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I made my very own survey (sorta)

13.01.02 @ 12:25
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I decided to create my own survey. I got tired of those same old rehash surveys that keep comming around. I can only answer my name , age , sign and favorite cracker so many times. It gets a little old after awhile. Last night, since I wasnt' revved for doing anything that might actually be condsidered productive I cruised around TheSpark. I took several of their writing prompts and made my own little survey. I think it is a little more in depth. If you want to use it go right ahead. Just make sure to give credit to TheSpark for the questions as they are NOT my original ideas. The answers however are mine. I am now off to take a bath, grab a bit of food and drop Warren off at Mike's for the day. Mike actually decided to help with the car. Yayy, he is so much better at that kind of thing. He also has access to wood tools at his job. I'll make the hotdish for the potluck at the derby. (How very unfeminist of me, but hey I love to cook, so what if I also happen to be female, that is just a coinsidence.). Happy Sunday to you.

How do you define respect?Or, what makes you respect a person? How do you think that reflects on what you want in yourself?
To me respect means allowing me my dignity. It means accepting me for what I am, not attempting to make me in to what you want me to be. It means treating me with courtesy and not talking back. It means that if you disagree with me, you do so in a non flamining non hateful and mean way. It means that I expect my son to talk to me in a manner befitting a mother. It means I do not accept back talk, cussing, name calling, sarcasm or gestures as appropriate behavior. It means that I will do my best at all times to behave likewise. It means that when someone wants privacy, or doesn't wish to discuss something that I honor that request and that they do likewise with me. It means that when someone says no, it means no, not argue and try to convince me. It means that when you are in someone else's home or place of worship you honor their traditions and rules, and that the reverse also applies. However it also means that as host you don't ask them to do something that would be considered against thier beliefs or who they are(Ie drinking if they are non drinkers, eat meat if they are vegan, eat pork if they are Jewish etc. or putting a shy quiet person in the spotlight if you know they really loathe it.)It also means that you care enough about the person that if they are in trouble real trouble you will do what ever it takes to help them, but not at the expense of their dignity. In simplest terms I veiw respect as treating others not the way you would want to be treated, like the golden rule states, but rather treating others as they prefer to be treated. This doesn't mean lying and pretending to agree with a view point you cannot agree with, but it means that you disagree in a manner that is not insulting and degrading to the person with whom you disagree.
What's the first thing you remember? Or rather, what is the oldest memory you have?
I am not sure how old I am in this memory. By some accounts I am too young to remember this event, but I know I clearly remember it if only in bits and pieces. I remember being carried out of a car, I am wrapped in a brown blanket with a paisly like pattern. I remember a brick building and I remember being carried in and I am holding a bottle. I dont' remember what happened after that, or why I was there. It was my dad who was carrying me. According to my mom I couldn't remember this because it sounds like the time I went to the hosptital with pneumonia or somthing like that and I was only about 18 months old or not even. But I clearly remember that blanket as clear as anything, and I remember that building and I remember feeling just a little scared, but I don't know what I was scared of.
When cash runs low and finances get tight, we all cut back on the few extras with which we indulge ourselves. Dining out less often, for example, or buying fewer CDs. But what is the last luxury you tend to give up?
Sad though it may seem to admint it, one of the last little luxeries I give up is eating out. I may go for cheaper resaturants, but I still like to eat out at least once a week if I can swing it. It is a time for me to relax enjoy something I wouldnt' normally eat, and not have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. It also gives me one of my best times for bonding with my son. When we eat out we actually talk. Eating and going to bed are the times when he is most likely to talk to me abut what is going on in school and how he feels. If it got desperate enough I would give it up, but it would be one of the last luxeries to go.
When was your childhood over? Do you agree with the concept of adolescence, or did you go from being a child to being an adult?
There is definately such a thing as adolescence. It is not the same for everyone however. Some people grow up very quickly and have the maturity of an adult at 15 16 or 17, while other people seem to never quite leave that transitional period of adolescence and still act like kids even though they are in their 20's 30's or older. For me I would say my adolescent period came to a crashing halt when I was 22 and the lady at planned parenthood informed me the pregnancy test was indeed positive. Before then I had just lived for me. I worked dead end jobs, hung out and did what ever I felt like. I never worried about the future much, or thought about where I was going. Suddenly I wasn't just me anymore. I had another life inside of me, a life the depended on me. The partying with Mike and his crowd had to stop. Fortunately I wasn't an alcholholic because I gave up drinking right then and their and have not drank hardly at all since. I've been drunk once in the last 9 years. I had to start paying much closer attention to what I ate. I had to figure out finances and what Mike and I were going to do. Suddenly I wasn't able to be a kid anymore, I had to be the adult. It was the beginning of a whole new improved me. It took many years but I am now a much better, much improved, totally different in many ways version 2.0 of me. I am still growing and changing, but the old me died that day. A new person began to form and is still growing and changing.
Imagine that you had the power to imprint in the minds of every child born today one phrase, one piece of permanent wisdom. What would you tell them?
If I could only give them one phrase, it would be a quote that I can't remember the source of : "You were born an original, don't die a copy" Do it, like it believe it, because you DO, not because it is cool to do so, or because you have to do the opposite of what ever every one else is doing. Forget everyone else, what is truly YOU! or As Shakespeare said "To thine own self be true..."
What does 'spirituality' mean to you?
To me spirituality, is different from religion. Religion is what you believe in and the rules you chose to follow in your path of worship. Spirituality is something that comes from with in. It can't be explained or quanitated. It is not scientifically measureable nor can it be proved nor disproved. It is faith and believing and knowing your own heart. It is knowing in your own heart that there is something more out there, that life doesn't end with this world. I believe in God, I believe in his Son Jesus, but I don't follow the rules of any Church. I was raised Catholic and have always felt most comfortable there, however I prefer to keep my worship a private matter between me and God. When it comes down to it, HE is the only one I will have to answer to, not my priest, or my neighbor, or my friends. I must do what I know is right. This is something only I can decide for me. My spirituality comes thru in my daily behavior. It is evident in how I choose to live, in how I treat others and in my character. Any one can attend Sunday services or go to Temple, but the truth of their spirituality shows in how they act out side of the house of worship and in the choices they make when no one is looking, or they know they won't be caught. Sunday is not the day when spirituality shows it is in how we behave outside of Church. It isn't what one preaches that matters, it is what one practices that counts.
If you could go back and make one moment, one event, in your life last ten seconds longer, where in time would you go, and what would you do?
I would hold my son longer after he was born. That event, when they handed me my baby boy for the first time is the single most happiest event I have ever experienced in my life. The only other event I would want to make longer would be the last time I talked to my father on his birthday just two days before he died. I wish that conversation had gone on longer, much much longer.
If you were a food, what would be the recipe? What ingredients, in what proportions, would go into whipping up the perfect "you surprise"?
1 part attitude
1 part laziness
2 parts maternal instinct
2 parts tenacity
1 handful of spirituality
a dash of bitchiness
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper
Combine well, cook gently over a slow flame, add one child and simmer well for several years. Frost the whole person with a layer of mystery.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.