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Once upon a time

19.05.03 @ 16:26
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Your Sun is in Leo (Tropical zodiac).

Leo symbolizes the consciousness wherein there is strength, creativity and virility, as well as a certain headstrong or willful nature in how you apply yourself in relationship with others.

For instance, Holly, reading biographical or historical novels about European royalty, daydreaming about the courts of Kings and Queens of modern Europe or ancient times and other grandeurs of the past may bring to your conscious mind memories of previous incarnations when you were at the forefront of things. Hence to this very day there probably remains within you considerable inner strength along with a strong feeling for behind-the-scenes intrigues as well as a powerful sense of individualism. These qualities are probably connected with your past life experiences involved -- directly and indirectly -- with leaders of society and government.

taken from

That was interesting. Didn't exactly tell me much, but it wasted a few minutes in an otherwise very uninterseting day. My horoscope..hmmm

Moon Opposition Moon May 19 2003 To May 19 2003
Your mood is deep and and your emotions are powerful at this time. Buried or neglected emotions may come to the surface; memories of past events arise as well, perhaps reminding you of things you would prefer to forget forever. The feelings and memories you experience during this time have a lot to do with the powerful influences of your past, including your relationships with your parents and other family members and your perception of your self-worth as begun in early childhood. Your intimate personal relationships may be under strain during this period as they may be a target for your feelings, even if they are in no way related. You have a hard time seeing anything objectively now, which translates to having trouble seeing anyone's point of view but your own. In some sense you are lost inside your own head and need something to ground you in the present, in reality, in reason. You may simultaneously reach out to someone you trust to help ground you and push them away by rejecting their perspective on your situation. You are inclined to blame the other person and neglect your own part in the conflict.

Moon Quincunx Sun May 19 2003 To May 19 2003 You feel a bit off, albeit in a minor way. Your emotions are out of balance and you feel a vague, general sense of discontent or slight anxiety that permeates all your thoughts and actions. The good news is, this funk isn't likely to last long. You may feel generally confused, though, or that your efforts are misdirected, so making major decisions is not advisable until your head clears and you find yourself once again on an even keel. Even smaller undertakings, such as keeping appointments with bosses or clients, might seem just a bit too taxing for your current energy. If so, cater to your feelings. Don't push yourself into anything that will sap your strength; instead, put if off, if possible. Reschedule appointments or, better yet, take the day off from work. Though you aren't physically sick, you are suffering from what could be called a malaise of the spirits, from which you will have to recover just as surely as you must recover from a head cold. Your best course of action during this time is engaging in small, solitary, meditative acts -- reading, gardening, napping -- that will restore your energies and bring you back into balance.

Moon Semi-Square Mc May 19 2003 To May 19 2003 If you are feeling disrupted or dissatisfied at this time, it is a good sign that the time has come to reevaluate what is most important to you in life. The current conflict is between your duties and your personal needs, especially if your duties are largely of a professional nature. Does your lifestyle pull you away from your home and family or prevent you from finding time alone? You may need to readjust the balance in your life between outside work and more personal or inner pursuits. This is especially so if you feel generally overwhelmed by your duties, as if you could never work hard or tirelessly enough to take care of everything you are supposed to handle. Any feelings of this nature indicate that you need to reexamine your personal values. Figure out which is most important to you, professional success or personal success, which includes your relationships with your family and friends, your home and your pets and, last but not least, yourself. If you can pinpoint your truest, deepest, most personal values, you will find yourself with a renewed sense of wholeness and satisfaction.

Venus Quincunx Jupiter May 19 2003 To May 21 2003 This is a time of excess for you, and though it may be happy excess it may also be unwise. You are quite prone at this time to overextend your bank account on foolish, unnecessary impulse buys or on luxuries you just can't afford. You may also overindulge in food or partying; you could even become ill from your excesses. Anything from food poisoning to a hangover to an actual cold or worse is possible if you overtax yourself physically. Don't push it too far; keep up your exercise routine, but do so in moderation. Sample the sweets available at a dinner party but don't indulge in a full slice of each type of pie and cake on the table. Have juice or a glass of soda when you go out to a bar or club; just because alcohol is available doesn't mean you are required to partake. You will be glad you kept yourself in line when you return home with none of the headaches or dizziness associated with drinking. Similarly, you might find yourself facing a proposition that seems too good to be true. Beware -- it probably is! Trust yourself and your instincts at this time, except those instincts that are calling out, More, more, more!

