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Its raining poptarts..

15.10.01 @ 00:37
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Just a quick entry to night. Warren's bug turned in to walking pneumonia. Mike is still being a total jerk. More like Ass, but that would be an insult to donkeys everywhere. Warren seemed to be feeling better Friday after his disasterous (because of Mike) Dr. appointment. I let him spend the weekend with his dad. I knew there would be a major scene otherwise. I called Saturday and Warren seemed to be doing okay, still run down but getting better. I go to pick him up tonight, after making a run to the grocery store finally (we needed everything), and Mike decides to go midevil on me. He won't let me in the apt anymore, not that I really give a flying fig newton. Then he proceeded to talk to me. His idea of talk was to tell me that I shouldnt' be getting back child support for the time he was living with me, even though I was totally supporting all three of us, and he wasn't taking care of Warren, Warren was in school or daycare. I told him what he could do with himself, then he starts in about how I am so incompatant and how my place is a pig sty and so on. This is nothing new, this is how he always talked to me, particularly when I would't play along and give in to what ever he wanted. I ignored him, and reminded him what I really thought of him. Then he tells me that he took Warren back to the Dr. again today because of his coughin getting so bad. He has a prescription I need to go pick up. Mike lives on 12th Avenue North o, and the prescription is all the way down at South Pointe on 32nd avenue South. I find out from Warren that Mike got enough for him today, but that Mike figured since he pays child support every month, he shouldnt' have to pay for anything else. Can you say #(*(@(&(*#(@&(()@)@!!! E*&(R#&(#!!!!!! Jerk!! So I had to drive all the way to the other end of town with $90 in groceries in my car getting warm. (I told you we were out of EVERYTHING). I did finally get hoem though. And I got to spend some good cuddle time with Warren. I had to write a note to his teachers, since he can't participate in gym or other physical activity for awhile. He also has to take zythromaz for the next four days. Good thing I looked at the sheet with it, instead of just the dosage instructions, as it seems it has to be taken one hour before, or two hours after eating. This could be fun, not.

On a more positive note, I actually got something done this weekend. I cleaned the living room, and I do mean cleaned. I even rented a Rug Doctor and cleaned the carpet and the one in the hallway so the stains from the cough syrup that didnt' agree with Warren are not visible any more. I also totally cleaned out the kitchen. I even scrubbed out the fridge and freezer. Its scary. I can find things now. I also think I discovered an alien life form living under the produce drawer, but thats another entry.

By the way, did you know the food we are dropping on Afganistan is poptarts. I heard on one of the news channels that one of the food items we are airliftingto the poor starving Afgani widows and children are silver packages of pop tarts. Am I the only one to think that there is something funny here. Gee its getting winter and thousands of people are starving and oppressed. I know what we can do, lets air bomb them with Pop tarts (must have been suggested by that Senator from Michigan. I hear they have good lobbyists in Battle Creek.). Apparently the Afgans arent' too thrilled with our American junk staple. Oooh look edibile cardboard packets held together with a flavored glue and iced with sugary shellac. Its raining poptarts, hallilujah its raining poptarts.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.