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More Than You Want To Know

2001-07-26 @ 4:42 p.m.
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I borrowed this survey from Tera's diary . I thought it would be easier to post here than email to people. More than you ever wanted to know about me.

1.Your Full name (that means your middle too!): Holly May and lets leave it at that.

2.Your age: 32

3. Birthday: August 10, 1969 (I am not ashamed of my age).

4. Zodiac sign: I am a Leo!! I donít take it very seriously. But I think it is fun, especially since I am a major cat fan.

5. Eye color: Hazel

6. Hair color: dark blonde/light brunette.. Usually I Miss Clairol helps me keep it more of an auburn color. To hide the gray..

7. Hair Length: Just a few inches below my shoulders. I wish it would grow longer.. I have numerous previous rants about this subject.

8. Height: about 5ft 4in Give or take

9. What state do you live in: NORTH Dakoa.. (where most of us PREFER the NORTH thank you very much stupid bored rich people in Bismarck with nothing to do

10. What town: Fargo Moorhead area .

11. Where you born there, if not where: Crosby ND aka the middle of nowher.

12. If you had been born a member of the opposite sex: I would probably be named Milo, and I wouldnít have my son Warren.

13. Would you name a child of yours after yourself: NEVER.

14. If you would switch names with one of your friend who's would it be: None then there would be two of us with the same name.. I think my name grows on you.. though I hate my middle name with it.. IT would also kill my mother if I did something like that

15. What's one thing about you that makes you unique: Everything I am an enigma wrapped up in a mystery. .

16. Nicknames: on the internet: Demos or Demosthenes Mara Sulla The Cranky One

17. Siblings: One younger Brother Milo

18. Animals: Two Cats Chloe (calico) and Chester (extra large white and Ginger)

19. Favorite animals: Cats ~ all cats from Tigers to house kitties.

20. Do you have glasses: grumble grumble yes - *expletive deleted* and I hate them if you canít tell.

21: What piercings or tattoos do you have: just my ears.. nothing exciting.

22. What school do you go to: No school. I work.

23. Do you have braces: Nope.

24. Do you have a tan: Not really

25. Do you have a b/f or g/f: Nope. The last 8 years with my ex left me disillusioned. Right now the only man in my life is the one who gets to call me Mom.

26. If so what's their name, if not what's your crush's name: **SEE ABOVE**!

27. Do you play an instrument, if so what: I used to play Clarinet, but I havenít touched it in years...

28. What year are you in: Not in SCHOOL.

29. What's your parent's names: Nordine and Marcella (top that)

31. What person makes you laugh the most: Warren my son

32. What words make you laugh or at least smile: My sons version of Jabberwock in the bath tub

33: What's the funniest thing you have ever done: hmmm I canít come up with one right now

34: What's the funniest thing you have ever said or written: same as above .

35: Do you ever dance when no one is looking: Yes. But not when people are looking because I can't dance!

36: What is the worse song you have ever heard: I canít name one song.. but most bublegum fluff, as well as high pitched whiny or screamy songs.. I want music by people who actually know something about music please.

37: What song(s) are constantly in your head: recently Iíve been possed by a very evil verion of a Brady Bunch song.. (&$(#*(#!!.

38: What song(s) describe your personality best: Life is a Lemon and I want my Money Back.. Is Nothing Sacred anymore.. Theyíre coming to take me away hahaa (it is a real song look it up!) .

39: When eating something are you more concerned with taste or nutrition: Both if possible, but taste takes precidence

40: Do you ever feel guilty after eating meat: No.

41. What do you love most about the other gender: I go by the philosphy of IDIC. Infininte diversity in infinite combinations.. If it works for Vulcans there must be something to it. I like the fact they are different even if it is annoying sometimes and makes no sense to me...

42. What do you dislike most about the other sex: SEE ABOVE

43. What do you understand least about the other gender: See above.

44. What holiday do you think still has managed to retain it's original meaning: None of them in my opinion..Except for a few very solomn religious occasions, most have just been turned into marketing ploys to make people spend money and feel gulity.

45. Since there is no official holiday what holiday do you think should: ??? should what???

46. What movie(s) make you cry: Steele Magnolias, Always. ESB, on the rare occasions I do feel emotional. Often they donítí get to me.. I generally donít like so called ďchickĒ flicks.

47. What has made you laugh so hard you have cried: some of the things I hear on the calls at work.. Now where on your computer do you want me to click.. a no maím My computer is an icon on your desktop..

