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08.06.03 @ 15:20
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Name:: Warren
Meaning:English-Gamekeeper, Defender / German-Loyal
Middle name:Michael
MeaningGift from God
Story behind name: Warren from the Jack Wagner character on Santa Barbara, as I was sick alot during my pregnancy and had become hopeless addicted to the last season. Michael is his dad's first name, as his dad has his dad's first name as a middle name, and so on. I hadn't thought of boy names really, but it must have been in my head, because when I first saw him and they annouced he was a boy, the first name in my head and out of my mouth was Warren. It just stuck and the Michael just seemed natural, so he became Warrren Michael.


B*daySunday, June 20, 1993 3:23 pm - Father's Day baby
Size at birth 7lbs 4.25 oz 20.5 inches
Current size 142 lbs 5 Feet
Birth Story: Short version - I woke up around 5:30 am feeling like some one was trying to squeeze me in half. I knew something was up. I tried to wake Mike up, but he was too tired to get up. (yeah - Beer does that to a person), so I shoved some clothes and so forth in a bag, hopped in my car and drove myself to the hospital. I checked in up on the Materinty Ward. They examined me, hooked me up to a monitor, and by 7 am they broke my water to speed things up. Around this time I finally got a hold of Mike, who had to go to work, but wanted me to wait (um yeah.. talk to your son). I was in major pain by this time, as my son decided he wanted to come in to the world head first, but facing the wrong way (if that makes sense), they started me on Demerol, which did nothing for the pain, but but me in a mood where I no longer cared.

I remember making phone calls to my jobs (I had two at the time), my parents (who couldnt' wait to get here and meet thier first grandbaby), and some friends who couldnt' believe I was calling while in labor). I remember walking, and laying and not getting comfortable. I tried the whirlpool and discovered bubble bath + whirlpool = bad idea.

By mid afternoon it was clear that he was on his way, once things started happening it was over rather quickly. One major push, which pulled a muscle in one of my legs and he was out, and not too happy about it. before the doctors had even cut the cord or anything, he was letting his displeasure be very well known. (some things never change). I was still hemoragging fairly badly, so I got a look at him, said Hi Warren (the first boy name in my head, see above), and he was wheeled out while they stitched me up.

After relaxing, and soaking in the fact that I was now a full fledged member of the mommy brigade. I then started calling to let everyone know it was a boy. Mike had to finish up something at work, and then he ran home to shower etc.. and got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital. (Did I mention it was also River Days that day). He finally got here and got to see Warren before I did. He was perfect, and in perfect health. In one of Mike's few acts of kindness that I remember he ran to Sunmart and got Watermelon for me, because for some reason that is what I was craving. That night my parents came in and got to see Warren for the first time. I also finally got to hold and nurse my baby boy, with the cute red peach fuzz hair.


First words Car-car, Mo'kile (Motorcycle - Mike had one), he was maybe around 13 months
First Hobby When he was a toddler he was fascinated by rocks, everytime he saw them he had to pick them up and check them out. We were constantly finding rocks all over in his pockets, under the bed, with the toys.
First steps: My over active little boy, was running me ragged at the tender age of 10 months. By 6 months he was pulling him self up on the furniture and yanking books off the shelf by 9 mos he could cruise short distances unaided, by ten months I was in real trouble.
First Movie:Babe, was about three, sat thru most of it, then got tired.
First live show:Sesame Street at the Fargo Dome. He was three and totally mezmerized the whole time
. First ConcertKathy Matea. He was about 2, and I had free Red River Valley Fair concert tickets from work.
First Picnic: 4th of July when he was less than a month old


Favorite foods: Chicken Chow Mein, pancakes, Pappa Murphy's vegetarian pizza, cheesy eggs, cheeseburgers, mint chocolate chip ice cream,
Favorite TV: Even Stevens, Sister Sister, Rocket Power, Monster Garage, Junkyard Wars, Pokemon, Samuri Jack, Dexter's Lab, Hey Arnold
Favorite Toys:Lego's, remote control car/boat, Matchbox/Hotwheels (we must have 1000), anything that can be used for buiding or racing
Favorite Subject:Phy ed, Recess, Science


    Items of Interest
  1. When he was two, he picked up a stick torqued off some bee's or hornets and got stung serveral times, but never reacted or even got sick.
  2. When he was 2.5, got his finger slammed in the heavy doors to the YMCA swimming pool, and lost the nail.
  3. When he was 5 he tried to convince his daycare that he had 5 younger brothers and sisters and his mom was in the hospital.
  4. When he was three he took his dad's razor (bic safety) and tried to shave like Daddy. He only had a couple of small nicks, but boy was I pissed.
  5. When he was little in order to make sure he would hold my hand we made a game out of hurrying up, where we would say "jog-it jog-it" and joke about going"up the down" because for some reason if there was a cutaway on the curb (like for wheel chair access), he had it in his mind that you had to go up there, not where you had to step up. It was funnier when you were there.
  6. By age 2, when ever he would see the letter W, he would point and say "There's a Warren". He had the idea, if not exactly the concept. I remember going in to Walmart and he would point at the W, so excited because they had a Warren.
  7. When he was 9, he got stuck in a tree, and his friends had to come and get me to help him get down.
  8. When he was 9, he also rode his bike into a car on the way to school, and escaped with only a few bruises and a new sense of caution about the dangers of crossing the street with out looking first.
  9. When he was 5, he disappeared on me at the Red River Valley Fair. I went into complete panic, the cops were looking for him, and found him within about 15 minutes. He was fine, and wondered why I had gotten lost from him.
  10. When he was 4, he was watching his dad do some soddering and he kneeled down on top of a hot piece of sodder. He still has the scar, as he was wearing shorts at the time.
  11. By the time he was 14 months old, he could climb out of his crib, and we had to get him a big kid bed.
  12. When he was a preschooler, he loved the color pink and the movie Cinderella for reasons I still don't understand. Now he vehemently rejects both.
  13. As an infant he would scream and howl and refuse to sleep if I lay him on his back, unless I was holding him. However if I put him down on his tummy he would sleep for hours.
  14. When he was 18 mos old, Mike was giving him a bath, and he grabbed the bar of soap and tried to take a bite. We still have the soap with his teeth marks. He got mad when it didn't taste good.
  15. He hates the name Warren, and went thru a period where he wanted to be called Mike, but I refused as one Mike ****** is enough. He still doesn't like it, but I told him his friends can call him whatever he wants them to call him, but to me he will always be Warren. Even though he is no longer a baby, or even a little boy, he is still my baby, and will still be my baby when he is a grown man, with his own family.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.