Venus Sextile Asc. May 19 2003 To May 19 2003 Your diplomacy and charm are high at this time and you are in prime mode to get just what you want from other people. This doesn't mean, however, that you should try to take advantage of the current energy by being manipulative about having your needs and ambitions met; in fact, your interactions with others should stay well within the realm of lighthearted and pleasant. Ask your friends and allies for their support and they will likely give it to you willingly. This approach -- of humbly but directly asking for what you need rather than being more pushy and demanding -- is your best bet in terms of enlisting others in your aid. The good news is, you feel perfectly willing to compromise in order to get what you want. Harmony in your relationships and your surrounding environment is important to you right now and you are willing to do what it takes to maintain it; what's more, you know what it takes. Your instincts are dead-on right now; you can read others like a book and know just how to respond to them in a light, fun, even slightly flirty manner to put them at ease and in a mood to help you out.

Mars Quincunx Moon May 17 2003 To May 21 2003 It is likely during this time that outside agents will affect your personal life and even cause domestic disputes. For example, perhaps you are bringing work home with you, which your family or partner doesn't appreciate. Or you might resent the blending of your work life and home life and are unwittingly taking out your frustrations on the people you live with. Whatever the cause may be, this is likely to be a time of arguments, friction and emotional irritability. You may stress your emotions to the point that your body reacts with a fever, cold or other infection. If your internal stress begins showing itself in physical symptoms, take it as a sign that you need to eliminate some of the adverse factors from your daily life. Find a way to leave your work at work when you go home. Do something, such as playing racquetball or some other vigorous, powerful physical sport, to let off steam in a productive (read: nondestructive) way. Yoga and martial arts may also help ease your irritation with their emphasis on being balanced and centered. Just try not to take your irritations out on your loved ones.

Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus May 19 2003 To May 22 2003 You have entered a space of time in which your even temper turns to recklessness, rebelliousness and unpredictability. You may not even be able to predict where your own moods will lead you; you are filled with strange urges and irritations, whims and desires. You will find it rather difficult to focus on the task at hand, whatever that may be. You do not want to be beholden at this time to anyone's rules or restrictions but your own; consequently, you may be prone to bursts of irritation or anger. You may find that you just can't seem to get anything done, although you have great energy. Creative pursuits and daring, fun activities will hold your interest the longest, but there is greater work to do at this time. The universe is sending you a message: You must focus on bringing positive change to your life. Something, be it work, a relationship or a behavioral habit, is causing some sort of stagnation for you, which is hindering your forward progress. Find a brand-new way to look at and live your life. Take direct action toward change, even if the idea seems scary, impractical or improbable.

Uranus Conjunct Mc Mar 31 2003 To Aug 18 2003 Freedom and independence are critically important to you at this time. If your job is tedious or unexciting, there is a strong possibility that you will soon put in your notice. Because the need for freedom and excitement is very strong, you are more willing to be innovative and daring. Even if you do not attempt to make changes, they are likely to occur anyway! You may get laid off, promoted or transferred. It is difficult to predict the exact nature of the changes, but they are almost certain to pertain to your career -- and they could extend several months into the future. If you try to resist the changes you will become very restless and dissatisfied with your life. With a little creative imagination and ingenuity, the current period could lead to a time of greater freedom and satisfaction. Alternative situations are bound to present themselves to you at this time, regardless of whether you seek them out; however, it is unclear whether these new alternatives will be any better or worse than the previous situation. You may want to hold off on quitting your job altogether if you haven't much training to recommend you to a new one.

Uranus Trine Asc. May 10 2003 To Jul 05 2003 This will be an upbeat and invigorating time for you as positive, exciting change visits your life and relationships. Though not necessarily extraordinary or monumental, the change definitely enlivens your interactions with those around you and with the world in general. Your responses and actions will be colored by your enthusiasm. Suddenly, you're meeting all sorts of really interesting, vibrant people and their life forces inspire you to live more actively. Your interactions with these new friends may surprise you; old inhibitions and the usually dull interactions evaporate when you discover that you share with them some significant ideas and interests. Even a coworker or neighbor you always try to avoid seems newly compelling. The places you visit now will inspire you in a similar but perhaps more concrete way. You may decide to relocate to this new place or, at the very least, you'll feel a new excitement about your daily life and routine. Creative hobbies or interests that you'd forgotten about or never seriously considered may also come into view. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your life more interesting and stimulating.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.