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School, Shopping, and bruised Warren

07.02.02 @ 19:46
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I have decided the only way I am going to survive Warren's childhood is to shop when he is someplace else. After work/school today we had to stop at Wally World for luxeries like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet bowl cleaner ad nausem. I only planned to get a few items but an hour and a half later and $67 dollars poorer we finally left. Warren was great most of the time, but towards the end he was getting on my nerves, I mean how long does it take to pick out a toothbrush?? Then he inssisted on the shampoo/bubble bath with the Sonic Hedgehog game on the bottle (almost 4 bucks!!). At least we had a good time in the cafe, talking about his day over shrimp, fries and a hotdog. He got into a minor traffic accident on the slide and now his left cheek looks like somebody slapped him around. Apparently somebody's foot made contact with his cheek.

I guess new stuff does have an advantage. Warren just brushed his teeth and mouthrinsed them three times. Silly boy. Now he is finally taking his bath, with out argument. Usually it takes and army and some heavy duty blackmail to get that kid in a tub.

I also need everyone to send out good vibes. I am really very worried about a good online (non DLand) friend of mine. Out of respect for her privacy I can't mention her name, but she was hopitalized with a panic attack, and now she finds out she is pregnant with her 6th child (the third in 4 years yet). Her husband had a vascetomy after the last child, so he is convinced she slept with someone else. She didn't. I am very worried about her right now, as I can't reach her, and I dont' dare mail anything because she isnt' home and her husband might get it instead. I also am worried about another friend who is hopitalized with mental health issues. But I also cant' say names because of privacy issues. Now I really feel selfish. I am thinking people are slighting me, when in truth they are in a personal hell that has nothing to do with me. One of these days I will be less me oriented.

I also need a drink (or would if I drink). I tell you working on a tech support line really lowers you estimation of the IQ of the average American. Of course I also have a tendency to be rather snobby about somethings. Certain things come easy for me, and I forget that not everybody throws around computer terms in normal converstation. Ihave to remind my self, that not everyone can be an expert at everything. Usually I just think of questions in an area where I would be totally over my head and I am able to get my patience back. But what gets me is simple common sense issues, or things people could figure out themselves if they tried. Or maybe its just that I am a very independant do it myself person who only calls tech supp when I know for a FACT that it is THEIR issue and not mine. I like to think things out, I would be a professional student in a heartbeep if I there was a way to get paid for it.

I love to learn something new, then I get reasonably good at it and soon I am bored and in need of a new challange. I can neve rstick with one thing. When I first went back to school with a major in computers was the first time I had touched a computer in 10 years. Now I create web pages from scratch in notepad. It was even a serendipitous thing that got me into computers. I had originally planned to get go back for a certificate so I could get a job doing database entry or something. They goofed on my major and I just decided to go with the flow. I was able to figure out Windows and networking out all by myself. I taught my self how to subnet IP masks from a networking for dummies book, as my tcp/ip teacher was hopeless. So I have a tendancy to look at other people who can't/won't do the same as stupid, when they aren't. They are just lazy or techno-phobic (my term for people who are scared if they touch one wrong button the computer will self destrcut or something). I forget not everyone jumps in with both feet while blindfolded when presented with a challange. If I inherited a million tommorrow, I think I would hire a maid and go back to school to see how many degrees one person can get in a life time. LOL . I guess that's why I love the interent so much, every subject under the sun at my fingertips. Its a dream come true.

Warren is done finally, with his bath and such. He smells so wonderful. My sweet little boy again. I need to go. I need to fill my new addiction to "The Practice" and spend some more Mommy and Warren time.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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