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My Long Weekend

2001-06-11 @ 9:20 p.m.
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So much for updating everyday.. But it was a Hell of a weekend again.. and its been a Monday from Hell..

Friday was basically an up-day.. I got ahold of my lawyer and the clerk.. Steve managed to get me extended to July.. (God Bless Public defenders). So that was a relief of my mind.). The Child Support Check came on Friday so I was able to pay off daycare. .. But, and in my life when ever something good happens there is always a but...

On Sat I gave up waiting for the post man, and left the signed card on my door.. but it was a certified letter so he wouldn't leave the letter. I have to go to the Post Office to get it.

Then when Warren and I went to get a bike I wasnt able to put it on layaway because of my Checking history.. I wasn't able to get groceries either. though we werne't really hurting in that dept so I was able to get some milk and eggs at the local cenex.. It was a really depresser, but hardly the end of the world. In a way maybe its a good thing.. If I can't write anymore checks maybe it will keep me out of trouble.. I can't believe I did it again.. Sometimes I wonder how someone who is supposedly so smart can be so damn stupid. Warren was a little upset, but when we looked at Bikes unlimited, and escaped with hives on my wallet, yikes... he was very mature about it.. Poor guy.. He deserves a decent birthday so much.. I've been such a crab, everything is so crappy right now, and of course he is acting out.. That doesnt' make it right, but it does help explain it. I need to check on the date for his Tova test.. hopefully I haven't f** up on that one too.

Work is busier than all get out.. I had non stop queue (that means phone calls in waiting. to be answered, I do tech support for an Education software program, based out of U of Berkley, though actually the offices are in Oakland right now...) so I had no time to do anything.. I didn't even take a lunch.. at 4 I was able to take 15 minutes to get to Metro Pharmacy to pick up a temp prescription for Warren till the clinic Pharmisist comes in on Wed and I can get a months of samples.. I couldn't believe it three lousy pills, and my share after the insurance paid 80% was almost 12 bucks.. that means the pills are almost 20 bucks a pop if I do my math right.. Holy Ripoffs BatMan.. Its getting so an average working stiff can't even afford to be less than perfectly healthy...I almost sh** my pants..

Warren had a blow up with Nancy his daycare provider that finally broke the camels back. So I got a call at work, that she wouldnt' take him anymore.. So in addition to being busier than I thought possible.. (did I mention there were 36 messages to call back, though Steph did 25 and I did the other 11.) I managed to find a daycare, and one that is cheaper yet, and seems to be a better deal , they go to the park for over and hour every morning that it isn't pouring rain, like the cloud burst of this morning.

Hopefully this will work out.. Poor baby, I know his behaviour is extreme sometimes, but given his situatin I feel so bad for him..

Hopefully this councilor will be a big help.. I hope the Partnership will also be able to provide some help.

I still haven't mailed my brother his anime movie. I dont' blame him for being upset, but I never can seem to get to the PO or the package store to get it done.

Mike called this weekend. We actually had a decent conversation.. But I still feel leary.. I want to believe him, but I can't .. I know he wants things to be better. but I just dont' know.. He was actaully decent and appologizing.. I know how much he loves Warren, and I know he is trying, (though I think he could try harder, at least he sees Warren, and pays something.. He could do a lot better, much much better, but at least he isn't a total deadbeat.. Part of me feels manipulated. but part of me is just so desparate adn title that I feel like giving up.. But I dont' cause I can't. He says he is possibly going to be working nights and maybe could take Warren for the days. Yes that would take a load off of me, but I feel like maybe thats asking for trouble.. I just don't know.. I wonder if I could get in with Tracey again. I really need to talk to some one.. I just dont' know what to do..and I hate that..

On a lighter note, Warren decided to play dress up and fool around with Mommy's make up (since Mommy never wears it unless someone dies, or she has a wedding or interview or something..).. He was soo funny.. but I had a hard time getting him to wash it off.. I dont' want to encourage it, but I also don't want him to feel like it is wrong, cause its not something to be ashamed off.. He used my Charlie scented dusting powder for make up.. and got it all over his shirt and the bathroom. The bathroom and my laundry have never smelled so good..

Sat night he had way too much soda.. and was still bouncing in bed at 3 am.. I lost my temper and had to appologize the next morning, but when I am sleep deprived I get beyond cranky.. amazingly he was bright and bushy at 8 am.. errrrrr.. I hate morning people..

Sunday night.. I finally said the hell with everything told Warren to grab his suit, and went to the pool (*WF thankfully has a free public pool, though its usually crowded as H** for obvious reasons).. Warren had a blast.. and so did I. I think it did us both a world of good..

Work wants us all on overtime, which is great for the pocket book, but hard on the worker, esp with daycare.. I think I will ask about comming in an hour early.. starting later this week.. They also better pay me for all the lunch hours I worked thru. Todays lunch was a stale piece of left over Garlic Bread, I brought on Friday but didnt' finish, a can of Cherry Coke, and a $.50 bag of Doritos.. yet strangely I wan't that hungry for supper tonight.. I was an still am thirsty as all get out though..

Off to check my email. and get a drink..




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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

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