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Happy Birthday To Me

2001-08-10 @ 1:19 p.m.
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Happy birthday to me, I want to hide in a tree… okay hey at least it rhymes. Well so far today has been a real bummer of a day, even if it is only 10 am. One nice thing, for the first time in weeks it is actually cool here. For the longest time it seemed like the nighttime lows were in the 80’s with day temps over 95, and humidity in the same level as a steam sauna. Since Tuesday’s storm from Hell it has cooled off considerably. Last night I had the window open and actually needed the blankets. It felt so good. My cats loved it too. They couldn’t get enough of sitting in the window enjoying the cool breeze, and watching the birds and bugs fly by. Of course I paid the price. I had to race my running nose to the bathroom this morning. My allergies have been in overdrive all day. I took a Claritin D at 8:15 but it doesn’t seem to have kicked in all the way, yet. I still haven’t decided what to do for my self for today. I don’t’ really feel up to doing much of anything, yet I also don’t’ feel the need to sit home on my pity pot. Warren goes to his Dad’s from Daycare today. So I have the whole weekend till Sunday night alone. I am not working Saturday, so I don’t’ know what I’ll do with myself. Saturday morning I need to go to YWCA and pick up Warren’s school supplies. I am not thrilled with the idea but it will help save some money. I will still have to get some things at Kame-Apart or WallyWord, like Kleenex and Ziploc bags, but that is not so bad.

I took Warren shopping for shoes the other night. Who’d have thought a boy could be such a fashion monster. We must have tried on 5 pairs of shoes before he could decide. I have learned the hard way to let him be positive, other wise we end up with shoes he will not wear. Of all my traits he had to inherit my pickings at what I wear. The ones he finally chooses are actually rather nice and best of all they were the cheapest of the ones he tried. Now if I can just convince him that his dark blue shorts are not “girl shorts” as he calls them. This morning he spent ½ hour in the bathroom combing his hair with the brush roller curling iron. Using the hair sprits and water trying to get it just right. I wonder if Jose Ebers mother had this much trouble. LOL. When we were shopping for the shoes at Wal-Mart we also had a blow up about shorts. He wanted a new pair of shorts but the ones he looked at were either too small, and I couldn’t convince him that his size 7 days are long gone, or he would be looking at some of the older kids sizes that he can fit in, but they were so baggy he could hide a friend in there. I picked out some jeans that I thought were good young boy jeans, and reasonably priced, but “no Mom, I want baggy cargo pants like the other big kids wear.” None of his friends wear that , as far as I can see. Finally we found a pair of Cargo shorts that fit him decently, and don’t make him look like a small hoodlum. Funny thing, I always thought that with a son I wouldn’t have the clothing wars, like I did with my mom when I was younger. I guess I was wrong, and as he gets older it’s only going to get worse. Who knows what the style will be when he gets to be a real teenager. (Only gulp 5 more years.. yikes!) Maybe I’ll be lucky and the 80’s will come back, hey it can happen, look around, today’s high schoolers around here, look like 1975. My generation had their pants so tight we needed a surgeon to remove them, now my son wants pants that he could hid a friend in. LOL. I guess what goes around comes around. I shouldn’t complain. He is just being a normal kid, and is actually a very good kid, with a great heart. Which reminds me, I need to get some more pictures of him up for viewing pleasure. They grow up so fast. It seems like it was only yesterday I brought him home from the hospital, not over 8 years ago.

I also wanted to say thank you to Marta Dodd for the wonderful comments in my Guestbook . Check out her web site. It is awesome, especially if you are also a single mother. I would also love to thank everyone else who took the time to sign and leave your comments. I haven’t responded, or said thank you. I am doing so now, to everyone who ever took time to leave a comment or two in my Guestbook thank you.! I love the feedback, it is nice to know who is visiting me and what they think.

I also decided to go and do that Diaryland survey that is going around. If you would like to get a copy of the questions with no answers, you can go here!

DIARYLAND SURVEY! By vampiric :-)

1. What is your name? Holly

2. Your age? 32 as of today.

3. What is your Dland name? The Cranky One

4. Why did you choose it? Because I am cranky!! Well sometimes I am.

5. How long have you been a member? I made my first entry in November 2000 but then I didn’t make another entry until May 2001.

