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Something rotten in the state of North Dakota

03.11.02 @ 21:09
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I think I'm finally in a place where I'm somewhat ready to talk about what happened on Friday. Basically for what ever reason they needed an excuse to get rid of me, becuase the real reason is clearly something they couldn't legally use. There is definately something fishy going on at that company. Witness tonight's conversation with a former coworker of mine.

The names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. I have a few theories, but nothing provable. I am going to be okay. There are a few good looking prospects I've already found. I just need to find, and update my resume. Then start applying. Tommorow I am hitting Job Service and a few other places. I owe a ton of over drawn vacation pay, and unemployment basis thier benifits on 60% of gross, so things are going to be very tight for a bit, unless I get another JOB NOW!!

In a way, its probably better anyway. I was getting incredibly bored at that job. If I dont' look on the bright side, I may crawl under the bed and never come out.

Does this or does this not sound like there are some very fishy intra office politics going on?

FORMER COWORKER: I hear they got you, too. That sucks.
MDemosthenes2: what do you mean me too?
MDemosthenes2: yes they did
MDemosthenes2: ITs a crock but I'll live
FORMER COWORKER: well, gave you the shaft. We each got the shaft somewhat differently, but nevertheless the shaft was given, and we were recipients
MDemosthenes2: ahh
MDemosthenes2: I was kind of wondering why you suddenly left the way you did.
MDemosthenes2: yes I did..
FORMER COWORKER: yeah, I never officially got paid for my time as lead/tech/thingie
MDemosthenes2: why not..?
FORMER COWORKER: because I was never officially a supervisor
MDemosthenes2: I am sure most of what I have left will be taken up by vacation that I owe
MDemosthenes2: ahh
MDemosthenes2: that a crock
FORMER COWORKER: same thing happened to me---I was in the hole on leave time
FORMER COWORKER: last paycheck sucked immensely
MDemosthenes2: I know mine will..
MDemosthenes2: now to dig out the resume again, and hit job service tommorrow
MDemosthenes2: it shouldnt' be that hard to find another job, I hope
MDemosthenes2: IF you dont' mind my asking, why did they shaft you?
FORMER COWORKER: Why didn't they give me the supervisor position and the pay that went with it? Because they hired *Supervisor*. That was Managers plan all along from her first day
FORMER COWORKER: Of course, I got to deal with a couple more months of B.S. while she learned about Account
MDemosthenes2: ahh
MDemosthenes2: and you knew that or found out about it and ??
MDemosthenes2: or ??
MDemosthenes2: I thought it was odd that she moved up so quickly
MDemosthenes2: and Former Boss said she would give me a reference
FORMER COWORKER: well, I don't know that it's Gospel truth, but I do know that she never turned in a timesheet to me---it all went straight to Manager
MDemosthenes2: ahh
MDemosthenes2: that sounds fishy
FORMER COWORKER: and that I was pretty suspicious of the whole thing from the time she started
FORMER COWORKER: if you want a reference from a fellow unemployed person, I'll give you one.
MDemosthenes2: sure
MDemosthenes2: that would help
MDemosthenes2: with mine they made up some crap about my timesheet, which was an honest mistake that I immediately corrected, and something aobut past performance which is bull, becuase Lisa said tI was doing as well or better than anyone there
MDemosthenes2: and the only time Jeremy complained in the time you wree gone
MDemosthenes2: was a case that was Julie's not mine
MDemosthenes2: but I think they just had enough of that
MDemosthenes2: I had to leave alot because of Warren..
FORMER COWORKER: still, though, we always seemed to manage fine around that
MDemosthenes2: because they needed something, and I have a feeling the real reasons would be something that would put them on shakey ground
FORMER COWORKER: at least when I was there I didn't have any big problems with that
MDemosthenes2: no
MDemosthenes2: it was just a few days I was late, that I forgot I was late.
MDemosthenes2: they told me and I explained, but..
MDemosthenes2: then a week later..
MDemosthenes2: or rather two weeks later..
MDemosthenes2: some bull about corporate..
FORMER COWORKER: that can't be something they haven't seen before. You're kind of asking for that sort of thing when you have people filling out their own timesheets rather than punching a clock
