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Hair and Beauty Rant

2001-05-30 @ 10:28 a.m.
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First of all I finally got photos up.. I couldnt' link remotely (darn) but I did put a link on the side..just click where it says Photo Album (duh like you couldn't figure that out)..

Ugh.. I hate what is happening to my hair. Alright I admit in the grand scheme of life my hair is near the bottom of priorities, but still to me it IS a very big deal.. My hair is one of the few physical features of mine that I am actually proud of. Or at least I used to be proud of.

All my life I have had long thick (well alot of it anyway) hair.. the kind I could just wash and go..and it would look nice on its own..with minimal tangling.. Now I dont' even recognize my own hair anymore.. no matter what I do it is falling out and breaking off big time.. My hair is sooo thin and so much less all of a sudden.. and it is always tangled.. no matter how much I brush or comb it, it only seems to get worse.. I am getting so depressed over this.. the way it keeps filling up my brush, I am seriously considering getting a hair cut.. but that would really depress me.. I am not sure why.. I have always had long hair, I only look good in long hair, my hair is part of me...with out it I feel like I am going out not fully dressed or something..

I am not usually a very female ~ female if that makes any sense.. I dont' wear make up except for job interviews, I view nylons as evil devices meant for toture and subjugation.. the number of skirts I've worn in the last 10 years can be counted on one had with fingers left over, but the one part of my appearance that I do take pride and joy in is my hair.. I know that sound egotistical and narccissstic to some, but I can't help it.. Everytime I look in a mirror I just want to cry..

Sometimes I wonder if there is actually something wrong.. This happened once before, but I managed to avoid the chopping, by just getting a little bit cut off, and I think I got a color job also, and with lots of care it seemed to renew its self.. but now I am under so much other stress from financial and personal sources, that I am thinking, maybe that is what is causing my problems.. I am certainly too young for this grey hair, well maybe physically I'm not, but I dont' like it either..

Which brings me to another rant/pet peeve of mine.. Who decided that men's fashion should be comfortable and easy..most of the time. all right most guys don't jump at the chance to wear a tie, but it is much more comfortable than a pair of binding hose a short skirt and heals that ruin your feet adn your legs.. Why does society think that for women looking could should mean suffering.. that in order to be considered beautiful we are supposed to stuff our selves in to clothes that are tight, hard to function in, require us to stand in unnatural positions, and in general render us in some circumstnaces helpless, even when we are quite competant.. I mean take heels for instance.. I dont think anyone even flo Jo would be able to run very well from a would be attacker if she was forced to do so in a pair of stilletos.. yet many guys think THIS is sexy?? Why because we are teetering objects for lust.. Men can wear the same shirts and pants and jacket day in day out. .I know guys with several of the same outfit, and no one cares.. but heaven forbid a female were to do the same.. People would think she had a screw loose.. or a girl prefers more comfortable clothes and shuns tradional female wear, she gets branded with names like tom boy, or worse..

Well I hate feminine clothes, and I am not a Tom boy or anything else.. I am as much a woman as any female, I just dont' buy into this myth that beauty has to hurt..*bull. real beaty comes from within, not with out. Maybe if society would catch on to this women would be a lot happier, and many young girls would have one less reason to starve them selves to death, or spend a small fortune on plastic surgons in the quest for some arbitrary and imaginary ideal, that some male somewhere decided on.


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