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There is a Borg in my Fortune Cookie

04.10.01 @ 21:03
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I don't know what is up with me lately. I have come up with several things I would like to write about in here, yet for some reason I have just felt like not writing. I guess that would also explain why my hits have taken a nose dive. Its wierd. Some days they are thru the roof, other days I barely get any at all. Right after 9-11 I was getting nailed with hits, now it is dead again. OH well, that isnt' why I am writing this anyway. It wouild be nice however, if those who stick around long enough to read numerous entries would be so kind as to sign my guestbook, I've become such a guestbook slave lately. One might say I've become obsessed even.

I just thought of something I was gonna mention last week. Did you know the Borg have apparently infiltrated our planet and our attempting to manipulate us with propoganda deliver thru of all things fortune cookies. Don't belive me do you? Well I have proof. When Warren and I went to supper last week at Giant Panda (a Chinese buffet style restaurant) while they were fixing my car, and Warren handed me his fortune to read to him. I almost fell on the floor. His fortune read, and I quote "Depend on the trust of the collective". Is that freaky or what. For the non-Trekkie, The Borg are a hive-race, that assimilates other beings in to its collective. Well I thought it was hilarious. I imagine those who aren't familiar with Star Trek will just think I've taken an even greater leave of my senses than normal.

A loving, kind, generous, self sacrificing woman willing to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with little or no vacations. Job to last a minimum of 18-21 years though most continue to perform some duties long after this period is over. Must be knowledgeable in the areas of medicine, psychology, counseling, arbitration, negotiation, economics, finance, scheduling, diplomacy, art, crafts, storytelling, domestic chores, mind reading, education, cooking, monster slaying, coaching, budgeting, and discipline, other skills may come up as well. Must be willing to endure extremes of deep pain, and utter joy. The applicant will have a strong constitution, and willing to endure periods of hatred from the one that she is sworn to protect, when said charges best interests clash with his desires. The salary is currently non existant, however, the fringe benifits are excellent, and at the end of the tenue the payoff is beyond compare. Must respond to the name of Mom. May produce own offspring, or may make the decision to raise the offspring of another, both are equally deserving of the same job. Wimps need not apply. Please call 1-800-kids-first.

Today when I went to pick up my son he got in the car and told me he wanted and earing. My first response was "have you lost your mind". Then I thought about it. But by that time, he was not asking, he was demanding. "I know lots of boys with earings, I want one NOW!! You will get me one!" Well that ended that subject. I was willing to talk about it, but when some one starts giving me order and telling me I will, I close off all communication and that is the end of it. I'm funny that way. I would make a lousy military officer. Actually, even though my first response was a very old fashioned, "not while I have anything to say about it", the truth is I don't know if I see it as that big of a deal. If he wanted one bad enough, it would almost be worth it just for the reaction of his father. Now that would be a conversation worth taping. Trouble is I dont think Warren is old enough to stand up and deal with that kind of discussion. (Have I ever mentioned that amoung Mike's charming qualities of drunkiness, smoking, and general orneryness, he also happens to be a world class homophobe). I don't want to put Warren thru that. Most intelligent people know that wearing an earing has nothing to do with being gay, straight or whatever, but some people (Mike) are not so intelligent. I think I will make Warren wait until he is old enough to know exactly what he may be getting himself into. He is only 8, way to young to be making those kind of decisions, and I dont' wish to decide something like that for him.

Right now I am watching TNN's ST:TNG marathon. It has been so long since I have seen some of these episodes, I forgot how good it was. Don't get me wrong, I still like Voyager, altough it did occasionally feel like General Starship at times, it was well written and had 3-dimensional characters. DS9 is coo, but towards the end I real got tired of everything being some how tied to Bajoran religious issues. The OT, is still the first, and it was definately ahead of its time. It was cool, but it is rather retro (duh), and there are several issues I have with it. Most of them are things that I believe Gene (Roddenberry) wanted to do different but NBC (those wonderful geniuses of intelligent tv - NOT) made him do. Such as the micro mini skirts, cheesy bouffant hairdo, sixties style clothes, and a clearly still sexist in so many ways system. The final episode being my biggest case in point. I have been an on again, off again Trekkie since I was 12 years old, and in my personal opinion I think TNG is the gold standard for Trek. Enterprise was cool. I liked seeing how the transporter and the Universal Translator are still in the developing stages and have a few kinks to iron out yet. I like the fact the the Vulcans appear to be hiding something, and we are at a point where most of what is considered common knowledge by the time of the original series is still unknown. I am seeing potiential. I see characters that have some dimension, all though the only one we really have any knowldege of is Capt Archer. We have only a tiny bit of knowledge on T'Pao, or the linguist, or any of the other officers. There are definately relationships between the characters, but they have a long way to go. (which in and of it self could be interesting, or it could blow up). The actors are good. I have only seen two episodes, so it is a bit early to judge the scripts, so far what I have seen would be what I consider okay. I havent' seen anything I would consider outstanding, but they aren't awful either. All in all I would say this is a good show, with good potential. All shows take time to develop. TNG didnt' get really rolling until after the first season and all the characters were suffiently developed that we had a feel for them and what was and wasnt in character. I cant really be "into" a show until I get to "know" the characters almost like a friend. The other thing I loved about ST:TNG was that it made you think. Rather you agreed with the conclusion or not they defintaly made you think about issues, and were great discussion starters. I havent' seen any of that yet on Enterprise, but with only two episodes its to early to tell. I just wish it was more, well more "Trek-y". The song is cool, but its not what I've come to expect for ST. The rest of it also has a slightly different feel, on purpose maybe?? Time will tell.

Well I got another nasty letter from the bank. Hopefully the child support check comes soon. Once I pay the mortgage, its about all that we are gonna have to buy groceries, pay fines, pay the phone bill, and get Warren a new hat and some gloves. (the low for this weekend is 20F. North Dakota tends to get a tad bit chilly in the winter.)

Off to do some laundry, again (it never ends, does it?) catch up on some e-mail and crash).


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