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The Mayor of Morontown, and my hair raising dilemma

06.06.03 @ 21:24
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Today was a very long day. I should know by now, that sugar free usually means NutraSweet (aka that evil non sugar substance from hell), which means drinking sugar free Kool-Aid is a very bad idea, but somehow that escaped my brain yesterday, which lead to me paying the price today. Okay it did taste pretty good, minus the icky aftertaste which reminded me I was doing something really stupid. On top of this, I added green peppers and extra garlic to last nights spaghetti ala Cranky. I don't know about Warren who ate more than me, but I know the way my gut was acting today I felt very sorry for anyone within 10 feet of me. I think I should have brought room deodorizer to work. So how did I top this Flatulent Friday, I went to Krolls and had a Spicy Ranch chicken roll up. I realize this probably is TMI, for most of you, so I'll just say that if anyone lights a match near my house, this whole neighborhood will be only a memory. Garlic + Green Pepper + spicy Chicken + tomato sauce = a very explosive situation. Add in an Aspertame Migraine and you have one very Cranky Crankyone.

It didn't help that I got a call very a very bitchy and righteous old lady with a heavy Jewish accent, who speaks fluent English but has the IQ of a headless chicken, and was under the impression that we at Vitaman Hell are also in total control of the UPS. I tried explaining to here that the her package had been resent because of the first lost shipment, but she just kept goin one. "they lie to me, they tell me it shipped, they never try to deliver, say its in whatever town". Well at one point it was in that town, then it got to her town and they tried delivering it, and someone refused delivery so it was sent back to us. "oh no it never reached here till now, you take too long. She lied said it was in Crispin city, .. blah blah.." I think I would have made more headway, if I turned around shut off my phone and started talking to the wall of my cube. Why is it whenever youare migrainey and suffering digestive distress, or otherwise in a foul mood, you get calls from the Mayor of Morontown (okay in this case it was West Hollywood, but close enough).

Warren is spending the weekend with his half-brothers since I have to work this weekend. I miss him when he is gone, but I do also enjoy the alone time, the just for me time with no one yelling "MMMOOOOOMMMM come here!!" at a jet plane decibal level because they can't find the microwave popcorn, or worse we ran out of Mint chocolate chip ice cream (his favorite) "Call 911, its negligence I tell you, willful deprevation of snack food", or trying to sit on top of me when ever I lay on the couch. However he is going to be in some boiling h20 when he gets home.

It seems he and the other kids were being royal shitpains at daycare today. He got into a fight with Alex and then smarted off when he was told to sit down and chill it.

Also he and a some others decided to go outside and use rocks for baseballs, nearly taking out the neighbors car. Luckily Warren only thought about that one, but was stopped before he could join in. (cause if he did, there would go the lawn mower money for the summer), but he shouldn't have to be told something like that. He's a smart boy, and not three. Sometimes I really don't understand what goes on in his brain, maybe its the testosterone kicking in or something. Puberty isn't THAT far away. Maybe its just a ten year old thing. Other times he can be quite mature for his age, I guess a little regression and stupidity is part of the package. He is so verbally advanced for his age, sometimes its easy to forget he is only a kid. Like I never did anything stupid as a kid... um yeah... lets not go there, there are things my mom still doesn't know.. and NEVER will.

He also has a "job". That is he mows the neighbor's lawn every Thursday for $7/week. Of course while I am proud of him for being responsible enough to do it everyweek, and he does a good job complete with using weekwacker to get to where lawn mower can't. This is also leading to arguments about what Warren should buy with his own money and what mom should pay for. When he ripped yet another pair of pants I flipped and told him if it happens again, he will have to buy the next pair from his own money. Well you would have thought I just said, "If you have another accidental rip in your pants, I will be an evil mean mother and make you walk to school naked in the rain, beating yourself with a chain". I am sick of it. OR he wants toys he can't afford, or other goodies. "But mom I can't use MY money I'm saving it for something." Like I said, someday, his name will be up in lights at the improv. IF I dont' kill him first. Smells like budding adolescence to me.

But my Mane dilemma right now, is if I should cheat on somebody I have been faithful to for over 12 years. (NO its NOT MIKE. It has been a very important relationship to me, every few months, perms, dye jobs, hair cuts, Mary and co. have been there for me. I have on occasion strayed for convience cuts, but I always came back to my first love. Now however tempation has moved in big time in the form of C* who sits across from me at work. Or more precisely in the form of her husband, who used to work at Vitamin Hell, but who is a licenced cosmitologist and has finally, with a couple of partners, opened up his own salon. I found out last month when C* (who is also helping out, as it is HER husband), was handing out business cards and selling her husband ('s hair skills). Now I find my self in need of some folliclar aid, so do I go to my first love who I know will do me right, or do I go for flash and friendship and try someplace new who will most like like do me right, and who I know could use the business. However if it doesn't work, or I don't like it work could become even more interesting than it really is. IF I get it done with Mary, than I may risk having to explain to C* where I got it done. She is such a sweet girl, and her and her husband have the cutest (and tinyest) baby I have ever seen. She is Columbian and he is Vietnamese and their daughter is the most huggable baby I have seen since Warren was born. Decisions decisions, decisions.

I also want to think about Cashew Guy, but that is another entry. I know I havent' mentioned him yet, but I will I promise.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

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