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Thank God that is over

26.12.01 @ 10:01
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Happy Boxing Day to my Canadian readers/friends.

I am soo glad that the holiday is over. Chrismtas Eve was nice, just Warren and I. Warren spent a couple hours over at Mikes for Dinner, which gave me some much needed time to relax. I made a wonderfully rich cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and a candy cane (love the minty flavor it adds, and the decoative touch) adn took a long luxurious bubble bath. (albeit with an audience as I was too lazy to get out the good kitty food so I had an audience, but they went to sleep and left me alone). Warren was thrilled with his gifts. He loved the K'nex and spent a good couple hours building a mini ferris wheel. The kid has talent. He can't wait to do more experiments.

From my mom he got a train set, (a real miniature working electric train, the kind you can add cars adn track adn other expensive accessories to, remind me to thank her for creating a monster), from my aunt a gift card to Kohls (the midwest answer to Macy's), from my brother a Police cruiser with levers to make the lights and sirens work and make it move, and a car with a friction motor (pull it back and watch it go). From his dad he got a large fire engine with working ladder and the requisite sound effects adn lights. Nothing too expensive but I think he did okay.

I got a nice watch from my mom. I almost didn't open it, because I had hid the gifts from Warren so well, I forgot I had hidden that box, and a nice outfit, unfortunately I may have to return it as it is a pants and top set, adn the top fits fine, but the pants are a size to small. From my brother I got a small indoor grill, its a Black and Decker but it is very similiar to the popular George Forman ones. From my SWCSSS (Secret Santas on my SWC list), I got a beautiful set of homemade SW themed soaps that smell delcious, adn coidcinentally match the color in my bathroom sort of. I really need to get my delayed gift out to my SWCSSS. My son "bought" a lovely latern with greens decoration for me, and made a gorgeous Christmas tree ornament in school for me. Actually almost all of the decorations on our tree save for some shiny bals and the lights and tinsel are homemade. I think it makes for wonderful touch. My macaroni picture frame wreathes, construction paper chains, dog biscuit renideer etc... are far more valuable than any old store bought decorations. Amazingly enough that cats have actually left the tree alone, although Chloe does seem to think it is a great place to sleep under.

Christmas Day was a day to forget. Mike wanted to have Christmas Dinner together. I was a woosy wimp and agreeed. Very very bad idea. Holidays with Mike always turn into a "lets make Holly out to be the mother from Hell who can't do any thing right". I cut it very short. Warren wasn't thrilled either. He wants to live with me, but he also loves his dad and doens't want to hurt him. Awful position for a child or anyone to have to be in. Mike I think has pretty much gotten the point that he is not welcome here (my house) ever. He can see Warren any time he wants, but only on his own turf. He still can't get past the "Holly is to blame for all that is wrong in his life" phase. Until he does, I don't even want to talk to him. I am fairly certain he will not try to come to my house. He knows I will hide in the far reaches of Afganistan first. I would sell my house, quit my job and move in with my mother if it got bad enough and there isnt' thing one he can do about it. I am full custodial parent and all visitation are at my discretion. He can't talk to Warren or antything with out my permission. Fortunately for him I am too decent a person to use Warren as a weapon like that. He did however makee mention about taking me to court adn fighting for custody. um yeah. Like any judge is going to take a drunk with a lousy job history and a record going well back to juvy, over a working mother with a solid employemnt history, a home and a stable family life. Only if Mike was selling him drugs. He can't afford a lawyer he cna't even afford a place to live. I have my mom on my side. Not to mention several influential people in the field who would glady testify that I am the better parent. I mean as soon as Mike was out of the house, Warrens school work and behavior improved by a 1000%. Need I say more.

It is almost 10:30, I have been at work for over 2 hours and have answered only one phone call. I could go home, except that I already took a payout on my vacation time and I need the extra cash. Its bad enough I wont' be paid for the 24th and 25th.

I wish I was staying at the FYC with Warren. Man those kids have it made. Pool tables, foos ball, computer lab, N64, big screen TV, gym.. I could be right at home. They are going sledding to day if it warms up a bit, otherwise they are going bowling. Oh yeah, I can tell he will really hate it there, what torture. Video games and computers, how tough can they be on the poor kids. I did have to make his lunch though as they only provide snacks. Poor kid. Victim of Christmas leftovers. Ham and veggie crudites and yougurt and a power aide. (Think cheap Gatoraide).

I bought the smallest ham I could find, but it was still huge. Fortunately Warren and I both love ham. We will be eathing ham a lot. Ham and potatoes, ham and eggs, ham sandwiches, ham burgers (sorry had to add that one). We also have a nice dish of cheesy potatos left. They came out great, but got a little over done. Oh well. I love my cheesy potatos. They are one of my best recipes, that I have mangaged to perfect. I just glazed the ham with a brown sugar orange juice glaze. At least the holidays leave me with a nice fridge full of foods that are already ready to be eaten. Sadly that is also a down side.

Hope everyone else had a nicer holiday than I did. I am still anxious about Mike, but not as bad I as was a few days ago.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

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