MDemosthenes2: and the strange part is, before *Supervisor* got the super job, Former Boss in one of our meetings had mentioned to me that I should think aobut going for it.
MDemosthenes2: I know
MDemosthenes2: they made it sound like I was trying to defraud them..
MDemosthenes2: out of three whole hours
MDemosthenes2: I mean If I was going to pull a fast one
FORMER COWORKER: all that for around 30 bucks? MDemosthenes2: it would be for more than 30 bucks
MDemosthenes2: exactly..
MDemosthenes2: give or take
MDemosthenes2: I know
MDemosthenes2: it may have been a little more but not much
MDemosthenes2: I mean its not like I argued it.
MDemosthenes2: it happens.
MDemosthenes2: and I have a kid who needs me and has to come first.
MDemosthenes2: so I couldnt' work the extra hours
that *Supervisor* and you would ahve had to..
MDemosthenes2: and we got a new GM as of last week.
MDemosthenes2: Mike somebody or other
FORMER COWORKER: who's place did he take?
MDemosthenes2: seemed like a decent enough guy..
MDemosthenes2: I'm not sure. he's like the top guy here in Fargo,
FORMER COWORKER: what about ***?
MDemosthenes2: She is still there as Office Manager
MDemosthenes2: I think this guy is ***"s boss..
FORMER COWORKER: interesting
MDemosthenes2: yes
FORMER COWORKER: one thing that place doesn't need is more middle management
MDemosthenes2: I dont' think it was
*Supervisor*'s idea for me to leave, I think it came from somebody higher up..
MDemosthenes2: I had to be gone for over a week in Sept, and they were happy to have me back..
FORMER COWORKER: well, and this isn't the best time for that desk to be losing people, especially not really experienced people
MDemosthenes2: even the lady at the unemployment agreed it was bull..
MDemosthenes2: I know
MDemosthenes2: and the *** servers were down for two days wed adn thurs.. which really sucked.
FORMER COWORKER: well, especially since it was over 30 bucks
MDemosthenes2: I know
MDemosthenes2: I mean those kind of mistakes happen..
MDemosthenes2: I didnt[' think much of it at the time, but hten this..
MDemosthenes2: something is definately fishy..
FORMER COWORKER: well, I don't know how high-up it could have come from, because management usually has no idea when people come and go
MDemosthenes2: exactly..
MDemosthenes2: I am thinking Manager or someone close to that.
MDemosthenes2: or there is something else going on..
MDemosthenes2: theyhave three or four want ads on the web looking for people..
FORMER COWORKER: to notice three days one hour late, it couldn't be any higher than Manager
MDemosthenes2: exactly
MDemosthenes2: and that was not this check
MDemosthenes2: but the one in the middle of OCT, over two weeks ago.
MDemosthenes2: very
FORMER COWORKER: when I went to California in Feb, they screwed up on my expenses and overpaid me, but then just took it out of another check
MDemosthenes2: Things have been wierd there, since Former Boss stopped running things..
MDemosthenes2: which sux.. but it happens
FORMER COWORKER: yeah, she got a pretty serious demotion when Manager took over
MDemosthenes2: and *Supervisor* is due any week now
MDemosthenes2: so she won't be working for awhile
MDemosthenes2: I know MDemosthenes2: I liked working for Former Boss much better.. They shold have left her in charge.. we'd both probably still have a job..
FORMER COWORKER: I know Account would have been a lot happier as well
MDemosthenes2: oh yeah...
MDemosthenes2: S* was smart to move on when she did.
FORMER COWORKER: she should thank her lucky stars that she didn't get the Lead Tech position
MDemosthenes2: Yes!!
MDemosthenes2: she is gong back to school now
MDemosthenes2: I know ***** **** has an office in town that is looking for tech support people
FORMER COWORKER: I wonder where pay starts
MDemosthenes2: hopefully it wont' violate that non compete clause I signed
MDemosthenes2: It didnt say, just DOE,
MDemosthenes2: let me seeif I can find the link
MDemosthenes2: basically sort of what workstation support does..
FORMER COWORKER: the non compete clause, as I understand it, basically states that you won't work for another company to provide support to the same client as you had been working with---say Account decided to have S***** do their support, you would have to wait 6 months before you could work there on that desk
MDemosthenes2: ahh
MDemosthenes2: that I could handle
MDemosthenes2: I assumed it ws something on the lines of not working for ***"s competitors
FORMER COWORKER: nope---you can work for all the competitors you want
