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A Case of Saturday Morning

06.04.02 @ 10:44
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I just looked up at the tops of the walls in my kitchen and realized they are disgusting. Talk about needing a wash. There is hardly a surface in this whole house that doesn't need to be washed/painted and/or cleaned. There is some kind of gray linty fuzzy stuff (think dust bunnies from Hell) making a home on the tops of my walls and on the ceiling by the fan. YUCK.. I need to get down with my Martha self and do some major cleaning in here. (More famous last words, I am the orignal home-slob. I like Phylss Diller's idea of the self cleaning house) This place is getting too nasty even for me. Maybe I'll get lucky and Mike will take Warren tommorrow. Except then he won't get his meds, unless I give it to him before, because Mike is an idiot that way.

I think Chester had some kind of head trauma as a kitten, or his momma cat did some really funky catnip or something. Earlier today he was looking out the patio door and some leaves from last fall were blowing around the patio by the sliding glass door/window. That cat was about having a nervous breakdown trying to figure out how to get at those leaves. He can't seem to get it in his head that no matter how hard he scrathes at the glass, he is not going to get thru it. As hard as he tried I am suprised he didnt' do himself a head injury. Right now he is crouched at the window with is tail moving like he is stalking some sort of leaf mouse. Everyonce in awhile he jumps and then is totally suprised to find the glass is still there. I tell you some one in his family tree must have gotten some bad catnip or some loco weed or something.

Warren is already counting down the hours to his pool party (still has another 3.5 hours to go). He was in such a hurry to try out everything to make sure it was good for his party that I ended up taking him Swimming at the Sunset Inn in West Fargo. Its not the greatest pool around, but they have this awesome 30 foot water slide that is super. Warren swam for four hours straight. He had a blast. My tummy was still being a little on the wierd side, as it has been ever since I was sick with the martian flu from Hell, a couple weeks ago, so I didnt' go in, but I wish I would have had my camera. He had a great time. He had some kind of red blothes on his tummy. They kinda hurt last night, but he says they dont' bother him now. I am not sure what this is. The rest of him is fine, so I dont 'think it is an allergic reaction of any kind that I can think of. From his decription it sounds almost more like a friction burn, maybe from the fact that he had his swim trunks on rather twistedly. With both legs in the same leg of the liner but in the right legs of the shorts part. A fact I didn't notice till we were ready to go home. I hope this is a well supervised party so I feel comfortable leaving him there with out me.

I would love to go shopping and pick up a monitor so I can set up the "new to us" computer that I got from work. FOR FREE!!. Its not a great super up to date computer, and it is a MAC (OS 9.1), but it is good enough that it will give Warren something to play on, and I can still configure it also for internet access. All I need to get is a monitor, well that and a MacIntosh Mouse. I got it from work because we finally got a new IMAC for our MAC bench system, since we support both Mac and PC users we need both and this one was kinda of a cobbled together MAC clone. They were going to just throw it otherwise, but since I spoke up, my son now has a very expensive toy that cost me little or nothing. When they get rid of things at work often they will let us lowly emploiyees have first dibs. But as I spoke up first on this one, and they never really said anything to anyone else, I have to kinda keep this under my hat, so if anyone asks I didnt' get it from ***, mmmKay.. Thanks

Chester is still trying to figure out how to get out and kill those nasty leaves, and Warren has started in already with the how much longer, and is it time yet schtick so I will leave you with some quizes and bid you adieu for now.

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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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