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Will someone please make this rain go away

09.07.03 @ 11:55
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I am soo sick of rain, I can't even begin to tell you. I wake up again today to depressing dark gray skies and the evil sounds of rain drops hitting the ground by the bucketful. It is noon right now, but if you looked at the sky you would think it was 10pm or something. Actually it kind of fits how I feel and how my day is going.

Yesterday was my day off. I was feeling rather cabin feverish for some reason. So Warren and I went road tripping. We never really actually ended up any where, unless you count a run-down mosquito infested rest-area south of Fargo in I-29. We also went swimming for the better part of the afternoon at the free pool. I was able to lay in the sun again, and for the first time in years I have a nice natural tan. Usually it takes forever for me to get any color, but this year I actually look good. I think it may have been a bit much for Warren however. We did have a great time though, and it was a great way to proscratinate and not make all the dozen phone calls, I am once again avoiding by typing this. (**I should be at work, but I'm not.. getting to that in a bit). After swimming we went home for a bit (after making our usual DQ run), then went for another road trip, cruising down US 81, (known inside Fargo city as University), until we got near the Abercrombie turn, then we came back. There wasn't much to see. We stopped at LJS/A&W and had a small supper then went home. Warren set off the last of his bottle rocks from the 4th. (Shhhhh), then we watched tv together for awhile. The fact that he was ready to go to bed by 9:30, and was not his usual hollow legged hungry self had me suspicious that he ws not well. His shoulders are burned again, and he says they hurt. The rest of him is fine, if not well tanned. However he thinks he did something to his leg as he is limping. He had a hard time falling asleep, and it was a restless night.

He woke up more times than anytime since he stopped having 2 am feedings. First his throat hurt and he wanted a drink. Then he needed another drink. Then he woke me up to tell me he thru up. So at 3 am, I had the joy of scrubbing the bathroom, while only half concious. It wasnt' too much of a mess, most of it made it in the commode, so I just needed to wipe off the toilet -back, seat and floor, and throw the rug in the laundry. It wasn't very much, so I can wash it today. Then he had a headache so I stumbled in the dark for some Advil. Thank goodness he is now old enough, and big enough to handle adult pain pills (advil anway). I tried to wake him at the usual time, but he was in no way up to it. I could tell he was not faking either. S

So I called in, and he slept until 9:30, very unusual for him. Then he said he was a little hungry so I made him some eggs (what he wanted), and made a quickie run to the Cenex (about 5 or 6 blocks away) for some Sprite for him (and Cherry Coke for me). He took his meds, decided he didnt' want any more of his eggs, and then asked me to snuggle with him. Around noon he asked me to turn off the tv and was soon again asleep. (Another sign he is really sick. Warren Michael is not a lay around kid. He is a bounce off the wall, super active kid when he is himself. He hasn't had a non sick nap since he was 16 months old, is it any wonder my hair is starting to develop that Rogue look). I think when he wakes up later, I will be taking him to the walk-in just to make sure everything is okay. I don't think it was the shrimp or last nights dinner as I ate the same thing and I am fine. I think it maybe just a case of too much.

Of course this also means more free time for me, and of course I have a ton of things I could (should!!) be doing, but am I? Of course not. I have all the motivation of a slug that just collided with a salt shaker.

Since Warren is down on the couch, out like a light, I could do laundry or take a bath, or make phone calls, or do dishes. Or I could just lay in bed, listen to the rain and watch bad tv.. Guess which one, I'll most likely do?


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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