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12.04.03 @ 21:42
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Sore but otherwise fineWarren is going to be just fine. He got off very lucky. He has a scrape on his right arm and a big bruise on his leg. His hip is quite sore, and his back feels in his humorous words "Like I got hit by a car", but he is alive and well and in one complete piece. He slept for part of yesterday, and mostly stayed in and took it easy, however his friends who I'll call A1 and A2 came over to play with him.

It definately cheered him up. They built a giant fort in the extra room from some chairs, and an old matress and every blanket in the house. They bigged out on ice cream and made entirely too much noise, and I was too grateful to even think of being angry. Then of course Warren wanted to watch the news, because he thought he might be on it, but as I figured he wasn't.

Then we settled down and just when I thought I had seen enough excitement to full fill my quota for the next several months, we heard a loud crash. I looked briefly out the window but didn't see anything. But Warren looked with kidvision and saw a crash. I didn't pay much attention, but then a few minutes later I see flashing lights comming thru my window. This time I put on my glasses and look around. Pretty soon I see it. It seems our neighbor across the street and one block over was pulling out of the drive way in his cute little red sports car, and met resistance from a lumber truck. The lumber truck was towed away, with minor damage and the cute little red sports car now has an accordian style hood (Bonnet for those of you with UK speak). After watching two truck, three cop cars and a bunch of my neighbors outside at midnight for 30 minutes or so I went back to bed. Warren of course had to watch. He loves this kind of stuff.

Its not often one gets to watch a COPS reenactment happening live outside their own window. So I guess when I told her that nothing exciting ever happens in this 'hood, I was lying. Warren said Mr. Sports car, got taken away in the back of a cop car. I didnt' see that, I went to bed after they started towing away the cute little red sports car, with the accordian style hood.

I didn't get much sleep last night. Warren tends to toss and move around alot. Not to mention I was rather keyed up and more than a little stressed.

Then I get to work this morning, and the computers are down. I couldn't even punch in. They weren't back on line until almost 1:00. I had a ton of hand orders I then had to put in. Of course that is when everybody started calling back, so needless to say, I didn't have anytime to get bored at work today. Insane, yes, bored no.

I will never again complain about things being slow and boring. I have had enough excitement too last me for quite sometime. Who ever coined the old cliche about it not raining but pouring, wasnt' kidding. Its been a real cloudburst in these parts.

I won't even start on the fact that they charged me for my insurance, but haven't given me my cards, and that I never rec'd the raise I was promised. So I was left several days late, and several dollars short this pay period.

I couldn't even afford the ice cream and ravioli I bought for Warren yesterday. But after what he went through if he wants Ravioli's and mint chocolate chip ice cream for lunch than come hell or high water, that is what he is going to have for dinner.

Thank you so much everyone for all your kind words. Warren adn I both really appreciate it. I am so grateful for diaryland. Hugs to everyone

I am now going to go and drown myself in the unreality of some really bad Nick at Night reruns, unless I can find something else that will induce sleep, with out causing my eyes to roll back inside my head.

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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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