6. How did you find out about Diaryland? From my favorite female fan list The Star Wars Chicks Rule.

7. Good experiences on Diaryland? I have met lots of people in similar situations to mine. It has given me a place to vent my emotions and feelings, and a way to let the world know how I feel about certain things. It is a safe way to get to know people, with out actually meeting them the way one would in real life. I feel comfortable saying things in my diary that I wouldn’t have the gumption or guts to say in real life.

8. Bad experiences on Diaryland? To be honest, I haven’t really had any bad experiences..

9. What's the best thing about Dland? See my answer to question 7, I think it answers this one also.

10. Worst thing? To be honest I can’t really think of a worst thing. Except maybe people with passworded diaries who join diaryrings. Diary rings are for people who want others to be able to read their diaries, hello!! It really annoys me.

11. Have you gotten any friends through Dland? Yes I have met several people outside of my SWC friends. Many of them are also moms, both married and single.

12. How many Diaryland accounts you have? Only one right now, but I am thinking of getting a second one for purposes of experimenting with out the fear of messing up my current diary.

13. Do you have a story/zine/article diary in addition to your "normal" diary? No I don’t

13. What kind of Diaries you like to read? I like to read diaries where people talk on a variety of subjects, from what is happening in their lives, and what they feel about certain issues. I like a few good graphics with out being too over done. I also like colors that are easy on the eyes.

14. What kind of Diaries you don't like to read? I dOn’T Like dIaRiEs that like U no, have like really bad Grammar and speling and punctuation!!!!!! Anoying ain’t it!!!!! Sorry, but if you are writing in English, try to at least some what follow the basics rules of English 101. Otherwise it is just too juvenile and impossible to really understand. It really diminishes the writer in my eyes.

15. Your favorite Diaries? I am too lazy to type out all the a href’s for these but some that I read regularly include: MommyVader, Alternamommy, Abaxial, JediTera, Morbid-dlite, Arriyah, Sigyn (who hasn’t updated in ages!), ladykirin, and anyone who took the time to sign my Guestbook.

16. Do you use Diaryland layout defaults, or custom layout? I started with a template then taught myself HTML and borrowed a bit of Java code to make it my own. I have only my image map to finish and upload then I will have totally removed my template.

17. If you use a custom-made layout, who made it for you? The web design firm of Me Myself and I.

18. If you made your layout by yourself, or if you got a chance

to wish for a layout theme when you requested for one, what influenced you,

why did you choose to go with that particular theme or thing? Right now it is influenced by my favorite movie “The Empire Strikes Back”. I am a sap for action adventure and dark romance. So it is no wonder this is my favorite movie. I also have a link to a great Meatloaf site, because I love his songs, but was too lazy to put up all the lyrics myself.

19. Do you use the mail forwarding Diaryland offers for members?

(did you even know there was one? :-)) No I wasn’t even aware of how to set it up.

20. What kind of things you write about in your diary? I write about what is happening in my life as a sort of thinking outloud. I also use it as a forum to vent my opinions, and to deal with what ever I happen to be going thru at the moment.

21. How often do you update? It varies usually anywhere between daily and 2-3 times a week. Sometimes more sometimes less.

22. Do you get comments often? Sometimes, but not that often.

23. When people comment, do they comment the content or the layout? Usually on the content, but I have also had comments on my layout. I like any feedback.

24. When people comment, do they use the Analyzer, Guestbook, e-mail or other

commenting thing? Guestbook, I still haven’t figured out how to get an analyzer thing. (if someone would like to tell me, I’d be greatful!)

25. Do you have a NotifyList? Yes I do, look to the left.

26. Do you have an account from No, I went with Bravenet, and now I have enough entries that I don’t want to loose them by changing Guestbooks.

27. Do you have a page at Pitas? No

28. Do you have a personal website somewhere, in addition to your diary? Yes, but my computer at home is so slow, and I am so busy lately that I haven’t updated it in ages. If any one is interested the address is

29. If so -- is your diary (or diaries) linked from it? No, but I have a link from my diary to my stories.

30. Have you met any weirdos during your stay at Dland? Met? No. Read some mighty strange and scary diaries though. Including one guy who definitely went with way too much information. There are some things I just don’t’ need to know.

31. What kind of extra stuff you have on your diary? (e.g polls, poems, stories, art...) Well I have a poll, I occasionally write a story or essay. Sometimes I put up song lyrics that I really like, and I have a link to my favorite Singers song lyrics.

