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Used Porn and The Fish People

29.12.01 @ 17:53
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I just updated and here I am again. I decided to make this a separate update, rather than one long one. It will also help me get closer to 200 entries that much faster, while still being a legitamate entry.

Warren is at his Dad's for a while. I havnen't really gotten much done. I still need to do laundry and so forth. I have such trouble getting motivated. Knowing that I have another 4 day weekend doesn't help either. I am soo lazy sometimes, I even amaze my self with my own slothliness. I guess I will definately never qualify as a type a. I could never be that uptight. (appologizes to her type A readers, I don't mean that in a bad way). I've never been one to have to have this this and that done by a specific time or all Heck will break loose, or the type of person that can't stand to do nothing. I live for nothing. At least during my mania phase I approach a type A person. Its easy to tell when I am having a manic phase or gearing up for one. I suddenly get all edgy and I can't sit still and suddenly everything is all clean and washed and organzied and I can't stop doing. (frankly I could use a few more manic phases, were it not so detrimental to my finances due to the spending). In my depressive state I am so the opposite, I just dont' care. I won't move unless I have to, I make frozen food or Golden Arches for dinner cause it doesn't take any work. The kitty litter gets ready to walk out the door on its own. Fortunately my 'normal' self, (what ever 'normal' is supposed to mean, in this case its my inbetween self), is not really either extreme but some where in happy medium land. Of course if someone anounces they are comming over all bets are off, I may live like a sloth, but I dont' need the rest of the world to see my pen, looking like a pig pen.

After my last entry Warren and I went to "land of Crackhead bagboys" aka Hornbachers. I was desperate for Dew. Of course I ended up spending almost 10 bucks. Which is actually not that bad. We got 4 2-liter bottles of soda (2 Dew and 2 Dr. Pepper) that were on sale. A couple cheap frozen pizzas for lunch cause momma was feeling lazy, a can of beans (can't explain those) and six cans of Instant Cat. (aka canned kitty food- open a can and instantly cats appear around you). And a bottle of blue All Sport, for guess who. ( I never will understand the fascination with drinking/eating things that are blue) This time we carried it ourselves lest the bagboys find something in there to smoke.

Then we came home and I vegetated some more. (had to recover and all that, you make a sloth move it takes lots of energy). Warren played outside for a while, then came in and decided buggy mom was more fun. We goofed off for awhile, then while we were eating pizza, Mike called.

ARGHH , son of a monkey.. He decides he was going to makea pizza (some phancy smanchy over priced gormet piece of Poo I am sure) so he tells Warren not to eat mine. ARGGG. oh well, more cheap tomato cardboard for me. I guess letting Warren have Dr. Pepper wasnt such a bad idea after all. Since Mike had to work, he had a ride and came and picked Warren up, which was nice for me. Warren of course had to bring the buggy we made. Mike is going to call me to pick up Warren. Usually he wants me there around 7:30 as he has some sort of dependancy meetings at 8pm.

Sunday I dont have any plans. Kat and her hubby decided not to go to The Cities (Mpls-St.Paul) this weekend, so we are going to get together at B&N. Should be fun. Hopefully Mike can take Warren. Taking Warren to B&N is like asking for trouble. I just know he will find too many books I will want to buy him, but can't afford. *sigh. I can find enough of that on my own. I also want to go spend my gift card at Kohls. I need some nice pants for work. (good thing I can wear jeans and flannel jammie pants to work, when we don't have clients in.)

They are cutting the walls on mine and Steve's cubes this weekend. It will be so wierd on Wed to actually look at LeadTechs goofy mug instead of my walls. It was nice to have an excuse to clean my cube though as it was a disaster. I wonder how long this move will last, as it seems like every four months or so they rearrange the offices. We keep getting new clients which is a good thing, and they added a new addition to the office so that freed up some room. Now we get our windows back. This is good. That means when it warms up our favorite entertainment will be back. You see my office is on the second floor of a building which is directly across the street from Fargos only XXX. Everyone in a while you will see someone either in car or on foot who pulls up and decides to go dumpster diving. Sometimes these people actually have nice cars. They are always males and sometimes they come in groups. It is hysterical. Although why anyone would want used porn is beyond me. I've walked past that place in back, to get to my car, adn from what I've seen the garbage they must have, well, ewww, ewww and triple ewww. Porn is icky enough (my personal opinion only), but used porn I mean how desperate does one have to be. I wonder what they would do if they found out that an entire office building is able to see them and what they are doing and is watching them, well at least one group anyway. There are some WEIRD people out there.

That reminds me, I forgot my mug at work on Friday. I can't believe it, that means no $.36 refill of Dew or Coke on Wed Am unless I go get it. I have a morning ritual of stopping at M&H everyday on my way to work for a soda and sometimes something else. I used to just get a large pop (any size $.79), then I decided to save a few trees adn get a mug. Its also cheaper at only a penny an Oz to refill. At least I didn't get the gian 54 oz vat o'soda that is large enough to drown small children and animals. I settled for the 34 oz one instead. Now I get two more oz of soda for half the price. Smart. and I save a tree too.

Have you ever noticed that soda sizes are getting bigger and bigger. I mean when pop was first bottled it was pretty much just an 8 or 10 oz glass bottle, then came the 12Oz can, then in the 80's we were introduced to the 16 oz bottle and people started carrying soda to sip on, instead of just having a drink and moving on. Later came the one and two liter bottles, and the 20 and 24 oz bottles. One person was now drinking a bottle three times the size of that of what was once drank. When I was little a small soda in a restaurant was usually about 8 or 10 oz. A large was usually about 16 oz or so. Now usually a small is about 16 oz and a large is around 32oz. What was once considered enough soda for a family is now a drink for one person? I figure at this rate the gallon jug of Dr. Pepper is only a few years ago. I wonder waht this increased liguid consumption is doing to human evolution. I mean the same thing has been happening with waters and juices. I wonder does this mean my great great great great grandkids will be carrying giant 3 gallon jugs with them and have the bladder capacity of an elephant. I wonder if the human race will alter and develop the need to have a sip of some kind of liquid every 5 to 10 minutes lest we turn to sand or dry up. I wonder how my ancestrors did it, only stopping to drink a few sips every few hours. By modern standards they should have died. Either that or we are evolving into some wierd sorta of land walking fish. Kinda like Whales are underwater mammals, only in our case the reverse?? Its something to think about.

Enjoy this very last weekend of 2001, ever. Three more days and it will be next year.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.