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A Boring Day in the Life of ..Me

24.09.01 @ 10:11
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Yes I know it has been awhile since I updated. Its been a rather, shall I say less than totally pleseant time. Things are on a steady keel for now, but I am not sure how much longer it will last. Being in debt upto one's hairline is about the most unfun thing in world. The only bright spot is that at least some of my bills are actually up to date for the first time in ages. But other bills are not so lucky. I made a huge payment on my stupid fine, after they totally wigged out on me. They are leaving me alone for now, but I am not sure for how long. I am trying to figure out how to pay that off, and make a dent in my back property taxes, adn figure out where my mortgage check that I maild three days before 9-11 (to the West Coast no less) managed to disapear to. Ugh.. I hope it is cashed than I can just fax a copy to the Morgage co. The medical bills that I owe for my share of Warren's hospitalization last year are getting obnoxious. They called and before they are willing to work out an arrangement with me, they want me to get my mom to co sign a loan and submit proof of denial to even work with me. How bogus is that. I am not going to put my mom thru that. If by some strange chance I was approved, and something happened my Mom could be stuck with my debt. Some how that just doens't seem quite fair to me. I will try with out the co sign. I know I will be denied. Ugh.. Where is a rich relative when you need one. One the slightly bright side, I did get a $40.00 rebate on my electric bill. That came in handy. Now I just need to scrape together a few other payments and I may actually break even at the end of the year, maybe. But I wouldnt' count on it.

I wish I knew that Calthea went to ValleyCon. This weekend. I haven't gone for years, and I really really wanted to go. They even had one of the guys from DS9. By the time I realized it was this weekend it was too late to pre register or sign up for the banquet, niether of which I could afford anyway. But I could have really used the time away. The best stuff always happens on Sat, and I had to work then. But still I think it would have been a blast, evne being subject to a repeat viewing the extremely scary scream in horror thinking about it, Star Wars Holiday Special. Even typing it is creepy. I could live in the dealer room, too bad I dont have the money for fun extras like that. Oh Well, next year I will be there. Hopefuly they will have a cool guest.

Yesterday was another total wash. It was a bright sunny beautiful day, so what did I do? Did I clean my house and catch up on chores? NO! Did I figure out how I am going to catch up on bills? NO! Did I do anythign productive? NO! What did I do you ask. I sat on the couch, stuffed my face and watched 14 straight hours of M*A*S*H. Only missing a little bit from A)oversleeping, which doesn't matter I dont' like the Trapper/Henry episodes that much anyway B)running to the Cenex to get a few provisions like milk and catfood adn a cheeseburger and fries and Coke. and C)Going to pick up my son from a weekend at his "father"s. Then I came home and spent a little time with Warren adn tried to get him to bed while watching the Final Episode twice (they re ran it. and I still haven't been able to tape it because my screwy VCR refuses to recognize any channel between 42 and 98). Warren had a hard time sleeping, and I spent more time comforting him as when ever he comes back from his dad he is upset and depressed about things that have happened in the past. Ugh!! Being a grown up definately does not make one an adult. So I am trying to listen to my favorite show, but tunning a lot of it out because my son needs me more, and because it is starting to get way too late, and he needs his sleep because the bus is going to be comming even earlier starting today.

This morning Warren had a fit because I gave him Cheerios for breakfast, never mind that he had stated several times the night before, that that was what he wanted because of the new heart shaped bowl that came with the boxes. This morning he informes me that I told you I want oatmeal. I guess I was out of the room when he made that annoucement. And then proceeds to tell me that whipped cream on hot cococa is yucky, everyone knows you dont' do that. really. I thought the whipped cream and colored sprinkles made it look really cool. So guess who had hot cocoa and cheerios for breakfast. After heating more water so little red head could have oatmeal. *Sigh The joys of parenting. If you don't have a kid, you probably think I'm nuts , but if you have a kid, you probably know all too well what I am talking about. Good thing I love him so much I guess.

I found out from one of my co-workers, who I shall call St.Bernard (cause she has one that she talks about like it was her kid). That our boss, Gladiator (yes he looks like Russel Crowe, but chill he just got married this weekend and is in Cancun right now which is where I would wanna be if I dind't have to be here), is going to be moving to Colorado because his wife, SweetThang, got a job there. ARGG!! Look out folks. The office politics are already getting out of hand in this little tribe. When Gladiator is around we can all make nice but when he leaves, St.Bernard and her electric co-hort Eddiewanabe (he plays guitar in a band and worships at the alter of Eddie Van Halen) seem to think they are in charge and well lets just say they aren't what me and S* (my good friend from NTC, that I semi helped get the job) think of as qualified. They tend to think they can do what ever they want then, treat us like we are slaves. I swear I think I should start smoking just so I can take 15 min breaks every hour and half. Other case in point, last week my car was coping another attitude so I called in and informed St.Bernard. she was all like oh okay not a big deal. I managed to get things solved on my end. And got to work not all that late. Not a big deal right, Wrong!! A few days later I am talking to S* and find out that that day, St. Bernard was having a hissy cow about it and went to K* (who would be Gladiator's boss). Fortunately K*n another supervisor on a the customer service end of this account also talked to him and mentioned that St. Bernard was as late or later that morning, and hadn't called and that I had. So bless her, I was off the hook. But I am still ireked.. If they make either of them in charge. I may just beg to be transferred off of Scilearn and sent to either the Sonic or other account. Hell I think at this point I would even degrade my self to going to McDonalds account (we support their POS system), till I could find another job.. S* sent and email to K*. I haven't heard back but if he asks me I will have plenty to say. And that is more than you ever wanted to know about working for a Company that does tech support for other companies. I will save ranting about her never checking the damn answering machine for another time. #*(&(#(&@!!

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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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