32. Do you like to see extra things on people's diaries, or do you think the written content

of the diary itself is more important? I would like to see a nice balance of both.. Content is important, but the other things make it more interactive, and also give you clues about the diarist, and the others who come to that diary.

33. Do you have accounts on other diary hivesites such as LiveJournal etc.? No

34. Have you registered your diary to contests like "top 100 diaries" or such? No. I don’t think journaling should be a popularity contest.

35. What is more important: writing to your diary or getting hits, comments or becoming

well-known on Dland or well-known as a diary writer? I would say the content is what is most important, but everyone likes to know they are being heard and that others are out there listening. I just don’t think it should be a contest, because then it becomes fake.

36. Do you know your average hit per day rate at the moment? I think it is between 3-7 depending on the day.

37. How many people are linking to your diary from their profiles at this moment? 13. I feel so honored. jeditera leiascully tigergladys mommyvader punkmoulin mydecember sache alternamommy sianna sylvrunicorn sigyn accutanegirl . Thanks gals!

38. Do you know why they link to you? I am not sure, I guess they like me or what I have to say. They are all a cool bunch of people. Some of them are fellow SWC’ers. Others are fellow Mommies, or just friends who found me.

39. Are you a Diaryland Gold Member and if you aren't, would you like to be one? I am not, but I would be if I had the extra money.

40. If you are a Gmember, why did you sign up for it? And if you aren't but would like to, why? I would just for the ease of image uploading etc. But I don’t have the extra money right now.

41. Why did you originally sign up for your diary account, has the reason changed during your stay at Dland? Because other members of SWC, were and they pursuaded me to. I have kept journals before and decided maybe I could use it as a coping tool, and a great place to practice html.

42. If you can track down referring urls, what is the most common search that generates your site in the results? I don’t really have one popular search.. I have only been googled a few times. For Go Ask Alice lyrics (actually the song is called White Rabbit), Shrek, Care Bare (which I am not sure how to take??), and a couple I can’t remember.

43. Have you ever been quoted or submitted material to quoted? No

44. Have you eve submitted and/or been published at oddgoogle? No not to my knowledge.

45. What makes you link to other diaries? Actually I have been rather lazy in this department. But when I get off my assets and do it I guess it will be the diaries I like to read, the people who link to me, and those who take time to sign my guestbook.

46. Diaryland ad banners, good or bad? Annoying I hate pop ups, especially things that pop up when you leave a sight. I also hate add banners. They annoy me.

47. Diaryrings for Gmembers only, good or bad? Bad for me, good for diaryland. Servers aren’t cheap, Andrew needs someway to pay the costs. It also weeks out the spammers and such.

48. Diaryrings, good or bad? Good, I love them. They are a great way to find other people who have similar likes, interests or situations.

49. Old Analyzer vs. new Analyzer, good or bad? Couldn’t tell you.

50. Do you wish to evolve as a writer through or using your diary, or do you just write? Both I guess. The more I do it the better I get.

51. Do you ever plan what to write, or is it all spontaneous? Both sometimes I plan, other times I just write whatever comes to mind.

52. Has writing a diary helped you in any way, or have you had negative results? I would say mostly positive results.

53. Has your diary ever been found by someone you've written about? Yes

54. Have you ever shown your diary to people you've written about and if so, what did they think? No. Only one real life person knows about it, and I have never written about her.

55. Have you written a cast, terms list or anything similar on your diary for readers

to catch the meaning of words and names in your diary? No

56. How do you review your own entries -- what kind of entries are good ones, what bad? I don’t really

57. Have you ever deleted your own entries and if you have, was there a particular reason? Yes. A couple of duplicate entries, and one where the graphics just didn’t work out.

58. Why did you choose to write a diary online, instead of keeping a locked book under your pillow, so to speak? I guess because it is just easier to write when I type. Also this gives me a public sort of form to vent. Not to mention it is more fun.

59. Do you think there's a big difference between online and offline diaries and if so,

what do you think these differences are? Yes. Off line diaries tend to be more geared toward private for my eyes only. Online is more of a sharing forum for the world.

60. Any final comments, thoughts, words of wisdom or random babble about Dland, other diary hive sites, diary-writing online or in general? I think I have said enough. This is one of my longest entries yet I think. According to Word it is 6 pages.. Yikes!!



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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.