendously since I was a child, and she would get mad and stop speaking to me for a day or more, or leave me in my room for a couple hours when I got to be too much to deal with. Kids she grew up with never thought of calling parents the things I said.

If Warren has kids, it should be quite intersting to see what happens with the next generation.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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