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From the Great Wet North

Thursday, Apr. 02, 2009 @ 1:10 pm
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Hell really can freeze over. ND is proof.

I am high and dry and fine, the same can't be said for many other residents who lived closer to one of the many rivers in this area (we have rivers like NY has skyscrapers).

After almost a week of being almost a ghost town, Fargo-Moorhead is starting to get back to the swing of normalcy. Though we aren't out of the woods yet.

Last week I was helping sandbag at work . While my job is a long way from the river it is only a few hundred yards from drainage ditch 27. Normally this is a little creek that could barly support a handful of goldfish and a family of ducks. IT runs from where the Wild Rice connects to the Red and ends up in the Sheyenne diverson ( a series of ditches etc that keeps the Sheyenne from flooding West Fargo).

This normally trickling ditch has become its only raging river. Had they not had the Nat'l Guard out to build the dike on both sides my work as well as several condos and townhomes would have been houseboats.

Our parking lot is now muck central and the pumps are still going strong. The buidling is surrounded by sandbags, though the maintainace did remove them from teh entrances and the docking areas so we can go back to work.

I Sandbagged most all of last Thursday and part of Friday Morning. I lost work Friday and missed my OT on Sat and Sun. I am still being paid for Friday an will be able to use some vacation time for Sat an Sun. I am luckier than many. I will still have a decent check. Many businesses in town were closed. The mayor requested all non essential businesses close in order to lessen the traffic. This being the upper midwest people did what had to be done with out whining, complaining or blaming thier neighbor. Now I remmeber why I stay in this other wise sometimes miserable state.

While we did have one stupid arsonist (no idea what his problem was), a couple of burgluries, and a few drunken idiots trying to get over the levees. We had no major problems and everybody looked out for everyone else.

Gotta love us hardy Germans (that's Yermans to us natives), and Scandahoovians (who else would be crazy enough to settle this place).

To give you an idea. Two weeks ago it was near 50 and people were getting out spring summer clothes. Then it rained froze and snowed, followed by severe record setting flooding, after that came 10 inches (in Fargo, 20 in Wapheton) of snow, heavy wet snow). Today is is in the high 30's, low 40's. sloppy wet sweatshirt weather.

When we were out sandbagging it was in the teens and tens with - windchills.

I am so lucky I work for a company that paid anyone who missed work for flood related reasons, including volunteer sandbagging. Many of my coworker are dealing with messes in thier homes.

My cousin (my mom's oldest sister's only child) and her husband had to evacuate their farm north of Moorhead with thier clothes a few things and thier dog and horse. (luckily this area has several animal shelters set up, including on at NDSU that took large animals such as horses). I would love it if everyone said prayers and lite some candles that they can come home to a minimum of mess and clean up.

Warren hasn't had school sInce last week. He is driving me crazy.

I'm not really up to writing about him right now. When I do it will probably be at the other place. However I can say the news is mostly not good.

I will try to come around when I can. Life is gradualy returning to normal.

but dont' hold your breathe. There may be another crest/flood later in the month before all the thawing, run off and so forth is done.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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