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Need blog ideas? Try Wal-Mart.

Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2008 @ 9:21 pm
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I don't know what it is about Wal-Mart, but almost everytime I go there I seem to come up with some sort of idea or incident to blog about. Probably because there are some rather interesting people at Wal Mart. To put it politely, it can be a helluva place to people watch.

I always get a kick out of the folks with three shopping carts full of stuff, I always wonder if they only go to the store once a month, or do they just really eat that much. There are also the people yelling at thier kids, the people who must have gotten dressed in the dark, the folks who look like they aren't sure where they are, and the folks who take an hour to compare the prices between two different generic shampoos. Those are just the folks I can think of off the top of my head.

I also love it when the Mennonites come in to town to load up. {I've always wondered why so many religions, feel the need to strictly dictate what the women where right down to color of socks, but let the men where almost any damn thing they want. I think that was one of the first things that got my inner rebel stirred up, but I digress}. It's so funny to listen to them chatter away in German, across the isles laughing and just having a hi old time. I've always wanted to learn German, not just because it is the language of my grandparents {and mom and aunts/uncles}, but also because I think it would be hilarious to freak out the Mennonites by saying something to them back in German, in case they are taking about us or something. hehee.. I'm evil that way, but not in a mean way.

Anyway, that wasn't what I wanted to talk about anyway. Tonight was something that made me stop and think about things. Probably think more than I am ready.

I finally made a chance to return some jeans that had to be miss sized. I was wearing a size 8 pants. These were marked size 8, but wouldn't go over my butt. Since Wally's World is now all high tech, you can't just return an item to the customer service counter. Oh no, no no.. Now you have to stop at your friendly store greater and get it scanned and stickered first.

Apparently this SuperStore really wants to be impressive as there were two people working greeter/return scanner duty tonight.

I brought my item {jeans} to the lady who was sitting down. She made a comment about a great sale of jeans for 5 bucks {what I paid}, and asked me why I was returning them. I told here they were miss-sized or something .

"oh, I bet they were too big." {I wish}

"I wish. I can't get them past my butt, but these are the same size {meaning pants I was wearing}.

"I'd do anything to be as slim as you." {blink, blink... huh... you talkin to me??}

"um thank-you".{I meant that, but it probably came out wrong as that was the last thing I expected to hear tonight}

"I've lost 130 pounds since my surgery three years ago"

"Wow that's great, I'm impressed" {she wasn't obese but I could see how she might feel she needed to loose more}.

I wanted to tell her about my own issues, I wanted to tell her how much I used to weigh and how hard I have to work, but for some reason I didn't. I would like to think I did it for her benefit, to not steal her thunder or make her feel bad for electing to go the surgical route, but I'm not sure that is the truth. I'm not even sure what the truth really is.

I'm also a bit suprised, flattered and bewildered at the idea of someone actually being a little jealous of me, and wishing they could look like me. I still see my self as heavy and chunky. I see my flaws more than my good points. I never really stopped to think how I might look thru somebody else's eyes.

I've got too much going thru my head now. My brain is starting to hurt.

It should make for some intersting dreams, as I try to cogitate this one out.


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