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08.01.02 @ 15:08
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This has been a most surreal day. It started last night while I was sleeping. I had the strangest dream I can remember having in a long long time. I was in what was supposed to be a hospital, a mental hospital I think. (No comments from the peanut gallery please-LOL!!). Only the rooms looked more like jail cells. There were guards, but they were in white. I was in a room, with bars and just a bed, but it was my old bed from when I lived at home. I was wearing white, hospital type clothes. I dont' remember exactly what was happening. Then I suddenly found my self outside, only the yard was the yard from the farm I grew up on, and the hospital looked like my parents house on the outside. I knew I had to hide and they kept finding me. I was hiding in a hole in the Caragana (I don't know how its spelled, but those large shrub bushes used for borders) next to the sidewalk. I could see the window and there were these guys in white watching me, from the window (the window that correponded to what used to be my parents room). I could see a hole from my hiding place where I could escape from the bush, but I knew if I went out side the fence into the driveway area they would see me. But there was a hole in top of the bush and they could see me. Some how they found me. Then I was in some building trying to hire a lawyer. I went into this office adn there was a lady, kinda like Camerion Manhiem from the practice only it was a mental hospital room again. I was tring to hire her and my son was there. We left, I don't remember what we talked about. I was trying to catch an elevator, I stepped in to it with one foot and it started going up and down with the door open. I had one foot in and one foot out. I was going up and down from the basement to the 11th floor and back down again. then I was sitting with my feet in it but my body outside with the door thing between my legs, like a narrow bar such as one finds between two doors. Apparently my subconcious has no respect for the laws of physics or building codes. It would go up till my head was inches from the ceiling of the 11th floor, then when I thought I was going to crash it would go down to the basement and stop right before I was going to crash again. This went on for several trips. Then just as suddenly it stopped on the floor I had been on before. Some how my son and I left the building, then I woke up to see Xena on the pillow behind my sons head purring her kitty heart out.

I woke up and realized Chester was not in the room which is very unusual. I recalled not hearing him come in at all. I started to panic. I got up. (this was about 6 am maybe a little earlier.) I went down stairs and checked the usual haunts no Chester. I got dressed and walked the neighborhood calling my cat. No sign of him. I went ot the kitchen and opend a can of Instant kitty (cat food). Chloe came running but not my big furry baby. Warren got up and looked. The only thing I can figure is that sometimes our front door doesnt' latch if you don't shut it hard enough. When we came home last night he might have managed to sneak out before I latched it shut. (it was locked this morning). I remember seeing him when I was making supper, I almost tripped over him carrying the lasagna from teh fridge to the oven. While I was making my crustless apple Betty, Warren put food in the dish and he was there pigging out. I don't remember seeing him after that I thought I did but. We are both very worried about Chester. We couldnt' stay and look any longer, because we were running late as it was to get Warren to his counseling appointment with Dr. J. I know Chester is a strong kitty and it is very warm out right now (well warm for ND in January apparently the weather demons have their map backwards) but I still want my furry baby back in the house safe where he belongs.

After Warren's session I took him back to school. The sessions are going great by the way. Dr. J is awesome. Warren is starting to slowly get better at accepting the fact that the world is full of no's and unfairness, but not always. I think he is also catching on to the fact that just because you are mad, doesn't mean you have to hit and cuss and so forth. He I hope is getting a little better at using his head and thinking before reacting. He still has quite the temper and the tendancy to turn his frustrations and disapointments into his own personal version of the disapointment/poor me game. The one where you decide "nothing is ever fair, I never get my way, I always loose, no body likes me, guess I'll go eat worms". Some days are better than others, and some days he drives me crazy, but it is alot better than it was last year. Alot better. Well anyway, not that I have totally drifted off topic, I better return before I get totally lost. I drove Warren back to school and paid for more lunches. (at $26.00 for 20 lunches its cheaper than making them almost. But Warren will no longer eat off a kids menu at restaurants because he says they just have cafeteria food on kids menu's not real people food. Is he a hoot or what? Smart kid, I've realized he is right).

Then I went to pay our electric bill, yikes.. After that I went for a nice lunch at the Golden Arches. (Since I work Sat Am, I didn't have to be to work till 12:30 today. SWEET!!). I still had time to kill so I went to explore North Fargo. On my way back I stopped at BDS books, formerly Duane Johnson's fire hazzard. There are books everywhere. When Duane Johnson had it, I never went there, because organization was forenign concept. The man had books of every size shape and subject imagineable, but you could never find anything. There were so many piles I was scared if I didn't have a map I would get lost. Now there are just as many books, but it is actually approaching somethign resembling organized. The prices are a little steep for used books but not too bad. I bought a book on Existentialism for me and two Madeline L'engle books to read to Warren if I survive Wind in the Willows (WAY to slow for me). I bought A Wrinkle in Time and A Swiftly Tilting Planet. Since he takes food and maybe books in trade. I am hoping to get rid of some of Warren's more baby books, and some of mine I don't want. Who knows maybe I can find something else to trade. I LOVE my books. I wanted to get another couple of books but they were hard cover (a word origin book and a Anne Mcaffrey Pern book) and I didn't have the money right now. But I will be back, now that I can actually find something inthere. Its still a mess though, but a nice mess now. Then I came to work.

it is actually thawing here. I can't believe it. They said on the radio it is actually in the 60's in Rapid City. Here in Fargo it is almost 50. I know to a lot of people that sounds like cold, (wimpy Southerners) but up here in ND esp in January that is take off your coat and open the window weather. Normal temps in Jan for us are in the teens and 20's, sometimes even lower often dipping below the big 0. It is thawing and dripping and I didn't even have the heat on in my car. Yet is is snowing in places like Georgia and Kentucky. Makes one wonder if the weather controllers dont' have the map upsidedown.

I also proved right again, in regaards to Warren's ears. When I picked him up yesterday he said he felt fine and his ears were fine, but I took him to the dr anyway. Turns out he managed to get himself and ear infection. So know its the pink stuff again. Only this time is the pills instead of the liquid. These pills are huge. A Clydesdale would have a hard time with them. Warren is managing but yikes.

If you see a rather large ginger and white tomcat with a brown collar, tell him to please come home, his family misses him. I may even see if I still have Rachels number (she is the lady I adopted him from), who knows maybe he decided to wander back home. It could happen.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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