MDemosthenes2: cool..
MDemosthenes2: they can stuff it anyway..
FORMER COWORKER: although I have to admit that through some weeks of being unemployed (since the end of Beet Harvest) it has been tempting to go back, even though it would leave a very bitter taste in the back of my mouth
MDemosthenes2: yes
MDemosthenes2: its not listed here now hmm
MDemosthenes2: found it
MDemosthenes2: under *** ***** ****
FORMER COWORKER: on careerlinknorth?
MDemosthenes2: yes
FORMER COWORKER: Yup, I have it here
MDemosthenes2: under help desk
FORMER COWORKER: yeah, it's just like internal support
MDemosthenes2: exactly..
MDemosthenes2: most of which I could do, or learn..
MDemosthenes2: mostly dealing with user questions etc..
FORMER COWORKER: pretty much
MDemosthenes2: or esc if complex.
FORMER COWORKER: yeah, it seems that you don't even have to physically fix anything---you dispatch somebody else if there is an actual physical problem
MDemosthenes2: yes
FORMER COWORKER: yeah, I'm trying to get a sales job at ***** computers---basically selling workstations to schools
MDemosthenes2: I'm sure they have a vendor for hardware issue
MDemosthenes2: eww sales
MDemosthenes2: did that, hated it.
FORMER COWORKER: I think tough to do i
FORMER COWORKER: I dunno what AIM did to me, but that isn't what I typed
MDemosthenes2: LOL
MDemosthenes2: huh?
FORMER COWORKER: I think I may be full of shit enough to be able to do sales
MDemosthenes2: ahh FORMER COWORKER: finally---took long enough to be able to type that one
MDemosthenes2: well it beats working at best Buy or somethign
FORMER COWORKER: I think I'd be really broke if I worked at Best Buy
FORMER COWORKER: my paycheck would never leave the store
MDemosthenes2: I know that feeling
FORMER COWORKER: I think I should maybe just get a black jumpsuit and become one of those fancy bank robbers
MDemosthenes2: LOL
MDemosthenes2: sounds good to me.
MDemosthenes2: My son thinks I should go back to *******
MDemosthenes2: king of dead end jobs
FORMER COWORKER: to think---all those lame hours spent upstairs from all that money....I should have been casing that place
**note: office is upstairs from a bank
MDemosthenes2: great company, but no future.. and yhou smel like Fried Chicken
MDemosthenes2: yes
MDemosthenes2: nice company, but very few full timers, and no benny's
FORMER COWORKER: gotta have the benefits
MDemosthenes2: though if I wanted to apply I am sure I could have a job like that,
MDemosthenes2: cept they know i have no plans of staying
MDemosthenes2: I need insurance and bennys
FORMER COWORKER: Maybe I should just join the Air Force---there's up to an $18,000 signing bonus
MDemosthenes2: cool.. and you have some job security..
FORMER COWORKER: true, but with my luck I'd keep crashing planes
MDemosthenes2: if you dont get sent someplace where you get blown up..
MDemosthenes2: or wehre they use Americans for target practice.
FORMER COWORKER: that's why I'd go with the Air Force---I don't think the risk of getting blown up is very high for a mechanic
FORMER COWORKER: I could be wrong, though
MDemosthenes2: probably not
FORMER COWORKER: if they had a retroactive GI bill, I'd have done it years ago.
FORMER COWORKER: instead of the govt. paying for me to go to school, they could pay for the school I've already been to
MDemosthenes2: yes
MDemosthenes2: I could use some of that too.
FORMER COWORKER: I think there's a dormant moron gene that takes over every now and then---example: college at Concordia
FORMER COWORKER: It's great if you're really rich, or really really poor
MDemosthenes2: ahh yes
FORMER COWORKER: well I suppose, the dishes aren't doing themselves...I'd better sign off and pretend to be a somewhat productive person
MDemosthenes2: and if you fall some where between
MDemosthenes2: forget it
MDemosthenes2: okay
MDemosthenes2: I know how that goes..
FORMER COWORKER: well, good luck out there
FORMER COWORKER: and remember:
MDemosthenes2: thanks
MDemosthenes2: yes
MDemosthenes2: what is your number
MDemosthenes2: incase I need a reference for resume
FORMER COWORKER: 701-***-****
MDemosthenes2: I cna get Former Boss's tommorrow
MDemosthenes2: thanks
FORMER COWORKER: e-mail is *******
MDemosthenes2: cool.
MDemosthenes2: I'm at ******@*****.com
MDemosthenes2: I don't have a busninessyone anymore
FORMER COWORKER: yeah, I started the ******** one, just because ScreenName seemed a tad unprofessional on a resume
FORMER COWORKER: alrighty, I'll talk to you later
FORMER COWORKER signed off at 8:43:31 PM.


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