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More test and other stuff ---Cloridin Day 2

03.04.02 @ 13:00
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Well actually its day 1.5 since he started last night but.. whatever. Warren was asleep by 6 on the couch last night. At around 9 I finally roused him enough to walk him upstairs. It was either that or let him sleep on the couch, it would take a professional weighlifter to carry that kid up the stairs. He was a little out of it, and didnt' even remember what he had done right before he fell alseep or even watching "As told by Ginger" Once he got up stairs and used the bathroom however he was a bit more awake. Then he decided he was hungry. Since the knepfla was already cold, I made him a sandwich and a glass of milk with some cookies (fudge striped). That seemed to hold him, so then I let him relax and watch Scooby on tv. After Scooby he fell back asleep.

Around 3 a.m. he woke up and for some reason he grabbed my leg (like it was an arm or something) and twisted it up to cuddle, and started telling me to get up. I half conciencly looked over at the clock and mentioned that it was way too early and to go back to sleep. He thought for a moment then let me go and rolled over so we both went back to sleep.

This morning he woke up relatively easily (11 hours of sleep he should be well rested.. Since he had an appointment at 9, it made no sense to send him to school. We had breakfast and left for his appointment. We got 3 blocks from home and I realized we forgot his backpack. So I made a slighly illegal U-turn and he had to run in and get it.

When we finally made it to his appointment, who happens to be in the waiting room waiting for us?? Mike. Dr. J was smart enough to meet with everone separately, but of course this also meant that my hour appointment was more like and hour and half. Then when I was leaving and I was making my next appointment with the desk, Mike had to throw a scene becaue I was put on a cancelation list, since there is a big wait for his next appoinment due to some medical conference. Mike's fit was becaue there was not way to put him on the list to be notified if I change the appointment. Since I am the guaranter and custodial parent of course I am the one they contact. But he wants to be contacted with this also. (Never mind that he is one of the resasons we need these appointments in the first place).

When I am finally leaving (some one should send that poor receptionist some flowers, ..with a beer chaser), he stands at my window to "remind" me to make sure I inform him of all appointmnents and changes .. ummmm yeah, sure whatever. Idiot squared I tell you.

Hopefully he has a successful day back at school. I am soo glad to be back to something resembling a normal routine. Although I am not looking forward to having to readjust again next week when daylight savings time kicks in.

And speaking of cats who are several cans short of a case, yesterday Chester had some sort of encounter with invisible mice or something. He was laying on the table using my spare keyboard as a pillow, just kinda half dreaming. I was working on my laptop and had a glass of cranberry juice next to me. Well there must have been some ghost mousies or something because all of a sudden out of the blue Chester jumps up like something bit him on the tail and charges off the table head first into my glass of cranberry juice which of course when flying everywhere. Fortuntaly my laptop was okay, but the table and chairs and floor were all sticky red. And my cat had a nice little tell tail pinkish red stain as well. Chloe just kinda looked at him, like he was person with his underwear on outside of his pants or somthing. Chester of course, being a male (well formerly) cat, just got up shook it off and walked away with an "I meant to do that" swagger. Life with cats is never dull, I will say that.

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