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November LipService Topic

14.11.01 @ 16:02
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LipService certainly does have some interesting topics. This could be a tough one, though it certainly does reveal alot about me, from a historical perpective if nothing else.

November LipService Topic:Most of us spend at least one-third of our lives sleeping,
that's a lot of time to spend in bed.
Write about the beds you've slept in.

Unlike many of the babies born to the last of the flower children at the end of the 60's, I was in a crib from day one (and botttled fed but that is another issue) My first bed was a brand new crib. At the time I think my folks refeered to it as a 6 year crib, although I can't imagine anyone putting a 6 year old in a crib. At least that's what I was told I hardly remember it, but it does come in to play in my life again about 22 years and 11 mos later. Like most kids I soon grew too big and active to sleep in a crib. When it was time for a first bed, my parents being the thrify Great Depression Survivors that they were, didn't run out to buy the cute toddler bed in the Sears catalog. Instead I inherited a family hand me down. I got to sleep in the same bed that my dad slept in as a kid. It was a longer the normal twin bed. with a metal head and footboard. When I was really little my mom was paranoid about me falling out of bed, so they had rails on the side. the kind that you slide under the mattress, adn the wieght anchors them. It was actually a pretty decent bed. I slept in it for the next almost 16 years, till I got a new one on my sixteenth birthday.

Fast forward a few years. Two weeks after I turned 18, I left for college and a nice lumpy dorm room mattress. My sophomore year I (albeit a bit illegallly) moved off campus to an apt with one of my friends as a roommate. At first having no money or anything else. We flipped between the couch which made out into a very very lumpy sofa bed, and a blue foam chair which folded out into a sorta like matress. From their we moved again that summer sharing a house with another good friend and her husband. (Never again, ugh!!). This time I had a bed that married friend's (lets call her Tiny, that was her nickname at the time, but last time I saw her it didnt' fit anymore.)parents gave to us. One for me, one for Curly (the roommate) and Tiny and JJ had a waterbed. That lasted about a year, maybe a little less. Then all Hell broke loose . Tiny and JJ moved to Bemidji, and Curly moved back home, though right now I can't remember all the reasons. We were getting on the outs at this time, so it was a good, if painful thing. I then moved to my own apt, actually a fourplex. My folks then brought me some furniture from home. I once again slept in my bed from home, that I got on my sixteenth birthday.

Before anyone asks, yes I did move around quite alot for a while. After about one school year or so at that place. I moved to a small house where the whole upstairs, save for a tiny bathroom ws one large bedroom. I kept my same bed, and then Curly came back to school and moved in with me. She graduated. I dropped out. We both moved to Fargo. After living in the same apt for about a year and half give or take a few month, things fell apart again. She moved out and in with her boyfriend, CowboyPunk (the only punkrock redneck I have ever seen). I stayed in the same place.

Three months later I am walking home from working one of my three jobs. We had a small pizza party at work that night so I had a beer in my hands. This is rather unusual for me, as I hate the taste of beer, but this will be important later on. On my way up to the apt door, who happens to be fixing his car but Mike. Yes that Mike, dad to Warren, albatross of my life. He came up to start talking to me. I got a few red flags and tried to be polite but distant. The next few days he saw me around. I eventually caved in and started what would be the longest most difficult 10 years of my life. Shortly after we began seeing each other, we became very close. I usually found my self spending more nights at his place in his double bed, with the feather comforter than at home. OF course I was also drinking rather heavy in that, thankfully short, period. Ocassionaly he would stay at my place and since a twin bed is rather crowded for two very large adults. we usually folded out the sofa in tthe living room. It wasnt' the most comfortable, but it worked. Mike could have did it in the mud in front of an audience I swear. Rabbits look at him and turn green. That was July. By Sept I was feeling very very sick, and wondering why my period which is normally so regular you can set your calander by it, had still not come for a visit . A visit to Planned Parenthood quickly confirmed my worst fear. Mikes first reaction was to get the Womans clinic and he would pay to "take care of it". Anyone who knows me knows that is so definately outside of what I believe. No way

March of 1993 Mike moved in with me. I didnt' ask him to , he got on the outs with his landlord. (Something I noticed happening a lot n his life) and just showed up at my door with his things. Rather than sleep on the icky sofabed, we put the two twin beds (Curlys was actually mine) and made one giant bed. It looked odd, but it worked.

In April (93) we moved to a house near Lindenwood Park. It was a real fixer upper in everysense of the word. Too much of a fixer upper, but at least it was cheap. Neither bed room was very large, so I usually slept in one of the twin beds. In June my lovely precious, not so little anymore bundle, Warren was born. My parents overjoyed came down and they put up the crib, the same crib that I slept in as a baby. Warren however wanted nothing to do with it. To be honest, niether did I. I usually fell asleep in bed with Warren in my arms. It was easy to do, as he was a voraciuos eater (somethings never change) and I was nursing on demand. (no icky plastic bottles for my baby). Mike however was freaked by this, convinced I would drop him or roll over and smother him. So my parents chipped in a got us a basinett. I kept it next to the bed. Warren seemed to like it. and I still had him next too me for those round the clock feedings. He would sleep fine if he was on his tummy and Mommy was near.

In Novemeber we got on housing assistance and moved to a nice one two bedroom apt. We also somehow wound up inheriting a waterbed, (softsided) after we had moved in for awhile. Of all the beds, I think I hated that one the most. It was like sleeping on a rowboat. After about a year living there we moved to another apt. By then for a variety of really dumb reasons, thanks largely to Mike. We had NO beds save Warren's crib. I usually slept on the couch. Then we moved downstairs to another apt in the same building.. After having enough of Mike. I contacted Rape abuse and the Fargo PD and moved out. in the middle of the night after work. I had 15 minutes to pack for my three year old and my self. I was now homeless. I moved into the YWCA, where my son and I shared bunkbeds for about 3 weeks. With money from my two jobs I was working at the time, plus help from my Mom (my Dad had passed away that December, this was Feb) I found an apt. At first we had nothing. Then with the help of some friends from work I got my things from Mike's. I also used the first wave of my inheritance I purchased a nice Queen bed for me. Warren also had a regualar bed by then.

Stupidity reigned and I dumbly took Mike back. In a partial attempt to escape I used a large share of my inheritance to move to the house I am currently paying for. Mike followed. In November of 2000, I filed and OFP and got him out our house for good. I am still sleeping in that same twin bed, and the crib is off somewhere in baby furninture heaven. I have no idea what eventrually became of the other beds.

And that is the histroy of my Life thru the beds I have slept in. I think it is enough to make one wish they were in bed, so they could go to sleep. And thus ends my first LipService attempt.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.