48. If you could be cloned would you?: Are you nuts!! Have 2 of me running around. The world isnít ready for that yet.

49. Are you a night owl: Unfortunartely

50. Are you an early bird: No. I donítí do mornings

51. What time of day do you feel your best: after the sun goes down. .

52. Do you get bored: very easily unfortunatley

53. Do you sleep: doesnít everyone

54. Do you like Christmas: Not any more.. the real meaning is lost to most people.. Hint ** it has NOTHING to do with spending money.. **

55. Who is Santa: a good idea that has been corrupted by society to sell more things.

56. What comes to mind when you think of water: I gotta go!! .

57. Do you like rain: Yes.

58. Do you think it matters if girls wear makeup: NO!! But I think some wear WAY too much, and at way too young of an age.. Beauty comes from with in a person, not Estee Lauder

59. Do you think woman are from Venus and men are from Mars: It feels that way sometimes. .

60. Do you like popcorn: Yes.

61. Can you dance: No.

62. Do you go to church: NO!! see previous rants on reasons for this

63. Do you like TV: yes but I only watch a few shows, because most network tv is mindless and stupid.. I prefer cable.. and only a few main channels .

64. Do you wear underwear: Duh. Who wrote these questions anyway.

65. What do you think about a penny: it takes too many of them to be worth anything.

66. What would you do with a million dollars: Get out of debt pay of f the house start a college fund for my son and invest the rest

67. What's your room like: A combination of Star Wars, pictures of my son, assorted junk and books everywhere. .

68. Are you a prep: No.

69. Do you laugh when you hear or read the number 69: No. comment

70. Do you believe in ghosts: Yes and No.. there are more things than we currently know and understand. .

71. Do you like school: strangely enough yes I loved school when I got older and was in a field I chose.. Elementary school tanked.

72. What's your best subject: Math any science except biology philosophy .

73. Do you wear a belt: with my pants no, a seatbelt in the car yes!!

74. Can you sing: only if you are tone deaf

75. Do you take showers or baths: both. Showers in the morning when I am in a hurry. Bathes when I am tired and want to relax

76. Have you ever burned toast: Hasnítí everyone *?

77. Ever heard the awesome song by Bob and Tom named Toast: No.

78. Do you like Football: No.

79. Do you play any sports, if so what: NO .

80. Do you bite your nails:

81. Do you like cooking: YES!! I love to cook and my weight shows it. .

82. Who has had the most influence on you: My father, my grandfather. .

83. Do you floss: Occassionally.

84. Have you ever stayed up ALL night: YES

85. Are you selfish: I try not to be, but I am sometimes. Who isn't?

86. Do you like Mickey Mouse: heís okay .

87. Have you ever dyed your hair: Yes.. but if one is not sure about doing this see a PRO!!

88. Do you believe in monsters: No.

89. Is your room clean right now: For once I can honestly say yes .

90. Do you eat breakfast: I have to. Other wise my blood sugar does nasty things and I am a VERY unpleasant person

91. Are you a caring person: I try.

92. Are you afraid of the dark: NO actually sometimes I like it dark

93. Do you have stuffed animals: Yes.

94. Ever broke a bone: yes twice. Once when I was 12, and once 5 years ago. My ankle and arm respectively .

95. Are your friends insane: yes. And so am I .

96. Have you ever mooned anyone: No.

97. Have you ever played truth or dare: No

98. Are you afraid of clowns: No.

99. Did you ever believe in the tooth fairy: Yes, when I was little .

100. Did you ever believe in the Easter Bunny: same as above

101. What do you think makes a good friend: caring, intelligent has a sense of humor, listens, not judgemental.

102. Do you like Barney: No. purple dinosaurs are EVIL

103. Can you rub your belly and head at the same time: Yeah, for a short period of time. But why would I want to.

104. What's the first vacation you went on: I was too young to remember.. Probably to my aunts in Des Moines .

105. Have you ever had surgery: No.

106. Have you ever farted in public: NO comment .

107. Do you keep a diary: duh your reading it arenít you..

108. Do you get good grades: I did yes

109. Do you go to bed early or late: define early.. I usually go to bed between 10 and midnite

110. Do you gossip: No.

111. Do you talk about people behind their backs: Not usually.

112. Have you ever played hard to get: I don't think so.

113. How would you describe your life: *ed up, but not too bad.

114. Do you actually know your Social Security number: yes.. I and have no intention of giving it out

115. What do you want to be when you grow up: who plans to grow up. .

116. Do you want kids and how many if so: mute point I alreasy have a son.. some day I would like a little girl. But under better circumstances than Warrens

117. What would you name your kids: Jaina Nichelle, Michaela, Wesley,

118. Do you want to get married: If the right person happens to come along

119. What's your dream car: anything designed for off road use. Lol .

~*~ Favourites ~*~

120. Colour: black, burgandy, blue

121. Song: anything sung by Meatloaf .

123. Tea: most herb tea with honey and lemon.

124. Actor: to hard to name one .

125. Actress: see above

126. Food: Italian German Chinese chocolate

127. Beverage: Mt. Dew Coke Dr. Pepper Milk .

128. Movie: STAR WARS! And numeous others see previous entry.

129. TV show: M*A*S*H Star Trek Law and Order .

130. Teacher: Either Mrs. Jenson (HS English) or Steve (MSU Philosophy teacher).

131. Subject: math science philosophy .

132. Day of the week: Saturday.

133. Book: too many to pick just one

135. Place to eat: Krolls Diner or Royal fork

136. Animal: Cats all cats

137. Music group:, Pink Floyd, The Who The Beatles, The Stones, Chicago many others .

138. Solo singer: Meatloaf

139. R&B singer: none

140. Rap singer: none .

141. Pop singer: UGH

142. Country singer:Garth Brooks maybe .

143. Punk singer: none .

144. Store: Barnes and Noble

145. Possession: My laptop and my dadís class ring

146. Cheese: any medium soft or hard cheese well almost.. keep the Gjemolost (sp??) and limberger and bleus to yourself ick!!

