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How I spent my Christmas vacation

Friday, Dec. 26, 2003 @ 10:36 pm
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My "mother of the year" status was apparently revoked tonight, because I made my "falling asleep standing up" son go to bed. He wanted to watch tv in my room and snuggle, which is not normally a problem. I love to snuggle and watch tv with my son, however it was clear the kid was so tired as to require effort to keep his eyes open, only he would sooner kiss the girl down the street as admit it. (Fortunately my son is still in the "girls have cooties" club, hopefully he will stay there for sometime to come). But rather than have him fall asleep in my bed, as he sometimes likes to do, I made him go to his own bed, where he fought the whole way. Of course five minutes after he went to his room I went to check on him, lights on full bright, he's on his back under the blanket totally dead to the world.

"I'm not tired mom.. I swear.. I just want to rest my eyes.."

At least I was mom of the year for a day or two. For a brief shining moment, I got to experience the joy of watching my son's face go from "huh, what the ...?" to a wide eyed joy, so bright it would rival a power surge on the Vegas strip.. it was truly one of the joyous moments of motherhood, one I got to enjoy, but that unfortunatly RB will never get to know the joy of. (Actually I'm glad I get all the credit for this one).

To fully appreciate this story we need to go back to the beginning, which is actually not all that far back. The week before Christmas. Warren had borrowed a Gameboy from one of his daycare buddies. It was all he talked about, he was playing it constantly. He actually mentioned it, as something he wanted for Christmas. But of course I told him, I didn't think Santa had that kind of budget. (not that he has actually believed in Santa since he was about 7 or 8, the kid is too smart for his own good). Eventually he had to give it back to Nick. In jest I asked him how he would feel if he got one of those for Christmas, I couldn't have gotten a better reaction, if I told him I would close all schools and serve chocolate ice cream for breakfast every Tuesday.

Of course at that point I had no idea what I was going to do. I still had to buy for my mom, brother, and aunt. So I played it up, and said it was only a thought, but maybe if he was good, we would see. (*wink wink). OF course all I heard after that was about this game, and that, and this can do that. and blah blah blah...

Of course than I had to also tease him about it, "Sorry Warren, Santa is getting you socks and underwear for Christmas" (talk about every kids worst holiday nightmare). Which became a running joke. He wanted to know what I was getting him, I wanted to play a joke, and make him very happy, while also rewarding him for working so hard these last few weeks. (I believe effort counts more than results and am trying to teach my son this, that the grade is less important than how hard you worked to achieve it).

I finally got all my Shopping done on the 23rd, as I am nothning if not the ultimate procrastinator. I did a marathon and finished my shopping, except my aunt who I sent a Hickory Farms gift back I bought online). I got some shirts for my brother (who has the coldest blood I know, it can be 80 degrees and everyone else is only wearing enough to be legally dressed, my brother will still wear long sleeves adn sometimes even a jacket, his room is usually so hot and humid you could steam veggies in the closet), a big elctric roaster for my mom, who is a great cook and often brings dishes to church for funerals and other assorted functions. Then I picked up Warrens gift, after checking around I finally found a great deal on a GameBoy Advance SP, and Road Rash (it was the lowest price game I could find that he would like). Than I had to get it home and wrap everything before picking him up from his daycare Xmas party.

After wrapping everybody elses gifts in tradional boxes. I decided to really get Warren and pull a fast one on him. I put the game in a shirt box, wrapped in a red T-shirt that said "Do not distrub...I'm disturbed enough already". Than I took a large square box, and wrapped his GameBoy in one of his old Shirts and wrapped it up. Warren couldn't stop trying to guess, and beg to be able to open it up. (we follow the German tradition, from my mom's family and open presents Christmas Eve, followed by Midnight Mass, though I've been a little lax on the Mass part the last few years).

So of course all day Christmas all I heard was

"please can I open just one gift.. please give me a hint, what is it please...I'm bored I need to open my gifts so I'll have something to do..

The kid is nothing if not persistant. Even my mom was laughing at how hard he was trying. He was busy making a bead snake for a while, an then he spent an hour or so teaching my mom how to play chess, which was in and of it self quite funny to listen to. All was normal and right. For a few short hours it was like a regular family lived here.

Finally came the big moment. My mom loved her roaster, and Milo (baby bro), loved the shirts. I recieved a lovely sweater from my brother, and a beautiful purple coat from my mom, which sadly was too small, so I will have to brave Wally-World tommorrow to exchange it for a bigger size. My beautiful boy, got me two Clone Wars figures. My favorite gift. And Obi-Wan and since they were out of Anakin's a Kit Fisto. Not only did he spend his $10 Christmas present money (from his Great Aunt, my dad's older sister, recipient of the Hickory Farms goodies), but he bought me Star Wars. I have such a wonderful son..a truly beautiful boy. But watching him was the best gift at all.

First he opened the shirt box, when he was the t-shirt he looked at me very strangely, likej "ahh man she really did get me clothes". Then he picked it up, adn the game fell out. He took a close look at it, ad then gave me a very strange look. Kind of a "no, it couldn't be...nahh..." and then went to open the other box. When he saw that shirt, I could hear him, "Mom why did you get me a shirt I already had?". I could see a really confused and kind of sad look on his face. Then he pulled the shirt out of the box, adn saw a yellow back with a box in it fall out. When he picked it up, I could see the light slowly grow from his toes all the way up over his head, as his eyes suddenly got so big, there was no room for any other part of his face. I've never seen a present opened so fast. It was worth it just to see my son so happy. After all he has been through, he deserves something nice, a chance to be thrilled even if only for a day or two. I think he hugged me fifty times that night. I tell you nothing feeds the maternal ego, like being mother of the century even if you know it won't last. My son deserved the happiness, and I felt I deserved to just for once, do something my son would love, and not worry about budgets and that other crap.

It was a great Christmas, probably one of the best ones we have had in a long time. Especially since RB wasn't able to come by and start something, like he usually does.

I am however quite glad it is over. I only worked Monday and Friday this week. (Thank God for floating holidays, I still get paid all my time as if I had worked). Christmas day was great. I made way to much food, but I am greatful that we are able to have such a bounty. Warren fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon, and was not yet fully awake by dinner time, but everything came out delicious. The pan of 7-layer bars is gone, as are the 2 dozen sugar cookies my mom brought. Midnight Mass was quite beautiful, if not a big long (note to future planners of living Nativity scenes, please make sure baby Jesus has a long nap, as a screaming Savior is not a happy Savior). The Bishop started in on "The Da Vinci code" which only makes me more interested and determined to read it. It was almost 2 am before we got home. I had been up till three am the night before cleaning and so forth, only to have to pick up my mom and bro at the train station at 4:30am. So by Christmas morning I was quite tired. My mom and bro's train left Friday morning about 3 am, so that was another late night. I had to work at 9am. I got up at 8:15 and still made it with 10 minutes to spare, because I am that low matinence.

Thankfully I have this weekend off. I am going to need it. Over all Christmas 03, was a very good year.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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