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Rainbow Eggs, and (card) Castles in the sky

28.02.02 @ 15:42
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I have so much to update right now, I am not even sure where to start. It been so hectic and nuts lately that I just haven't had the time and energy to update or do much of anything else.

This morning Warren decided to make breakfast for both of us. He had made breakfast yesterday also, with a little help from mom and did a really good job of it. So this morning he decided he wanted to do it all himself. He made eggs. He was so proud of it. I was a little worried when he said he was going to try something new for me. He made me special eggs. So for breakfast this morning I smiled my way thru some slightly crunch rainbow sprinkled scambled eggs, with jelly bread. I was able to make it look like I was eating it, so I didn't hurt his feeling, but this meant actually eating some of it. The joys of parenthood, who else but Mom will eat crunchy rainbow colored scrambled eggs and like them. Of course once he had gotten on the school bus, I was able to bury them under the empty milk carton in the garbage. (note to self: buy more milk). I am just glad he is interested in cooking and learning. Some day my daughter in law will thank me.

Warren's other newest obsessions are chess and card castle building. He had another appt with Dr. J on Wed. The previous session Dr. J had introduced Warren to the wonderful world of Chess as a means of helping him learn to think and plan before he acts. (he tends to be very impulsive and not think before he reacts to things). So he was all excited about that, and couldn't wait to show me how to play. Then last week we watched a show on Discovery (or was it TLC , I can never remember) about a guy who builds these super monstrous card castles. Now that is all Warren talks about. He has a really neat one on our kitchen table right now (unless the cats have knocked it down) so I can't even use my table as a table. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it but tonight I will definately try. He was so proud of it. He is such an amazing kid, sometimes I wonder if they gave me the right baby at the hospital. Then I see is temper and his messy room and know they definately gave me the right kid. He is much smarter than I was though. He is going to be a real handful in few years I can tell.

In his Social Skills class apparently they are trying to learn a new alphabet or something to practice dealing with frustration and how hard it is when you first learn something new. So I spent the night looking up the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet for him. I tried to copy it by hand, but man that is hard. Now I remember how hard it must have been when I was little and first learning to write. Some of those letters are really wierd compared to our alphabet. He was soo thrilled when I printed it out at work. I love it when he is easy to please.

Warren is also thrilled that we have already sold almost an entire box of candy so "he can get a prize instead of just another stupid patch". Ah yes, candy sales are much easier when you mom works in an office full of sugar junkies. That and I admit I've eaten a bar or two my self.

Work is starting to get sucky. I swear the full moon was definatley acurate yesterday. It was like "what new error message that no one has ever seen on this program before can I pull out of the air and call about.". And the customers!! I must have had 5 calls from the same worman on the same thing. And they laid off the person in charge of the Level two techs at our client. They are seriously considering giving us both Level 1 and Level 2. Right now for this company we are Level 1 tech support, as well as Customer Service, Professional Relations, and Implementation and Support. I have a feeling from a couple of things they have given me, which sounded awfully suspicious, as well as the fact that suddenly now, they are testing and "certifiying" all the techs on this account that they may be asking me to move to Level 2. On the one hand this would be a great thing on a resume, as well as a great career move, on the other hand it also means a dramitic increase in my advil purchases as they have some truly interesting things to deal with on L2. As long as there is an appropriate pay raise I will at least give it a shot. As it stands I am probably (not to toot my own horn ) one of the better techs on our account. Part of it is software knowledge, but a lot of it is just people stuff and basic computer knowldege. Half my job is playing Computer Columbo.

I am also in a wierd mood lately. I can't really explain it. I have no motivation or energy. Yet my mind is wired. Its like my body has no energy but my mind refuses to shut off. I can't get any sleep, because I keep waking up. I wake up and its like it takes me awhile to figure out what time it really is. A couple of times I woke up in the middle of the night and started to wake Warren up becaues I thought we were late, when it was actually something like 3 am. I have over slept once since Warren started school and I got this job, or maybe twice. But its like my brain is on some sort of strange kick where it cant' turn off. I have been having weird disturbing dreams. The kind where even after you wake up, it takes several minutes to realize you were only dreaming and it wasn't real. I thought about trying sominex but then I get so sleepy that I can't wake up the next day, and I am even more of a zhombie. Maybe I shoud make another appt and try my meds again. Me been very bad on meds lately. Who am I kidding, I am the world's worst pill taker.

On the bright side I got a wonderful suprise call from a lady on my M*A*S*H list who's husband happens to be from ND, not too far from where I have relatives and where my mom grew up (talk about your 6 degrees). She was really sweet. It was a lovely suprise. She is much older than I am, but a really lovely lady. Any one who goes back to school at 51 is super in my book. The funny part was Warren thinking I was talking to Gramma and not understanding that this wasn't Gramma.

Enough with the random changes of subjects. Only an hour and a half till I go home. yayy. I think it is Cub Scout night too. Oh the thrills. I still have a headache from the last one.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

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