147. Sport: no sport

148. Team: none really Edmonton Oilers maybe (long long story)

149. Magazine: none really

150. Season: Winter.

151. Flower: None I am very allergic sadly

152. Chocolate bar: HERSHEY

153. Restaurant: SEE ABOVE

154. Gum: I don't chew gum. ICKY

155. Snack: Chocolate or chips. Crunchy is good .

156. Candy: anythitng cholocate

157. Veggie: carrots corn

158. Ice cream: Ben and Jerrys Choc chip cookie dough

159. TV channel: none really

160. Juice: Orange ?

161. Radio stations: 95.1 KRVY. Go Dan Michaels

162. Cereal: .Frutti Pebbles, Coco Pebbles, Fruit Loops

163. Yearly holiday: Christmas.

164. Fruit: Strawberries, Cherries, Oranges .

165. Month: June my sons B-say

166. Christmas Carol: Silent Night

167. Scent: Sand and Sable

168. Number: 1186 (:

169. Pop: Mountain Dew .

~*~Which do you prefer?~*~

170. Jeans or sweatpants? Jeans.

180. Sun or moon? Sun, I guess. But the moon is prettier.

190. Gold or silver? Silver.

191. Math or Science? Math.

192. English or Social Studies? English

193. Checkered or spotted? Checkered. But striped is better.

194. Fried or Baked? Depends what it is.

195. Chicken or Pork? Definitely chicken.

196. Tight or loose fitting clothes? Loose.

197. Smooth or rough? Smooth.

198. Shiny or dull: Shiny.

199. Bright or dark?depends on what you are talking about .

200. Silky or satin? Silky, I guess.

201. Blue ink or black ink? What ever .

202. Barbie or Ken? Both are evil .

203. Warm or cold? Cold.

204. Ham or cheese? Both

205. Salt or Pepper? Except on eggs neither

206. Sunny or cloudy? Sunny.

207. Raining or Snowing? Snowing.

208. Sweet or sour? Sweet.

209. Apple or pear? Both!

210. Mercedes or BMW? Neither. Who needs that headache

211. Motorcycle or Car? Cycle

212. Army or Navy? Neither .

213. Pool or beach? Well living in ND I donít Ďget a lot of beach so pool

214. Shoes or Sandals? Sandals socks are icky

215. Short or long nails? Short..

216. Stripes or plaid? Neither

217. Lemon or Lime? Lemon.

218. T-shirt or tank top? T-shirt.

219. Bike or walk? Walk.

220. Roller blade or bike? Bike.

221. Bitchy and beautiful or nice and ugly? Depends on what day of the month it is

222. MTV or VH1? ??? VH1 sometimes

223. Spanish or French? I know more French than Spanish

224. Bus or train? Train. Faster.

225. Plane or boat? Neither Iím a frady cat .

226. Friend or Family? Both .

227. Baseball or Basketball?neither .

228. Pen or Pencil? What ever is handy

229. Paper or plastic? Paper.

230. Original recipe or extra crispy? Mo crunchy mo better

231. Truck or car? Truck .

232. Dinner or lunch: Dinner. I hate lunch.

233. Italy or France? Italy., better food

234. Romance or flirt? Romance.

235. Dog or Cat? Cat.!!! See above

236. Kiss or Tongue? NO comment

237. Tall or short? Short .

238. Mac or PC? PC.

239. Hug or kiss? Hug.

240. Football or basketball? Neither

241. Long hair or short? Medium.

242. Ski or snowboard? Neither

243. Song or Parody? Both!

244. Coke or Pepsi? Coke.

245. Pizza or Cheeseburger? Both!

246. New York or Cancun? Been to neither.

247. White Chocolate or Regular chocolate? Regular. White tastes weird.(Def agree with Tera on this one)

248. Abercrombie or American Eagle? Donít care about stupid brand name labels.. if its comfy I wear it.

249. McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds has best Fries. BK best burgers

250. Inside or outside? Outside. Unless it's too hot, cold, or windy.

251. Shoes or no shoes? NO shoes

*I skipped the name your friend who* questions.. the survey is about me not them.. *

304. DID YOU LIKE THIS SURVEY?! Too long and tended to repeat itself too mcuh for my taste. But other wise it was pretty cool.

The Cranky One.

PS Pretty Please be kind and sign the guestbook.. I'm strange that way.


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