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The Second Oldest Profession

Thursday, Oct. 16, 2003 @ 8:30 pm
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Yesterday I finally got the right wig for my Halloween costume. Its dark straight and very long. I call it my Crystal Gayle wig. Now I just need to get some of that spray on hair color in a grayish/silvery color to put the streaks in. This weekend is going to be a long one. Warren's costume hasn't even been started yet. He may have to settle for something a little more original. I have no idea how to make a homemade Darth Vadery costume, as much as I would love to be mother of a Sith Lord.

Speaking of my little Sith Lord, Tuesday he had a great appointment. Instead of going back to school right away I took adavantage and went around the corner to the Barber school and got his hair cut, as it really needed it. Since there were school pictures on Wednesday, I knew trying to get it combed into something respectable enough for grandparent viewing, was not going to happen. So we got it cut. He loved it. He got it another one of his beloved crew cuts. Its kinda nice having a kid who loves it super short (though if truth be told, given his druthers he'd get it cut so short he'd make the Marines look like hippies. He'd go bald if I let him). He looks much better.

It was a good thing we did too. Wednesday morning, Warren was in the bath tub finishing his bath, and I had ran downstairs to get him some clothes that pass picture day acceptability. I had not even dressed yet. Suddenly we are in total darkness. Warren is screaming at me, because he thought I turned out the lights. Knowing the bill was not that far behind I looked outside, relief and panic mixed together as I realized the whole neighborhood was mysteriously black. Thank the Maker we were up and getting ready, or I would have seriously over slept for sure. So as I am trying to pick out clothes in the dark, as I had no idea where the flashlight was, hoping that what ever I grabbed wouldn't clash too much, when the power miraclessly returned.

Of course by then it was too late to try and make breakfast, or even grab cereal as I also had errands to run before work. I ran up to try and get dressed, only to find out Warren was less than impressed with my choice of clothes. Five shirts later, Mr. Fashion-Plate was finally dressed. At least they didn't serve spagetti for lunch on Picture day this year like they did one year. And lets hope this year he didn't hide a dragon shirt under his dress shirt, so he could change at school. I'm just greatful they would't let him wear his "Fargo" hat. He wears that thing all the time. Tonight is the first night since he got it, that he hasn't slept in it. (Note to the just tuned in, my son is 10 years old, and normally quite verbally advanced for his age) This morning it had gotten twisted around and was on sideways. He was less than thrilled when I start laughing at him. But it did get him awake.

Then of course Mike called last night. AT 8pm. Wanted to know if we had dinner yet. (Yeah RB, I always wait till almost bed time to feed my kid, and he wonders why I call him RB). So then he offered to bring a pizza by today for Warren and us. So of course I made taco's for supper tonight, because he is about as reliable as a ND weather forecast. And I was right, because he never came by. WHich might be part of why Warren was in one of those moods tonight. He was also tired, he doesn't normally go to bed by 8:30 without threat of extreme punishment. But I could tell when I came to get him at daycare tonight that he must have went back for 2nds on crabby sandwhiches at lunch today.

Mike thinks he is comming by on Saturday. Sorry I have plans. Hopefully by then the cops will have found his skanky ass. If I knew where he lived I'd rat him out. I just prefer he not get busted here, as that would be way to much for Warren to handle. I also don't want him to find out that way that I rated him out, because I know he will use to say things to Warren that he doesn't need to hear. The less Warren see's and spends time with him, the better he does. With any luck they will throw away the key. He can't even think about driving in West Fargo as every cop here is waiting in lay for him. C* is safe, because he was dumb enough to threaten her in front of the Sheriff so he is banned from ever coming within the city limits of Casselton. But enough of the poster child for what drugs can do to you...(He looks horrible..a man who is 6'2" should not weigh around 140 pounds, its creepy..)

Sometimes I miss the sound of silence. When I first bought the van, we couldn't get the radio to work. Considering we were just thankful to have transoration, it was a minor inconvience, as was the clock that was always 5 hours off. It wasn't until after driving it for awhile, that I discovered there were advantages to not having media blasting in my ears all the time. Warren and I suddenly were talking more, I was actually enjoying some time with myself, something I dont' get much of. This is unusual, because I am a person who normally can't stand total silence. I always have a tv or radio or something on. All those times my mom would put me in my room when I was little and she couldn't cope, left me with a need to always have something going on. I never realized what it was like to have to be alone with just myself, and no DJ, or sitcom in the background. This morning Warren was playing around with the radio, and voila he actually got it to work. So of course we had to have it on. Now instead of talking on the way to school and the way home, we are back to fighting over music choices. I am sorry but I loathe 99% of rap and most of what else passes for popular music these days. Maybe I am just old . I am a 34 year old, woman with a 10 year old son. His choice of tunnage has people pulling up along side me just to see what kind of nutcase is at the wheel. One does not normally expect to hear rap music blasting from an ancient mini van, or as I like to call it, a Mommobile. Especially since I really don't like the lyrics to lot of it. Not the kind of thing I want my son listening to.

Of course my choice for music leaves him cold. "I'm not listening to old people music mom" Since when did classic rock suddenly become old people's music. Okay, yes Mick Jagger is a grandfather, and so is Paul McCartney, but Old people music,... that's the stuff MY parents listened to. I know my taste's aren't exactly pop, but its not actually Our Hit Parade either.. I wonder how what would happen if the radio suddenly mysteriously stopped working again....hmmmm.....

I am also up to my armpits in icky water as my the right half of my kitchen sink decided to go from slow drain, to no drain. I poured an entire bottle of draino in it, but after and entire hour it didn't appear to have even moved. I hate taking the pipes apart, they are such a major pain the ass to get back together. My next solution will be a small plunger. I hope it works. only having half a sink really sucks.

Now I am off to bed. My eyelids weigh about 10 pounds each, and for some reason lately my joints and bones have been doing strange things, like suddenly hurting like hell for a few seconds to minutes and then going away again. Everyonce in awhile this happens, I don't know why, but I wish it would go away.

And if anybody wonders why the previous entry is not showing up, its because I have some issues I decided to make private. Nothing personal to anyone, I just want to keep those for my eyes only right now. Maybe later I will make them public. Night all...


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