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Shrek, A Movie Review

2001-05-27 @ 11:21 a.m.
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A couple of things for this entry.. First of all I wnet to see the movie Shrek with my son on Saturday.. I must say I recommend this movie to everyone.. *SPOILERS* to follow so be warned..

Shrek was a humurouos spoof on most fairy tales, both the old ones such as Cinderella, the nursery rhymes, like Three Blin Mice, and even modern classics such as "the Matrix". It tells the story of a somewhat bitter Orgre named Shrek (Mike Myers), who one days finds his swamp over ran by every fairy tale critter and being you can imagnine, becaue the evil prince Farquad (John Lithgow) has decided to make his kingdom perfect by ridding it of all none perfect people.. (never mind that the man makes Danny Devito look tall.). So the Orgre uccompied by a wise cracking Donkey (Eddie Murphy) journeys to the castle to talk to the Prince. In an attempt to get a bride (so he can be king) and to get rid of Shrek he sends him on a quest for Princess Fiona (Camron Diaz) being held in a castle surrounded by pits of lava an guarded by a Pink Lady Dragon..

I thought this movie was a great twist on the old Faerie tales.. instead of The great prince rescuing the princess adn taking her off to live happily ever after.. It is refreshing to see a princess who can take care of her self, the ugly guy is really the good guy, and the princess well isn't what she appears to be either.. It has a message that one doesnt' find often enough today.. That outside appearances are deciving, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that to be truly happy one has to accept one's self for what they are..

It also was great in that unlike many Disney fairy tales the women aren't stereo typed maidens in need of a rescue by a prince who can take them away to be happy ever after. Well there are mentions of Cinderella and Snow White, but they are quickly put off the side.. And Fiona follows her heart, not her head, and is cleary capable of defending her self..She marries for love not to have some one take care of her..

Finally a fairy tale that won't give kids a warped view on things..


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