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Halloween and other horrors..

01.11.01 @ 23:01
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Its been a very long couple of days. Warren had a great Halloween after all. I ended up taking him for trick or treat as his dad got stuck at work. He didn't even bother to call. I had to call him when it got down to the wire, he didnt' even realize what time it was. Warren wasn't happy about this. It meant mom went trick or treating with him, and no one was here to hand out candy. (Like we need more candy). There was no way I was letting Warren out alone all over the neighborhood by himself. So I went with him. After awhile he decided this wasnt' so bad. We only hit a few blocks, staying in our own neighborhood, but I think he made out like bandit. His trick or treat bag got so heavy it broke, fortunately I had the presence of mind to dump it out shortly before into a larger bag. By the time we got home an hour and half later he had enough candy to last until next Halloween. I wish I would have had the forethought to have film. He looked so good in his costume. I did his makeup and his hair He had picked out some sparkley hair spray, and insisted on using all of it, so we have glitter everywhere. Even Chester (cat) was kinda sparkly if the light hit him just right. It took Warren 45 minutes in the tub, to get everything cleaned off. For his face I just did a white base, with some black blended in around the eyes and cheecks for that hollowed out, undead look. I also did hte dracula diamond on his head. He wore a black sweatsuit underneath, and a black cape with red color on top. He had a pair of glow in the dark fangs, and viola, instant Vampire.

I was planning to update yesterday, but between all the assorted crap at work, which has been getting steadily more stressful by the minute, and Halloween and my finances and everything else I just didnt' have the time. Eddiewannabe was named lead tech. No suprise there, they always give these things to the best BS er. Ie the one who does the best job of being a peopley person, and making continuous small talk with Supreme Commander. I like him enough as a person. He is a fairly decent guy. But S* and I both know we are twice the tech he is. I figure I dont' need to do anything. I plan to just be the best damn tech on the fricken account, everyone always comees to me for questions anyway, and basically my tech knowledge will leave him looking well you get the picture. I am just going to let him fall on his own. They are also moving the other accounts over to the new add on, so we will get the whole area, and they will cut down the walls between the cubes in a couple places, so we will have our own area instead of being crowded in a couple of places like sardines in a can. We also started a new guy today, I havnn't figured out a name for him yet, and next week we start another person. Today it was busier than it has been in a long long time. I didn't even get a lunch break, no one did. Fortunately it was pizza day, the first of every month is. And since we made all our SLA's yesterday (translation everyone did there job according to contract with account) they brought in a couple of kegs (Root beer that is, damn ). I did get a couple mood boosters though, yesterday a client was so happy with my helping him figure out a solution to an install problem, that he (jokingly) said he was gonna put me in his will. (I wonder if he has money ) and today a lady asked if she could aks for me when she calls, becasue sometimes when she has to call a tech support line, people are so huffy because she knows diddly about computers. I didnt' have the heart to tell her, she caught me at a good time. She was very nice lady though. It kinda makes up for some of the people. Like the ones who don't speak any English and can't find some one who can. I sadly ne Hable Espanol, or any Asian language or pretty much anything that isnt' English. I also had the pleasure of a very nice woman with an extremely heavy Southern Accent, and a stuTffed nose. To my poor ND ears, it was definately the experience. I love it when I get axed at question. On the other hand I love being called Ma'am at the end of every sentence. I also had a good laugh. Another lady I asked if she was on Mac or Windows, and she said, "well it says no-vul here." huh what , about 10 seconds later it dawns on me, oh you mean Novell, okay we know she is on a network. And the icons behind, confirmed my susupision she was on windows.

Tonight I had a big fight with Warren. I feel so horrible. But we did work it out. I ended up having a real heart to heart with him, and I think I have a much better idea of some of the things that is going on for him. I was also able to hopeful help him understand that it is okay to be angry. Heck even Jesus got mad a few times. Even God has been known to get torqued off, if the situation warrented it. We had a discusion about how it is okay to be mad, but that there are good ways and bad ways of expressing anger. Tough concepts for a young person. He has a lot to be angery about. And I can see where, from his point of view, it might seem like he is always being yelled at. I know I felt that way sometimes . I still feel totally upset though. I hate it when we fight.

This morning I was on shoe duty. Warren left his one shoe at daycare by accident *I dont want to know* and of course today was gym and you have to have tennis shoes for gym. So this morning, guess who had to take the long way to work. I ran to daycare (thankfully close by) and got his shoe, then took it to school and left it in the office for him. As I was comming out, I saw him get off the bus. he said hi, but sadly has reached the age, where he will hug me, but only if his friends aren't there to see. Yesterday he missed the bus by about 30 seconds, and wound up having to run down the block to the next stop to catch it. Whew.

only two more entries to my 100th entry, Yeay. and its been one year, even though there was 6 mos between my first entry and the next one, as I was going thru a really really bad time, and just wasnt' up to the task of updating, even if I could have found the time. I have been Michael ******** free for one whole year. I wonder if that might be part of what had Warren upset tonight. I should be happy, but I am not. I am not sad, I am not sure what I am. I think I will have some kind of something this weekend to commemorate the occasion. I am just not sure what. I want to see Monsters Inc but Warren is at his Dads and I plan to wait till I can take him.. Maybe I will splurge and have freedom party for one. Its been one of the longest years of my life. Yet it has gone by so fast. Too fast. But the truth is, I'll probably just wind up making sure the sofa doesnt' wander off. "Ladies and gentlemen take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice" Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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