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Bedtimes with Warren

05.03.02 @ 16:39
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Cranberry juice may be good for you, but it is also great for inducing heartburn, *urp, excuse me. Very not fun.

Lately I don't know what is wrong with me, I have been having an attack of the dingys or something. First on Sunday I was carryng the kitty litter in from the garage (new not old) and when I tried to open the door, the bag slipped out of my hand. My bottom step and my side walk were covered in kitty litter. My cats were standing at the door looking out the window and giving me strange looks. I managed to sweep it up, even though my cats were desperate to come out side and investigae. When I brought in the bag of what I had managed to salvage of course they had to jump right in to investigate. For a second I thought Chester was going to use it right there. Silly kitty!! Today I left my wallet in my car until lunch. I didn't even notice I didn't have it, until I went to get some money for a snack and couldnt'. I was freaking, till I walked down to my car and sure enough, there it was on the front seat under my map of the parking lot. (Map of which spots I can park in, and which spots I will be towed from, not how to find my way around. The parking lot is not that complicated. ). Thank God for honesty in ND/MN even in old junkie cars parked behind the bus station. I am also forgetting things. Like bills and stuff.

Yesterday Warren had a real attitude issue at bed time. I dont' understand that kid sometimes. He was fine when I picked him up, aside from a dispute over a kick ball call. (they called him out, he claimed he was safe, I didnt' see so I could say). While I was making supper he of course found 15 minutes to be just way to long to wait, so had to have cereal to hold him over. (Do all growing boys eat this much, I swear some days he is like the human garbage disposal. What is it with guys who can eat and eat and never get fat. Especially teen or in this case pre-pre teen boys?). For supper I made tuna hotdish and a cheese cake mix I had. Of course he looks at it and decides he has to be the first one to have a piece (this is before I even get it in the oven). So he startes telling me, not to eat any until he gets some first.

"Excuse me, and just who do you think you are today Mr. ********?"
I tried not to make too big of a deal out of it. He is always moody when he comes back from Mikes. Then at bed time we had another interesting conversation which ran something along these lines, but I am paraphrasing here as I have a lousy memory for these things.
First I shut TV off while he was in bathroom brushing his teeth.

Warren: MooooM, I want to watch Scooby please please please, I'll do anything.
Mom: No it is bed time, you are 8 years old and this is way too late to stay up. Just becaue your dad let you sleep in and miss school doesnt' mean I will. You have to get up early, and I have enough trouble waking you up as it is.
Warren.: MOOOOM!! please please, pretty PLLLLEEEEAAASSE!!
Warren: I hate you, you never let me have any fun. I hate you
Mom: That's okay. If I don't get at least 2 I hate yous a week I'm not doing my job and I'll get kicked out of the club.
Warren: What??
Mom: Never mind, just get to bed. I love you even when you hate me.
A few minutes of silence pass..
Warren: You don't even rub my back. I tell you how I want you to do it and then you do it all different. And you scratch me instead.
Mom: oh yeah.
Warren: Mom can you rub my back?? (proeceed to tell me how he wants me to rub his back)
I rub his back for a while. a little joking around and then it turns in to a little bit of tickling.
Warren: quit okay, quit now.
so I quit and proceed to leave him to get to sleep. a few minutes pass.
Warren: Mom can you tickle me somemore.
Mom: no it is time to go to sleep.
Warren: Well then can you rub my back and my neck somemore. And do my hair too.

No I ask you. Am I going to be in trouble in a few year or what? I have one heck of a son.

Speaking of Warren, I really wanted to rip his father a couple of new ones yesterday. Apparently somebody over slept and didnt' get Warren to school until 1pm. 1 Freaking PM!! I am sorry, but parental bonding will just have to wait. School is important and his attitudes about it are forming now!! Not only did he over sleep, but then he took him for a hair cut before dropping him off. First of all, Warren didnt' need a hair cut that bad, second of all he can do that ANYTIME!!. Its not a Dr. appt that has to be scheduled in advance you can get your hair cut anytime. Of course Warren thought nothing of this. "I didn't miss anything important mom.". Times like this I have to wonder what the hell I ever saw in this man. What can one except from some one who dropped out of high school just to spite his father. (He went back later and got a GED, and a year or so of college, but still its the principal of the thing, there are other options).

Bravenet is still down. So no guestbook or other goodies. Please leave me a nice note. I am having a very bad week, and it is only Tuesday.

PS. Suzi Thanks for the offer. I would take you up if I didn't have a cloning machine in my closet, so I can make my own army of Legolas.. They come in quite handy. ummm Elves, with bows and arrows... **sigh**


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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