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To Sleep or Not to sleep

22.06.03 @ 12:34
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OY if I have to suffer thru the hell of waking up feeling hungover, shouldn't I have at least had the pleasure of drinking the night before?

I got to work yesterday and it turns out I had Saturday off too. Apparently my brain aint' what she used to be. So after five minutes I went home. I was exhausted, but I did everything but sleep. I tried, but my body refused cooperation. On the bright side I do have my car back. She is having power steering issues, but we are working on that. I also went grocery shopping, and since I was so out of it, I also got a Happy Meal for supper. Eventually around 5 pm I took one of the sleeping pills my P*doc gave me, because I am having slumber issues, especially in regaards to waking up every couple hours in a panic that I am late. It hit me like a fully loaded 18 wheeler with 2 pup trailers. But could I sleep? Of course not. So I took a long bath and relaxed, but then I was awake again. AMC was running Romancing the Stone, so I settled down and watched that. I drifted off once, but woke up again. (again a mini panic that I was late). I finished the movie, then went back to bed, turned on some boring stupid sitcoms, and made the mistake of reading more Harry Potter. C* brought Warren back quickly to get his toothbrush and socks. Then he left again. He was quickly followed by Rat Bastard who apparently just came to yell at me, and when I was not in the mood to fight soon left.

I lay in bed reading (HP 5, yayyy), and finally fell asleep around 9 or 10 pm. I woke up to the alarm at 6 am, and realizing I had plenty of time, shut it off for some much needed snoozing. Apparently I really needed it, for I woke up at 8:49, in a justified panic as I was supposed to be at work by 9am. I grab some bread (I already have sloppy joe stuff at work for lunch) my wallet and keys, after setting what has to be a world dressing record, and head out the door. My car starts fine, but it turns like a 1948, grain truck. So I stop at the station for Mt. Dew, a glazed donut,and some power steering fluid. I get back in my car and realize that I am still light headed even after downing hte donut. I am stone cold sober, but my actions to an outsider would make me appear like some one who closed the bar and then had more than a few for the road. I drive right past my turn for work, and have to make a u-turn. I get to work, and find out they had made another snafu and I am scheduled for this day off as well. My time off request only shows Fri and Sat off, as they are short handed I end up staying. (where I am now at work). I still feel light headed and now the achyness, and still tiredness are still here and kicking in to major over drive. I walk with the gate of someone who had way too much fun last night. My brain feels like it is stuck in the mud. I tell you I am way to young to be this damn old.

I need to get home and I have a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for me, what a lovey way to be greeted on the way home. But on the bright side, I also have everything I need to make Warren a birthday cake, since in all the hoo-haa on his birthday, he never actually got a cake. He wants white cake so I have a white Funfetti mix. (he loves that stuff) and white frosting with some colored star sprinkles, and some tube frosting for writing/decorating. I am no professional cake decorator (not even close), but I think I can do a fairly decent job.

I am already laying off the caffiene today, even though I am so thirsty I can't stand it, and am drinking water by the gallon. Lets hope tonight I actually sleep. I really don't want to use those pills again. My P*doc mentioned that a very small percentage of people report that they wake up with a hangover from them. Who knew I'd find another minority group to fit into. Me and my stupid overly sensitive to drugs system. Maybe now that I can sleep in another hour, (since I don't have to leave the house at 7 to catch a 7:30 bus and waste time at Wasted Acres to catch another 8:20 bus and be at work by 9 am, when I can drive there in about 15 minutes )the stress will lessen and I can actually have something resemebling real sleep.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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