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I have the whine. Now where is my cheese?

Saturday, May. 29, 2004 @ 12:26 am
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Today has been another one of those days that makes me want to crawl in bed and stay there for a week, while eating chocolate ice cream, watching bad reruns and drinking copius amounts of adult beverages while pretending the rest of the world no longer exists. Now ask me if that will ever be an option?

Work itself wasn't too bad, except that I had to take an early lunch and run home because of a long story I don't want to get into, involving one of my nieghbors stiking thier nose where it doesn't belong. I appreciate that she thinks she is doing the right thing, but afte this many years I would like her to talk to me first and get the whole story. GRRRRRRR.

Since this is the last week of school, my day care goes up from $60 a week (which I can barely pay) to $95 which I can in no way afford to pay. I can't very well leave an 11 home alone for 40 hours a week and even when summer school kicks in that only runs for a few weeks and from 9am to 11:30 am. I also need to find somebody to watch him on alternate weekends, which I can't afford either. There arent' really any summer programs I can afford, that he hasn't tried and not worked out. I am hoping to get him in a swim program or something but then there is a transporation issue and a feeding him between school and whatever issue. Sometimes I really wish schools did run all year round, it would make my life much easier, if not my son's.

Then after work I stop at the bank and a deposit that I know was made earlier today is mysteriously not there. When they check the other account it came from it shows, then suddenly it posts then it gone again. After spending 30 minutes on what should have been a 5 minute transaction it turns out I had a very New teller who didn't know to scroll up.. where it was right where it should have been all along.

Then I take Warren to the bike shop and they have the right wheel, but its gonna take them a couple days to get it fixed. I am thinking fine, but Warren is having a mini postal attack. He wants to take it home and do it himself. I am thinking no way. I want it done right so it doesn't come off and he winds up a speed bump on 45th street. Warren was not in with this plan and proceeded to whine loudly. At which point the bike shop guy (bless his well muscled and totally toned skinny little heart) said two of them would work on it and they could get it done in 20 minutes. So Warren and I walked to the Golden Arches for ice cream treats and came back to a bike ready to go. And one very happy boy. Apparently the biggest whine, gets the cheese. Though I'm sure the people at Island Park Cycles could live quite happily if they never see us again.

Warren was going to have Alex over again, and clean the living room in return for the privledge and so they would have some place to sleep. But that didn't work out, when Alex's mom apparently had a bit of an accident on her motorcycle (at least according to Warren). She is fine, just in a bit of pain, so they had to take her to the walk in. Warren seemed to be fine with it, but I think he was a little sad not to have a buddy over to play with.

The Coup de grace of my day? I go to take my shower, I am already undressed and I get ready to turn on the water and lookie lookie, the water from this mornings shower is still in the tub. Somehow a shampoo cap got lodged in the drain and was just big enough to fit in, but not small enough to come out with my fingers in the drain. IN the process of trying to get it out, I only lodged it in further down the drain, really getting it stuck. Now with the plumbing in this house, one thing I have gotten very good at is working a plunger. so 10pm on a Friday night I am standing stark naked in the bathroom plunging the hell out of my bathtub drain. If that picture doesn't give you nightmares, than you are made of stronger stuff than me. It took about ten minutes but I got the drain clear, and took my shower. Now I am vegging in front of my computer, attemtping to de-stress enough to go to sleep.

Did I also mention I learned the hard way that attempting to trim bangs one's self is not a very good idea. They don't look THAT bad, but not quite what I had in mind either.

Praise it for a three day weekend, with holiday pay. I need it.


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